Emma O’Meara

Family, freedom and an overall sense of happy reign supreme when it comes to the stylings of Emma O’Meara. Her cheerful, colorful components and expert way of arranging everything in a room to be just so makes you want to linger in the happy environment forever!

Finally had a dip and it was gooooood ??Pic @nikoleramsay


When you LOVE green ? Pic @nikoleramsay


I really do love Leni’s room and usually it is full of ‘crap’ but not in this sweet shot Pic by @nikoleramsay

Photos of the stylists’ daughters reading and enjoying the room were featured in the renowned Inside Out magazine, showcasing the breezy and fun methods by which O’Meara decorates. 

“Was easy to take the plunge and splash colour around with the awesome selection’ Pic by @nikoleramsay

One might argue that she draws her inspiration from the whimsy and wonder she gathers from the world around her. One photograph features Big Sur in all of its clear blue glory, while another captures an adorable and eclectic Santa Barbara home in California. (Which by the way is the land of free spiritedness and art!) Her travel posts are loaded with funny comments and evoke pure joy when you see them. In one, she is hugging her daughters. In another, she poses with the legendary huge saguaro cacti common in the California deserts. 

“Believe me, it doesn’t look like this everyday but GEE I loved coming home to my own bed.” Pic by @nikoleramsay


“My House : My Family ??” Pic by @nikoleramsay

What makes Emma’s designs all the more heartfelt and wonderful is the love she puts into them. Each and every styling, accessory, and placement just makes perfect sense. It’s like getting a hug when you walk into the room. For example, the bedroom she created with a funky guitar, fun word-art framed piece, and the adorable matching-mismatched pillows create the room every girl wishes she could have had during childhood…or right now as an oasis from the harsh world of adulting.

“Wow ? an absolute welcome sight after driving for hours in the hot desert” Pic by @nikoleramsay

Indeed, everything is just a little bit happier when you choose to style with Emma O’Meara. Do not think she focuses only on bedrooms! A look at one of her great living rooms shows pure white coupled with lovely yellow ottomans, modern beige couches, and a splash of color painting in the background to round everything out. All the rooms she creates just bring you to your happiest and sunniest place. 

Excited to see this beauty hit the pages of @gtmagazine this weekend! By @geecon_geelongconstructions  Pic @nikoleramsay


“Lucky to sneek this shoot in yesterday” By @geecon_geelongconstructions  Pic @nikoleramsay

It is highly suggested you check her out-she knows what’s up and will surely inspire, stimulate, and make your imagination run wild. Go get some ideas and see what you can do in terms of writing your own design story.