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Each day we will give you a new & fun easy to do challenge which will put you on the path
to plan your renovation or new build!

These fun tasks complete with worksheets and videos will start popping into your inbox as of 1st AUGUST!

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By registering for the FREE 5 day challenge we will step you through the 5 things you must do before you start to build or renovate! This will mean you are in the BEST position to start to build! 

You will have thought through the 5 key decisions that you need to make BEFORE you start to build!

We help so many women build and so many don't know exactly where to start!

By registering below you will be ahead of the curve!


Over 5 days we will get you ready to renovate or build!  Essentially we will make sure that you get your foundations set before you build.  We see people missing some of these steps all the time - but these steps give you clarity on what to do and how this all relates to your big picture! 


In 5 short days you will:

  • Clarify your vision so you make sure your build solves your problem; 

  • Develop your style and narrow down what is absolutely essential

  • Get a grasp on what you can afford. Knowledge is power when it comes to funds!

  • Conduct a reality check into the value of your project

  • Finally, we will look at the love it or leave it calculator to see if you should stay or go. 


Of course, we love delivering value - so for everyone who signs up for this 5 day Challenge we will also be running a workshop on:


‘Should I Build, Renovate or just Give Up? 
How to mitigate rising material costs and labour shortages!’