The Best Tools, Tricks and Tips for Managing your Build

If you are working with a builder or trades, then you’ll want to know the best tools tricks and tips we at BuildHer Collective have for managing your Build.

Depending on what your building pathway will look like, we have some tips just for you. They will help you avoid wondering where you stand, what’s happening on your build, and keep you from feeling worried or concerned throughout the process!

We hear lots of horror stories about builds going wrong, not finishing on time or people having trouble getting the builder to come back and rectify defects and in truth, these situations can and still do happen. Building is complex and issues can arise due to a range of reasons and precursors.

But it can also be fun – super fun you might say!

Working with a suitable qualified Registered Builder or trade can make it an enjoyable process where you get to be involved in the process. You get the opportunity to truly design something that you love and will live in and enjoy every day.

That said, there still might be a few hairy moments even with the best builder in town.

Here are some of our best tools, tricks and tips for managing your build.


  1. Use a Spreadsheet – Well, our budgeting and trade breakdown spreadsheets of course! Understanding how your total budget needs to be broken done will help you decide if you have enough money to do the build.
  2. Industry Calculators – If you are heading down the owner builder path our Industry Price Guide can help you figure out what costs what.
  3. Pinterest / Instagram – A great place to find digital inspiration for your new build/reno or extension. It will also help discussions with your design team.
  4. Get Organised – You are about to embark on a project that can span years and create loads of paperwork – truly, there is no escaping it! A good filing and organisation system will avoid tears at the end of the build.


  1. Shop Around – There is so much variation on the cost or services, products and construction work.
  2. Negotiate – If you cannot afford for your Architect who will undertake all the tasks find one who might let you take on some of the information gathering or tasks.
  3. Be Savvy – If you cannot afford to work with an Architect, you can work with an Interior Designer and a Draftsperson.
  4. Get Chatting – Chat to local builders who are building near your home and neighbourhoods about their experience and start conversations early if you are looking to hire a builder.
  5. Explore – So much can be learned by talking to the right people with the right information. During the design phase make sure you see / look and touch the materials that are going to be selected.


  1. Be Involved – From the very beginning make sure you meet and speak with your designer. Half the battle and issues during the building phase have happened in your design phase.
  2. The Delivery – Work out how you are going to deliver your build early in the process. How you engage your design team and the amount of work they need to do can save you LOADS of cash.
  3. Surround Yourself with Likeminded People – Everyone’s build will be different, so tap into communities where you can get information, contacts, and advice.
  4. Organise It – Sit down with your builder / trades and agree on the best way to communicate.
  5. Embrace Flexible Thinking – There are going to be a surprising number of decisions that you think were already made that you either need to re-evaluate or change. Try and stay ahead of the build if you have not made all of your selections before you start.
  6. Focus on Relationships and the End Product – Along the way compromise will be made – try to embrace this and make the best decisions you can for you.

Well there you go! These “tools, tricks and tips” are some of our best for managing your build. No matter if you have already started, are thinking about it or knee deep in your build, there is a tip in here for everyone.

Building and renovating can often feel like a lonely process. It’s a huge learning curve if you haven’t done it before, and if you have there can be ways to ensure you have a better or smoother process the next time. The truth is there are so many ways to structure the design or building of your new home or development, which is why it’s hard for people and they get overwhelmed.

Don’t let your build become another horror story and make it the fun experience it can be!

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