Fenton & Fenton 

NEW ART | ‘The Nights #4’ and ‘The Nights #5’ by @daniels_kl ~ we just adore Kristen’s works on perspex, these have a double layer creating extra depth & beauty.

Do you ever see a person or a space unashamedly layering colour, and wonder why it stresses you out so much? Even if we are self-confessed rainbow addicts, why do we play it so safe when it comes to putting more than two colours together in the home?

We loved seeing our Leather Strapping Dining Chairs in this fabulous home in rural Victoria featured in the latest @insideoutmag

Born from a desire to inject life and energy into all that their multi-coloured manicures graze, the Fenton & Fenton team run an online store, with a bricks and mortar store in Prahran, Melbourne.

Their business? Selling colourful decor, and showing you how to be brave with your choices via their styling services – a fantastic tool, particularly for you Melbourne ladies! Throw in some Art, furniture, rugs, and homewares, and you’ve got a well-balanced life…. er.. store !!

Their insta? A collection of visual stimuli that keeps the eye moving through textures, shapes, and most importantly, 

C O L O U R .

Part of Peace of Art 2018  Showcasing almost 70 original artworks by renowned Australian artists. The works were available via online auction and all proceeds went towards @schoolsagift’s amazing projects helping to educate children living in Ethiopia

COlour c o l o u r COLOUR . Slapped together. Yellow on pink on blue on red pillows on soft pink couches resting on bright pink rugs against soft orange walls, repeated and reversed and turned inside out and upside down. It feels so deceptively and haphazardly indulgent, bringing all these colours together without any regard for ‘the rules’ – but heck, who made the rules on colour anyhoo? They’re more than certainly not of this world any longer, and even if they were, what’s stopping you from expressing your colourful life in the place that you live? Amen sisters!

The Island Collection ~ inspired by the sentiment of being somewhere special when at home, this collection delivers a contemporary, yet timeless feel, with its neutral colour finishes and abstract shapes. Pic by @armellehabib
Styling by @heathernetteking

STYLING | Our recent styling project took us to the leafy streets of Malvern. With the luxury of starting from the ground up, we introduced a colourful yet considered palette, with layers of texture and interest. Gallery walls, decorative rugs and statement furniture transformed this home into something truly inspirational. Pic by @armellehabib

Fenton & Fenton believe your home should reflect the story of your life – much like the body that we travel in through this existence, it’s an ongoing project, constantly evolving; new pieces appear and old disappear or wear in a way that we can appreciate, these spaces often striking and balanced, but never truly complete.

Take your beach game to the next level with our newest collection of vibrant towels. Inspired by chasing the sun all year round, these towels are made from 100% cotton, perfect for the pool or bathroom. Exclusively designed by Mr Fenton for Fenton & Fenton. Pic by @armellehabib

It’s all in the details ~ Rose Quartz, hand-blown glass, brass & rich silk velvet. Pic by @amellehabib

Colour is meant to be fun, yet Fenton & Fenton know it can be daunting, so as well as delivering inspiring content, when it comes to crunch time, their interior styling services are there to guide you through your choices. We don’t mean just a lean-on-the-counter two second piece of advice either – book an appointment with the team and they’ll visit you for an in-home consult to really capture your vibe.

The offerings on their website are seriously extra and dreamy, so be prepared for your card to take a hit, and with a few key pieces, for your home to transform before your eyes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


At F&F, we believe your home should tell the story of your life ~ it takes time to create & will constantly evolve, don’t expect it to happen instantly.

Be brave, be bold, be bright! Tell your story.


Incredible original artwork by @michaelbondart & weaving by @natalie_miller_design