BuildHer Moments of 2019

BuildHer moments of 2019

2019 has come and gone!

And it’s been such a huge year for us at BuildHer Collective.

We just wanted to take a minute to share a few of our highlights – most of which involve ALL OUR LOVELY MEMBERS.

From finished dream homes, to auctions and developments … family and life changes …  SO MANY EVENTS, travels and weekends away … and that’s not to mention that our team has DOUBLED in size and we’ve had a new wee baby born! (plus another on the way!)

We are humbled by the support we have received from our BuildHer community, and are so excited for everything we have planned for 2020 …

Let’s reminisce on these amazing highlights together.


We finished, sold and handed over our much loved Bayview house.

A house where two of the BuildHer babies were born, and many special memories were made.

This home was also used to demonstrate to our BuildHers, the process of developing for profit. It was a great teaching resource and we were fortunate to have so many of our members through the space for Mix & Mingle Events, VIP nights, live workshops, and more!


We love talking to all budding builders, renovators and developers, hearing about their projects and sharing our journey and insights!
We held a heap of workshops in 2019, including Design on a Budget and Design for Profit, and they all SOLD OUT!
Which means we were able to help HUNDREDS of women get to the next step in their project 👏
Check out our ‘events’ page in the new year … we have so many more events to come!

Owner Builder Weekend Away

This year, we hosted two Owner Builder Weekends Away, along the Mornington Peninsula.

We talked all things building, budget, materials, design, planning and processes, with a bunch of wonderful like-minded women, over 2.5 days.

This was such a great chance to get to know everyone, and to get involved in their projects and developments.

If you missed out, don’t worry. We will be running more Owner Builder Weekends in 2020. Details to come.


Our second (sell-out) year of Masterclass students have recently graduated, and we couldn’t be prouder!

These students have come from all different backgrounds, and were all at different stages in their property projects when we started (some at feasibility, others at floor plans … ).
We’ve had such a rewarding year teaching them everything we know, and watching them get to the stage they’re at now …

Really … these Master BuildHers have had such an impact on the industry already, and we can’t wait to share with you some of their finished projects in the coming weeks.

Our Masterclass course is for all the women out there who are serious about getting ahead in the property game, and renovating for profit.

If this sounds like you … if you’re serious about building your future in property, then speak to us about how to get involved.


We launched the DevelopHers Inner Circle, an online course for women JUST LIKE US, who are looking to develop for profit.

If you’re not surrounded by peers, or people who are going through the same sort of experiences as you are, the process of developing can be complex and lonely. That’s why we were excited to build a community and launch an online course for the women across Australia looking to do this as a career.

Based on how well the course has been received, we have so much planned in 2020 around designing for profit, so make sure you keep an eye out!


We did it!
We launched a Podcast!
If you love all things building, you’re into design, keen on the numbers, about to renovate, thinking and dreaming of what your forever home would look like, OR even developing for profit – then you should listen to our Podcast!

Click on the image to check out out Podcast.

BuildHer student Projects

We are SO PROUD of our BuildHers, DevelopHers and Masterclass students who have completed their recent projects and are doing amazing things in the property space.

This is why we do what we do.

Here are just a few photos of their gorgeous homes.

Our team has expanded!

We finished 2018 with Kribashini, Rebeka and Tamara … and have ended 2019 with Lisa, Rachel, Mel and Lana … and Dev lined up already to join our team in January 2020!

Not to mention our baby BuildHer Rory, who we welcomed in August.

Become a buildher!

If you’re not already a BuildHer, we would LOVE for you to join our wonderful community of women who are building, renovating or developing for profit.

As you can see, our year is jam-packed full of opportunities for our members to get involved, and to not only learn more about the building process, but to get the support they need for their own projects, access to our trade partners,  and to connect with a community of like-minded women.

Sign up for our BUILDHER BUNDLE now, and take advantage of our special holiday season price!


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