Habitus Living

The interior palette of this residence by @christopherpollyarchitect consists of soft grey-coloured concrete walls and burnished concrete floors to complement yellow bricks and grey metal.

Oh, for the love of design! Born from pure passion, Habitus living captures interiors, architecture and design products the Asia Pacific that break down the barriers between design and functional living. The team beg the question; be it your train station, your kitchen, or your kettle, why shouldn’t every new piece of design bring the striking to our everyday? We tend to agree!

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design ( @mattgibsonad ) have modestly updated this residence for a family of five: bringing in natural light and ventilation, repurposing rooms and adding new living space in accordance with at-times-tricky heritage guidelines. Photography by @derek_swalwell

While commercial builds, products, and industry happenings may punctuate, we love Habitus for their continuous dialogue of reinvented living spaces and mind-opening builds – there’s a lot of WOW factor on the reg, and we love it.

Habitus loves : Remembering this residence in Sydney designed by Arkhefield and inspired by Geoffrey Bawa. Photography by Angus Martin.

Habitus knows that an image tells 1000 words, but they still give you a hearty caption that touches on or even delves into the story behind every build, with links to continue your own exploration further into other facets of the project, the architect, or the designer, so if you’re partial  to falling into a bit of a stalky design hole, these guys will have you up til 1am on the couch, scrolling and screenshotting highlights to your bestie..!

A bold reconfiguration in the layout of a generous 5-room apartment in Singapore by Nitton Architects completely transforms this flat into a family home.

We love to follow the links back through to their website to explore their in-depth profiles on new builds. Speaking directly with the architects to tell the story of the journey, and share the vision of the client and architect, the image-rich profiles include ‘Dissection information’ that breaks down the brands incorporated into the build. We are mad for the sheer bulk of photos that we get to enjoy for every profile that allow us to get extra nosey and enjoy a myriad of perspectives from inside the homes.

This private home in Ahmedabad, India, is an expression in Dhrangadra stone – a traditional ‘Sompura’ cast from the region of Dhrangadra – and meticulous attention to detail. @spasmdesignarchitects

Habitus living also expands into Habitus collection, an online showcase for the funkiest of furniture and interior decorating. Find everything from Big Ass Fans + Bang & Olufsen to Bent & Curved Glass + Dulux… and a heck of a lot of chairs in between. The best part though is that Habitus don’t sell any of it – they just share their favourite pieces, and point you in the right direction. Unlike stores whose accounts function as active advertisements, the inspiration strain runs strong and free through Habitus. Make up your own mind, they yell!

Red Hill Farm House is a celebration of the surrounding architectural and design vernacular but with a modern, contemporary interpretation. This home by @carrdesigngroup and @jcbarchitects exudes a rural character but with an appropriateness to function embedded deep in its design.

There’s nothing shallow about Habitus – their contributors are plentiful, quirky and passionate, and their team allow a freedom of expression that expands beyond the products they collect, making for refreshing viewing.

This spiral staircase by @pleysierperkins is strategically situated beneath a skylight, shedding light on a sculptural approach to practical solution.

Follow Habitus’ house of the year competition for an insight into the most ground-breaking new builds, and follow their regular social shares for a nice regular fix of home envy!

A newly completed residence by @axonhomes stands out from its neighbours in Mount Claremont, Perth, for its geometric architecture.


Habitus loves Canal House by @theranchmineofficial in Phoenix, Arizona.