11 Budget Bathroom Brainwaves

1. Build a bath seat

Depending on how old your kids are you may end up spending A LOT of time sitting on or next to the bath edge! Believe us you will be thanking us for this idea later. By adding a seat sized ledge which really doesn’t cost any extra if you have an inbuilt bath already, this idea can be an absolute godsend to keep you comfy while you’re casting a watchful eye over the cherubs!

2. Add a Shower Shelf

You may have seen the niche run its course – well now my friends it is all about the Shower Shelf! Not only functional but great for styling. No more expensive than a niche, they add great lines and simplicity to any bathroom.

3. Add some colour with a basin

Need I say more? With a pop of colour, a beautiful coloured basin can inject a sense on personality into even the smallest of spaces. We love this one from Nood Co. But there are limitless options.

4. A ‘designer’ mirror

Considering the shape of the mirror can add to the wow factor in a bathroom. This one from Great Frames is fabulous. But a wow mirror can really lift the space! We got this beautiful mirror from Great Frames.

5. Hook yourself up

How fun are these hooks? We got these ones from Handmade and Found and love the playfulness and warmth they add to the bathroom as well as being super functional.

6. Terrific Tapware

We love good design and this includes terrific tapware. Tapware is like the good pair of shoes to your outfit. It finishes off a space and should complement the other elements of the bathroom nicely.

This black tapware is from Oliveri, purchased through Tradelink.

7. Tiles, tones and textures

Break it up baby. Sometimes it’s great to mix up the tiles. Really you are playing with textures and tones.  Depending on the look you are trying to create mixing handmade textures and varying light and darker tones can be amazing. Be wary of being too cold and clinical with tiles, a little warmth is fantastic.

All of these amazing tiles were supplied by Tile Cloud.

8. Feature windows

When you are redoing your bathroom make sure you consider light. Often replacing the glass or changing the location can make all the difference. Anyway you look at it the light is super important. If you don’t have great light – the even a skylight might be a great way to go. Loving the fluted glass steel window here from FB Install.

9. Lux lighting

Don’t be fooled into thinking downlights are the only way to go! Shake it up with a pendant or some led strips for the win! This standout pendant is from Lumi Lighting.

10. Storage is King

You thought cash is king did you… Well, yes it is, but a close seconds is storage! Ample vanity storage is a must! But know who is using the bathroom so you can plan properly.

Vanity custom made by Project Cabinets and vanity top by Uni Marble.

11. Dress the room

The best bathroom can look average if you don’t style the room. Grab some nice towels, put some thought into what goes on the counter and have some fun with it. When you get to this point, take some time to make all your hard work worth it!

Thank you to Loom Towels, Sage + Clare, and Thank you for providing some of our styling items.


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