Truly, the people at Yellowtrace do not settle for anything less than amazing. This is evidenced in their super cool and fun, quirky designs.  A closer look reveals that these designs are not all crazy and kooky, some are just downright awesome. Each and every one of these photos tells the viewer something amazing about the person it came from. No design or idea is left out completely, there is really something for everyone on this page. 

We recently caught up with @nicgrahamsydney of @nicgrahamandassociates about one of his latest projects – the highly-anticipated @w_brisbane By @nicgrahamandassociates for @w_brisbane  Pic @justinalexanderphoto


In a time when multi-residential developments tend to be run-of-the-mill or just plain uninspiring, this project in Mexico City emerges as a paradigm…By @tallerhectorbarroso Pic @rafaelgamo


Ian Schrager brings the celebrated EDITION brand to Shanghai within a luxury hotel designed by @neriandhu.

Yellowtrace focuses a lot on wood, and the natural beautiful look it brings to any home it graces. There is a joy in stepping onto a nice, hardwood floor or gripping a staircase made of quality wood mouldings and carvings. Yellowtrace has tapped into this feeling, and showcases many great samples of fine woodwork right on their page. Absolutely no stone was unturned when they put the call out for submission for various designers to submit their work. 

Pine slats on the ceilings & walls, and end grain timber blocks on the floors feature inside New Think Corner at @universityofhelsinki by @jkmmarchitects. Pic Tuomas Uusheimo @onarchitecture


You can’t help but feel totally uplifted when you come across a project as remarkable as this one architects  @tallerhectorbarroso. Pic @rafaelgamo


@menarddworkind employed a contemporary design approach underpinned with a Japanese sensibility
By @menarddworkind  Pic @doubledeezy


@masquespacio_ana & @masquespacio_chris have embodied this restaurant interior with two seemingly opposing cultures – Japanese and Brazilian….@masquespacio_ana & @masquespacio_chris Pic @luisbeltranphotographer

Take for example, the amazing vaulted roof found in one of their recent instagram posts. Focusing on the amazing work of @gianni_botsford_architects, the ceiling curves upward and the rafters curve with it. It is a fusion of art and architecture, a blend of rough manual labor done with the hands along with the precision of a renowned artist. It will utterly take your breath away and make you wish you could see it in person.

Swiss architects #BuchnerBründler have choreographed this house in Binningen to achieve privacy while offering maximum transparency. By #BuchnerBründler Pic by Georg Aerni


@radissoncollectionstockholm opens its doors after a two-year renovation by Swedish architecture studio
By  @wingardhs for @radissoncollectionstockholm Pic by André Pihl

And even though you will probably sit there in awe for a few moments taking in this fine feat of architecture, you must not overlook the great ways in which their featured designers take the time to style rooms. After all,we can’t change how our home was built (in most cases) but we can definitely make our living spaces happier. A demure black bathtub is offset by the lovely white that surrounds it on all four walls, and a touch of nature come in with the inclusion of a lovely wooden stool, perfect for helping little ones into the bath or sitting while drying, contemplating the day. Yellowtrace answers to all of our desires for the conservative, the lovely, the artistic and the daring with their designs. 

@pierre.yovanovitch has transformed a 200-year-old winery in Portugal into a boutique hotel
By @pierre.yovanovitch for @quintadacorte