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We are here to empower women to take control.

To create the home of their dreams.

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  • Avoid common mistakes made when renovating or building?
  • Rise to challenges worthy of your time?
  • Create your dream home and be guided in the process along the way?
  • Build the things you want to see in the world?
  • Be part of a supportive community of women empowering other women to do amazing things?
  • Have a shortcut to the 'right way' as you value your time and energy?

Who better to learn from than professional builders, project and development managers?

Standing strong in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Rebeka and Kribashini manage all parts of the build including the trades.

Having a proven track record of breaking sales records on the last six houses sold, you can be assured that you are learning from experts with an invaluable depth of knowledge.

And they will let you in on their secrets.

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If you understand that you have an amazing opportunity to renovate or build your home, if you appreciate and love the gift of creating a space (the ideal space for your family), and understand that the ONLY person who can get it right is you, then

let's Meet some "BuildHers"


I was at a loss, quote from the builder was DOUBLE what we wanted to spend - how would I ever build my dream home?  So, I called the BuildHer Collective, and after my free 20 min consultation I was all in as Owner Builder and haven't looked back since!

Absolute legends, the videos have guided me through the process and so within 10 months I have received a Building Permit and built my house! Move in date 3 weeks away (May 2019) - woo hoo and thank you BuildHer Collective!

"I've learned so much from the being a BuildHer.... I love it and I never want it to end.  The support I get from not only BuildHer Collective but other fellow BuildHers is truly amazing!  It's a network of other women going through the exact same thing you are, which is so helpful and comforting.  It's so nice to know you're not the only one."

Have lifetime access to the Online Program which guides you through the Planning, Design and Construction phases of a renovation or new build:

Learn how to create you BuildHer Vision and pull the look you want together seamlessly and in budget

Have access to our budgeting tools and checklists plus get help from us and other BuildHers on the costings

Know who is the right type designer to work with

Know how to pick the right building path for you! ( We are all different)

Use our checklists, templates and documents to help you manage the design and build and pull it all together

Get all your questions answered at a fortnightly Q&A session by Rebeka and Kribashini

Be part of our kick ass community of 2000+ woman in our FB Groups sharing contacts, costs and their experience and insights 24/7

Learn at your own pace, renovating and building can be hard enough to find time for so we jump in and out when you feel like it or binge watch it's up to you!