16 Questions to ask an architect before jumping into bed

Does the thought of having a conversation with an Architect or Designer scare you a bit?

That’s ok! We hear from loads of ladies that they are a bit nervous speaking with Architects or Designers – especially if they themselves feel as though they are NOT so creative. The truth is, if you are hiring any professional service  provider, things can go wrong for a whole range of reasons. It’s not necessarily because they were an Architect, or you couldn’t read drawings. 

Fear not – because as usual, we at BuildHer Collective have your back! AND fun fact – neither Rebeka nor Kribashini is an Architect or a Designer, but they have worked with so many Architects, Draftees, Interior Designers and Building Designers to  know a trick or two when it comes to hiring and working with them..

Keep in mind when you hire an Architect for a renovation or new build that this is a long relationship. It could be months or years depending on what you are doing. SO, before you  jump into bed with them, make sure you have good chemistry and that you like them. It is a design and personality fit after all.

We wanted to make this super easy for you so if you are thinking about hiring on here are 16 of our favourite questions you can ask an Architect BEFORE you hire them.

Meet Cute

(The first impression)

1. What types of jobs have you got on at the moment ?

2. What is your design philosophy?

3. Have you got capacity for any new jobs in the near future?

Coffee Date

(Getting better acquainted) 

4. What potential do you see in my home design ?

5. How long would it typically take you to document a project of this size ?

6. Will you come out to my house to Site Measure?

7. Do you like to work collaboratively?

First Date

(Yes, we do like each other)!

8. My construction budget is X – do you see any issues with that based on our discussions of scope ?

9. If we can’t move forward, will you give me the drawings completed to date and paid for?

10. Do you hire the sub consultants, or can I do that?

11. Do you provide full working drawings and speciation for tender purposes?

Second Date

(Now lets get serious)

12. How do you structure your fees?

13. Can I stage the payments ?

14. What tasks or things can I take on myself ?

15. Will you work with an Interior designer or myself to pick the fixtures or finishes?

16. I would love to see some of your finished works or speak to a past client- can you provide a contact.

So there you have it – those are not the be all and end all of questions to ask, but that gives you a good starting point. 

Pick that ones that relate to you and make sure before you hire your Architect you know what they do, what is included in your Fee Proposal, how they will bill you and move onto the next phase, AND what you are getting as an outcome. 

On top of that, make sure that you can work together, you feel listened to and there is a good personality fit – PLUS you like their work.

We speak with too many women who are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and end up walking away with money and time lost. Don’t let this be you! Do the research and get prepared and you will come up trumps.

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Now that we know what to ask – how about some inspiration

We have put together for you a fantastic free downloadable that gives a shoutout to Architects who we love and who inspire us through their work.

With inspirational images and links to their webpages and Instagram we know you will love this great resource.

Just click HERE or on the image below to get your copy now.

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