Ivy Muse

Isn’t is great how much of a thing it is nowadays to have an abundance of indoor plants? Of course, it’s good for your health, but it’s also so nice to be able to get a little Jumanji (the Robin Williams version, obviously) and we’ll admit to finding it a little bit addictive – how many pot plants is too many pot plants?

That is the question.

Ivy Muse is their name, and botanical wares is their game.

PLANT STYLE BOOK | Let’s be honest, whenever you add plants to a space, everything just gets that much better. Pic by @annetteobrien styling: @alanalangan

IVY MUSE | If you’re wanting to give your plants and pots a little boost, then our ‘Snug’ stand is here to help. Best suited to small and medium pots, this piece is available in black, white and a limited edition smoke tone Pic by @annetteobrien styling: @alanalangan 

Regardless of whether you’re capable of keeping a plant alive, Ivy Muse are here to help – because if it’s a thing to bring something new indoors, plant styling is the natural next step – duh.

Matching pots or eclectic? Should you mix ferns in a room with flowers? Do hanging pots look weird inside? There really are a lot of questions.


IVY MUSE | Throwback to this green scene by our stockist @hass_co_botanics, with our ‘Elevate Arch’ doing what it does best and offering up multitudes of styling choices. .

The ladies behind Ivy Muse create plant stands and source pots locally, available inshore and online, and have successfully published ‘IVY MUSE: Plant Style: How to greenify your space’ to guide all of the green-thumbed but a teense clueless homemakers on the best way forward indoors.


In-store today.


IVY MUSE | Whether you want to add height, include a statement piece in your collection, or create a wall of green, our ‘Ribbon Divider’ is the perfect addition to any space Pic : @annetteobrien styling: @alanalangan

If you’re Melbourne-based, you also are lucky enough to have easy access to the Ladies’ personal plant styling services, which if you’re lacking a little creativity, or on the market, might save you a lot of time and brain ache.


GREEN GOALS | A whole gang of Sansevieria looking like the lushest plants on the block! : via @meeschmid_plantlady .

Their gram features some of their favourite pots, pot plant stands, and wall hangers from their own collection, as well as other plant-based inspo, all showing how simple and lovely it can be to splash a little green against some exposed board, or on a well-placed chair. On the other hand, they share some seriously amazing, dramatically plant-filled rooms that feel every bit the gardeners’ greenhouse wonderland.

PLANT STYLE BOOK | You don’t need much space to make an impact with your greenery, sometimes a well styled corner or nook is all you need to greenify a room and make a style statement. Clustering various colours, levels of height and texture together will create immense contrast and maxiumum impact, all the whilst using as small a space as possible! Pic: @annetteobrien Styling: @alanalangan .


BOTANICAL EMPORIUM | Designed to bring beauty into the home and workplace, @angusandceleste have crafted a line of functional minimalist pieces with a focus on the colours and wonder of the natural world  Pic by: @angusandceleste.

If you’ve never had so much as a pet rock before, there’s always the option of a little fake greenery – but if you can manage a little watering, take a leaf out of the Ivy Muse ladies’ book (literally) and let your home get an extra dose of natural zen.

Nan taught us that if you talk to the plants while you’re watering them, they’ll last longer 😉

IVY MUSE | If you’re after something a bit different for your plant styling, then our ‘Button’ stand is here to help. Smaller pots can be nestled within the top segment, or the addition of a table top can transform this into a unique side table for styling versatility ? @annetteobrien styling: @alanalangan