When we think of Scandinavian culture, many wonderful things come to mind. Some of us might imagine the strength and rich history of vikings. Others may think of sweet lingonberry pancakes, a delicious treat in the culture. However, this design will leave an impression you like none other you’ve seen before. 

@michelle_baskinteriors Build by Hart Builders Photography @aspect11

In love with this mirror mirror…by @designstuff

Like the ingenuity and ruggedness of the vikings, craftsmanship and form take precedence in these inviting interiors and their impressive accessories and fixtures. Everything these designers touch turns to clean design and a minimalistic approach that leaves nothing desired. Colors of even the household objects are carefully chosen to match the desired interior. This hand care set is a prime example of this scrupulous nature.

That print just pops…Print @donnadelaneyprints @designstuff

Even the website of Designstuff is a pleasure to visit-one can tell care and concern was taken to ensure the website reflects the interiors the group takes so much pleasure in.

It is comforting to know that this website offers a way to get in on this amazing house of creativity. It becomes effortless to bring this sense of style in to your own sacred space.

Design by @thelittledesigncorner. Photography @estebanlatessa_photographer

The colors, shapes and overall feeling one gets when reviewing these products are pure joy as it is so easy to imagine them in your home. 


Though the business of Designstuff is rather small now, we would not find it odd at any time if the business expanded even further. Not only are the colors and designs top flight, but the designers’ supreme ability to design and execute wonderful products based on the season is flawless. The adorable paper Christmas trees in muted and lovely colors are sure to be the envy of holiday trees across the world. 

Who came up with a setup like this? @designstuff and @muutodesign

Truly, one feels joy and happiness (and not just because of the upcoming Christmas holiday) when perusing these chic and clever designs. The days of having to choose between form and function are totally over, thanks to the visionary ways of the Designstuff studio. 

Accommodation @saltatshoalbay Build by @greenbuild_constructions Pic by @the_muse_collective