The Real Estate Stylist

If it is design worthy of a decorator to the stars you seek, you should stop clicking right now. The designer we want to show you today is TRES, or The Real Estate stylist. Sisters Sara and Amy took inspiration from the women who knows best – their mother, great grandmother and grandma-and used the knowledge they gleaned to build an empire of style and prepare Melbourne’s most desired properties into homes worthy of kings and queens. The sisters are not afraid to combine the old and the new, the country and the city, the simple and the complex to make designs that will leave you floored.

“Weekend vibes! Love this shot of the styling…”… Styling @sparrowcreative


“Did someone say “Lilac Sheers??” gosh, I hope so! The colour everyone needs in their life!”…Styled by @trestylist

It is truly remarkable how these two artists can make any space look modern and fresh. Here, a fireplace that actually requires wood to function has the kindling stacked up in the wall, making an old fixture of homes in days past look modern and fresh. Note the slight imperfections in the brick work of the fireplace, which lend a worn but genuine look.

“Penthouses are a speciality at TRES- get in touch if you have one to style for 2019!”…Styled by @trestylist


“If you are unsure about how to create harmony in any space stick to a consistent palette.”…Styled by @trestylist

Primary colors used by the sisters in executing their designs include the neutral colors of brown, black, gray, white and sometimes a splash of navy blue provides a sweet accoutrement to whatever room they’ve created. Each and every room as a result ends up looking warm, modern, and timeless.

“One of our favourite @kerryarmstrong artworks sitting pretty with some TRES friends.”


“Not Styled by TRES xx Just letting all the good people know about the upcoming @globewest sale!”

Materials such as wood and steel, often used by the sisters, speak to the pair’s strength and desire for pieces that make a room look great, not overwhelming. Even when the design steps out of the norm, it is done in a way that will not be outdated or embarrassing in a matter of years.

“We’re seeing a lot of new builds and renovations add in built in desks… perfect for young adults and teenagers…” Styled by @trestylist


“Everything black and wood is good in our book! Add mesh and you have some kind of super power!”… Styled by @trestylist


“dying to get my hands on a copy of today to read all about one of our fav clients…”

The studio is nothing short of elite, as their name implies. The designs and pieces used in the creation of each of these special spaces are carefully selected and placed just so. Follow the sisters on Instagram to keep the momentum and positive design energy coming your way.

“The NO COLOUR, COLOUR PALETTE… such a carryover champion in our eyes!”…Styled by @trestylist