Hunting for George

The most beautifully peaceful exterior of the Barny in Bank Street Home. Designed by @nestarchi styled by @esther_stewart @laurenbamford

Who is George, and why are we hunting for him? We like a mysterious character as much as the next lady, but in this case, we’re led to two sisters who shared a passion for homewares and interiors and decided to develop an online store with a tidy selection of products. One year on, they got their creative juices flowing and took the leap to begin a house brand to sell amongst their carefully chosen products, and well – the rest is history!

The Iron Maiden House by @__cplusc__ designed for a family of five and celebrates outdoor living. We likey! @murray_fredericks_photography via @australian_architecture

Hunting for George isn’t just a store full of kooky and practical homewares and furniture – like us, they’re pretty chatty, and their store pages are bottomed with helpful information about the category you’re hunting in, the small business you’d be supporting with your purchase, and a plethora of other useful hints.

Heading into the weekend with our home game strong! That’s the way we like to roll. Shop the entire look via the link in bio. Styled by @lucygladewright Pic by @gemmola

If we’re honest, their whole website is pretty thick with information! Featuring a community page, they share a very active blog, local businesses, beats and something extra collaborative that we don’t quite understand but still enjoy called the Hunting Collective – but our favourite part is Meet The Maker, where they chat to cool people creating cool things that we want, and that sort of thing.


Our buddy pots n’ plants getting their tan on. Lapping up the sunshine!

With a print focus to their house brand that can be found on anything from bed linen to clocks, Australian-made furniture now a part of their own design repertoire, and a huge catalogue of products to manage, is there anything these ladies can’t do?

Open plan living at its best. We already thought Byron Bay was ace, but this house in Northern NSW is raising the bar. Designed by @hga.architects. Built by @jbuildsbyronbay Pic by @andymacphersonstudio

We love their gram for their bias towards wooden floors and paneling and indoor plants – two of our favourite things that when brought together properly can really increase the ‘home’ factor of a house. Their account is equal parts products from their store, and styly home inspo with fangirl enthusiastic captions – enthusiasm for design is SO contagious!


On a scale of 1 to infinitely sexy, this kitchen is rating pretty high…  Crafted by @lifespaces_group, architecture by @auhaus, styled by @heathernetteking,  @mikebakerphotographer.


Pattern perfection at the Belmont House by @kennedy_nolan Pic by @derek_swalwell

The approachability of Hunting for George resonates well with us; it doesn’t get more cosy than a couple of sisters who started out their business in the spare room, side by side making their dreams happen!


Ok brains trust! Dining table or kitchen counter, where are you eating tonight!? The Wistow House by @mountford_williamson_arch  Interiors by @fabrikate_creative_spaces Pic by @jvdkphoto

We still don’t know who George is, or why the team is hunting for him – but we know they’re delivering us plenty to hunt through and for like the hunter gatherers we are.


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