The Design Files

Checking out the works featured over at The Design Files is like stumbling onto a collective of some of the coolest artists and content creators you ever did see. It’s like getting into an exclusive club in which only the elites can show off their stuff-and yet it is totally friendly and accessible. Everything pops in a splash of color and creativity, extending a hand and waving the viewer over to become immersed in a world of art and happiness. 

HOPPING · Inside Fitzroy’s newest store – @tkawei, featuring handcrafted wares, ceramic candles and upcycled garments. Store @tkawei Pic @ameliastanwix


ARCHITECTURE · What @boardgrove architects found when they peeled back the layers of this once dark and dingy Footscray apartment! By @boardgrove Pic @haydncattach


ARCHITECTURE · A home with dual identities!… by @christopherpollyarchitect Pic @brettboardmanphotography Landscape by @figlandscapes

You can find photography, fashion, interior design, and even some food on this blog. Everything evokes a smile and has you wondering what will happen next. For example, their latest photo is of one of a fellow named John Richardson, filmmaker and surrounded by his creations in a photo that is haunting and powerful all at once. Meanwhile,a young man poses in front of a wall covered in pop art, wearing a loud but wonderful Hawaiian shirt. You can see him flip from one side to the other, revealing a shirt of a different color scheme on back. It is all just so smile-inducing!

FURNITURE · The new range from @sarahellisonstudio that will instantly inspire holiday-mode!
Furniture by @sarahellisonstudio Pic by @dave_wheeler


CREATIVE PEOPLE · Painting the landscape with @acre_studio  Architects @acre_studio pic by @derek_swalwell


We’re so proud of this beautiful show.. By @seanmeilak Pics @peterrosetzky

Aside from the art installations touted on their site, the way they feature interior decoration is enough to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. The chairs and tables chosen for each design are retro and yet meet today’s criteria for a great and stylish place to hang out. For example, the image of a kitchen in a “reimagined Australian homestead” features funky half-back chairs in orange surrounded by demure shades of gray, black and white. Another features a kitchen all in white, complete with a retro refrigerator that would look at home in any 1950’s television sitcom. Cool retro lamps hang above, bare bulbs accentuating the minimalist looks. As a matter of fact, the most organic and vibrant colors come from the spices so artfully arranged upon a nearby, built in shelf. A few feet away in the kitchen sit a classic dining set constructed of wood, completing the look and making it oh so inviting for guests. 

ARCHITECTURE · In bloom at the Magnolia Soul house by @greensheepcollective. By @greensheepcollective Pic by @emmacrossphoto


Should we think of artwork merely as a way of decorating our homes, or is art collecting about more than matching the colour of your sofa?.. Artwork @eleanor_louise_butt Pic @tesskellyphotography


ARCHITECTURE · A grown up tree house by @greensheepcollective. By @greensheepcollective Builder Excelsior Master Builder Pic @emmacrossphoto


HOMES · Reviving an Australian architectural gem in Warrandyte with @adiecourtney
By @adiecourtney Pic @caitlinmillsphotography Styling @annieportelli

Whatever you seek, just go to the Design Files. It’s the most creative and inspiring fun you will have!