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Admin Angel - Master of Organisation, Social Media Superhero, and Client Relations Extraordinaire  

Job Description

Are you ready to unleash your superpowers as an Admin Angel and join our dynamic team? We're seeking an enthusiastic and versatile individual who can handle administrative tasks with finesse, rock social media platforms like a superhero, and create magical client experiences. As an Admin Angel, you'll be the guardian of our office operations, the driving force behind our online presence, and the ultimate champion of client satisfaction. If you're up for an exciting adventure that combines administrative prowess, social media savvy, and exceptional people skills, this is the role for you!


1. Administrative Support

  • Show off your organisational superpowers by managing incoming calls, emails, and correspondence with lightning-fast response times.
  • Use your time-bending abilities to schedule and coordinate podcasts, meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements with flawless precision.
  • Craft captivating documents, reports, and presentations that will leave everyone in awe of your attention to detail.
  • Don your financial cape and assist with basic accounting tasks, ensuring our finances stay in tip-top shape.
  • Utilise your impeccable record-keeping skills to maintain accurate and up-to-date databases, records, and filing systems

2. Social Media

  • Create content that wields the power of engagement across various platforms, from clever captions to eye-catching visuals and thrilling videos.
  • Keep a watchful eye on our social media accounts, responding to comments and messages faster than a speeding bullet and building an online community that's buzzing with excitement.

3. Client Relations

  •  Embrace your gift for building extraordinary relationships with clients, utilising your supercharged communication skills to provide exceptional service.
  • Be the beacon of reliability as the go-to point of contact for client inquiries, delivering accurate and timely information with a smile.
  • Conquer client concerns or issues with your problem-solving prowess, turning challenges into triumphs and ensuring client satisfaction reaches new heights.
  • Harness your super memory to keep client records up to date, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy at all times.
  • Join forces with our sales team to nurture existing client relationships, uncover new opportunities, and drive our growth to unprecedented levels.


  • Possess an infectious enthusiasm and a passion for making administrative tasks exciting and fun.
  • Exhibit master-level skills in office software, effortlessly wielding word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools.
  • Communicate with the flair of a true wordsmith, captivating audiences with your written and verbal skills.
  • Showcase your organisational superpowers, effortlessly juggling multiple tasks and always staying one step ahead.
  • Be a natural people person with exceptional interpersonal skills, capable of building connections and forming lasting bonds with clients and colleagues alike.
  • Embrace your problem-solving cape, tackling challenges head-on and never backing down from a task.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment, using your time-bending abilities to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines with ease.
  • Possess an unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding administrative support and a commitment to going above and beyond.

This job is for a TEAM PLAYER who does not mind getting stuck in and doing anything. We all pitch in and we will expect the same of you. The environment is fast paced and you will need to think on your feet. That being said it is a fun a friendly office, currently we are all women and like to laugh a lot. You will have the ability to problem solve and be open to learning our systems and how to use our software.


The role will be 25+ hours per week across 5 days, largely working from home with some office requirements, along with some evening and weekend events.

Your written skills will be great and as such, we need you to write us a cover letter telling us why you are the perfect fit for this role complete with a few images that show your personality and what you would like to achieve in the industry. There is scope to grow over time in this role but we need someone who is happy to work with us in all areas of our business.  You will be an important part of our team.

We have an amazing community of BuildHers and DevelopHers who are changing the building industry and we also build high end houses and use these projects as teaching examples. We help women with designing and building their home or investment properties, and we also offer Style and Interior design consults.

Minimum Response

A coverletter and images letting us know why you are right for the job. Wow us!

Your CV/Resume

25+ hours per week across 5 days, location predominantly from home with some office team meet ups

Applications close when we find the right person!

Please send in your application  to with subject line: ADMIN ANGEL

Get in touch - we're looking forward to meeting you!