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OMG! One thing that overtakes you when taking in the selections of Julia Green at Greenhouse Interiors is the friendly and kind personalities displayed through the works appearing on the Instagram page. Even though everything design is welcoming and fun to look at, it’s still super easy to see the care that Julia puts into all her featured choices.

What happens when you get a bunch of likeminded passionate interior-loving people together for a weekend? THIS. HAPPENED.
Styled by @gederadesign and @jessretallack artwork @georgiewilsonartist

Hold onto yer camels, as this info may rock your Kasbah if you know what I mean?
Pic @leriadyasmine

In this months @insideoutmag you will find this cool coastal home with all the good holiday type vibes
Designed by @resident_avenue and styled by @greenhouseinteriors pics @armellehabib

 Her picks blend boho and earth friendly with the extravagant. For example, the bedroom featuring a white wall splashed with a lovely orange bedspread and pillows is brought back to nature and the enjoyment of a natural life with the plant fronds placed into the vase near the bed. A “helping hand” table, seemingly symbolic of our need to depend on one another, holds up books and other bedroom sundries, ready for the user to take them and enjoy at their leisure.

It’s beautiful here ..All of it.
Styling @heathernetteking pic @armellehabib for @sundaylifemag

So legend has it that ….( well so the story goes )‘Once upon a time there was a rudie nudie bathmat that constantly sold out- so its owners (@sageandclare ) decided to make a super special super limited edition Christmas version of it in multicolours !
Bathmat @sageandclare

…all round legend and champion of colour , super calafragilistic EXPIALIDOCIOUS artist @katiewyattartist .
artist @katiewyattartist styling @greenhouseinteriors pics @armellehabib

 Yet, Green’s choices keep a person guessing. Inspired by designer @reutovdesign, you cannot help but get intrigued when you see the amazing-looking pink and green living room design featured recently on the account. The color scheme is one that you would think doesn’t fit, but ut absolutely does. The couch looks like a cloud and can’t help but make followers smile as they imagine themselves sprawled out on it, gazing out of the amazing arched windows situated on all sides of the room. The cactus in an ombre pot in the corner is a nice take on the standard potted plants and a cute take on the trend of cactuses we’ve seen lately.

The colours, the fragrant scents , the food ( oh the food) the preserves , the sweet air and rooftop gardens…

Shelfie’s with @caseyfreemanart are ALWAYS a good idea…so is online shopping !
Artwork @caseyfreemanart Styling by @studioblackinteriors pic @stephanie_rooney

Most of the styles Green shows on the account are loaded with every hue of the rainbow, as evidenced by the colorful paintings ever-present in each room that is designed. As you might have already guessed, nature plays a huge role in the designs chosen for feature. For example, one bedroom design features a woman with her head covered in roses-almost like a bathing cap created by Mother Nature herself. Another showcases artist Leah Bartholomew creating a lovely life-sized mural of flowers and leaves out of lovely pastels and jewel tones. Imagining oneself standing there and taking it in is truly a thrill, and would create an amazing atmosphere for anyone.

The SWEETEST little fortune threads / original artworks by @fleurwoodsart are up on our site for preorder now .
Artworks by @fleurwoodsart

Yassssss….!!Sunday’s are made for slouchin couchin … Artist @minky_dinks  Styling @lennox_rd_interiors pic @armellehabib

To reach a fusion of nature, style and art, look no further than Greenhouse designs.