Zephyr and Stone

The first thing you notice about designers Zephyr and Stone is their immaculate ability to mix the most basic of colors and have them look like a million dollars. They are like the black sedan you see carrying somebody important. Classic, authoritative, and timeless-and did we mention a serious command of respect? 

• Z + S Crush • The built in seat. Designed by @zephyr_and_stone


How do you take a deck from ordinary to spectacular? ?Designed by @zephyr_and_stone


Once you go matte, you never go back!! Designed by @zephyr_and_stone

Do not let the designers’ color choices fool you. These designs and styles use modern accessories and staging to make them look simply super. They even manage to make food look even more appetizing than it already is. The cheese plate featured in their most recent instagram pics is just too inviting, the way it is styled upon the lovely cheese board with a fine selection of crackers and such to nibble on. Yes indeed, the next soiree held there will surely be a luxury experience remembered by all. 

• Z + S Design Crush • The built in desk. Designed by @zephyr_and_stone  Pic by @johndownsphotography


Wondering how to fill a double height void? Hanging pendants are the usual suspects. Designed by @zephyr_and_stone  Pic by @johndownsphotography

Imagining food prep or even simply washing one’s hands in the lovely marble kitchen they have designed is a thrill in and of itself. One look at that sleek marble countertop and the imagination begins to flow with ideas for wines and cheeses set up for guests to eat, or a cutting board loaded with a rainbow of fruits and veggies for the most wonderful salad  and the greatest contrast to the muted color scheme you ever saw. And even though primary color choices are that of the grays, blacks and whites it simply works. 

Have a bare wall in your home and don’t know what to do with it? by @stylizimoblog


EURO PILLOWS • 2 – 3 of these are essential – not only do they create a bedhead in the absence of one, they’re also super comfy when sitting up in bed…Designed by @zephyr_and_stone

What really makes these designs shine through is the use of modern fixtures as a way to add character to each and every room. Take for example, the lovely raised white sink in the bathroom they designed. Such a design speaks for itself. The colors are perfect for anybody of any age, and the fixture itself screams practicality and ease of use. It is a rare mix of form and function, one that everyone can appreciate aesthetically. 

Built in seats ?? At Z+S we absolutely looooove a built in seat ?


We’re loving the texture that our @cultiver_goods tablecloth and @uniqwacollections pendants add to this space
Designed by @zephyr_and_stone

Enough good things simply cannot be said about this design team. Every photo leaves you yearning to see the next one of their creations, and it is because you will never be disappointed. The colors are all familiar and warm, and the staging is modern and chic to make you linger and dream of a room of your own. 

I’m currently on the hunt for a round timber dining table, and my search has led me to @thewoodroom