Rachel Castle and Things

Imagine the scent of sweet bubble gum, and then blowing a bubble with it and hearing it pop. But instead of just putting the confection back in your mouth for more fun, you realize that the bubble pop has left your room looking colorful with each piece radiating positivity and happiness, flowing together seamlessly. If this is what you feel, you have probably been styled by Rachel Castle. 

“……Happy Sunday beautiful people. ?” @rachelcastleandthings


“All you need is a good something for the wall and nice bedlinen, that’s all.” @rachelcastleandthings


“what a room. Thankyou for using our beautiful Big Garden print, pretty pretty pretty pretty….” Regram @oh.eight.oh.nine

While plenty of the designers featured today have done things with a sense of decorum and neutrality, this designer chooses to embody the statement “positive vibes only,” as evidenced in her designs. Everything evokes a sense of happiness and optimism and blends together pieces as unique as the people of this earth. 

“Yes you are.” ?RCx #hi #there @rachelcastleandthings

Happy Friday, indeed. It combines art, color and the carefree days of childhood to create a room that will ensure nobody inside feels glum at all!

“Teenage girls, the little tweenie ones, gah my favourites. The way one week they are little and dear and the next they’re all attitudey and hilarious…”  @rachelcastleandthings Pic by @danielletrovatopicturetaker

One might be quick to write off the designs of Rachel Castle as being too colourful, and one might get the wrong idea that she is all colour, all the time. The reality is that it’s about mood. Colour choices do not matter, so long as the mood is set correctly. This simple bedding set combines colours of the neutral part of the spectrum all the way up to the more daring ones, like pink and orange. The rounded pillows, curved rainbow and funky table lamp are complemented by the wooden nightstand-it brings it all back into a fantastic reality.

“Roger that. From cutest little @sophiedevlinnn looking the Sunday business.” Pic by @danielletrovatopicturetaker  @alexandrenaparker_photo


“This is as blush pink and ladylike as HELL YEAH gets.” @rachelcastleandthings


“I love good Aussie men, friendly and funny and free and easy and not too precious.” @rachelcastleandthings

In a world where everyone always tells you to sit down, relax, slow down, take it easy or otherwise dampen your spirit, Rachel Castle and her designs gleefully oppose such nonsense. Every design espouses the spirit of a carefree little child but has the creativity and the wisdom of a wise old teacher. Phrases like “Welcome to your life” spelled out in colourful lettering or “This magic thing that happens” remind us that there is much to celebrate and look forward to. 

“Sometimes there is only this to say.” ?RCx @rachelcastleandthings


“November. Things to do and people to see. It’s the silliest month of all.” @rachelcastleandthings