Bowerbird Interiors

Bowerbird Interiors are like the cool kids that are nice to you but still just so simply chic that you always initially feel a bit, well, frumpy. They love the details in the most simple and understated way that you’d almost think they put in no effort at all – like that perfect first date outfit, which always takes about ten times longer than you’d care to admit. But the beautiful thing about it is these guys only want the best for you and your home!

H O M E | It’s true the kitchen is the heart of a home, so making sure it is perfect for you is key to feeling at home. This calming and brightly lit kitchen made us feel right at home #HeartOfTheHome


G R E E N E R Y | Adding a splash of greenery in any room can really bring it to life. Fiddle figs, rubber trees, and vines are some of our favourites for our homely spaces. #IndoorPlants

M O D E R N . F A M I L Y . H O M E | This architecturally designed home was a dream for our #BBDreamTeam to style and only lasted 36 days on the market before it was sold for an amazing price.

Their business? Interior styling, specialising in dressing homes for sale and helping to achieve the best possible results for the vendor. They’re like the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed – until you watch your sagging old couch being carried out the door to be replaced by a plush neutral number with contrast cushions and a matching rug. We get a little bit biased towards our own stuff, don’t we?


L I G H T . A N D . B R I G H T | One of our favourite consoles to choose for large spaces (the boys who have to lift it are never happy to see it on a job because it’s one of our heaviest!!) #BowerbirdInteriors #LoveTheDetail

The great by-product of their business is that it constantly feeds their Instagram with new content from real projects, and real clients. Their palate is understandably neutral in order to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, which also serves to show us how simple it is to be clever with your colours to create a warm and welcoming environment. The placement of their furniture also works to make the most of the spaces they are styling, which is infinitely helpful to those watching at home!

W O R K S P A C E | Creating the right workspace for ‘you’ is vital to a productive days work. Some thrive on white and refreshing, others like bold and colourful. This workspace we created has a pop of colour for a burst of inspiration. #BowerbirdInteriors


S U N D A Y . S P O T ? Our Bowerbird team are careful crafters of the ‘Sunday Spot’, That perfect wooden side table, a textured rug, cozy pillows and a magazine mid-read are all it takes. #BowerbirdInteriors #CosySundays

Do you need Bowerbird Interiors? Well, no, not in a life-or-death style scenario.

Do you WANT them? Heck yes, we scream! The work these guys do is transformative, citing 1000+ home styles under their belt, with a very impressive 95% successful ROI rate for homes going up for sale.


N E W . S T O C K | We’re constantly purchasing new stock to update our aesthetic and keep our looks on trend. These earthy mustard throws are a recent addition to our collection and we can’t get enough of them. Would you style with a pop of mustard? #BowerbirdInteriors

They’re also mad about good service, because they understand that for most people, the sale of their house is one of the bigger events in life, up there with graduating and finally finding a barista that understands your order perfectly.


M I N I M A L | Quality over quantity is a principle our BB stylists stand by when a space really speaks for itself. This property featured a polished concrete floor, designer Eames dining chairs and was flooded with natural light so our stylists chose to keep the styling simple ?#BowerbirdInteriors #LoveTheDetail #Minimalism #Simplicity #Greenery

Bowerbird know what’s up, and they’re more than willing to impart their wisdom. We’re all ears.