You know you hear about these stories, and you never think it will happen to you. Well in this week's BuildHer Podcast with Kirstin Krauskopf, we talk through the real life story of building her dream home and what happened when her builder did go under. How she found out, how she handled it and what was the outcome? All great questions, but you'll have to tune into this one to find out exactly what happened.


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what happens when the builder actually goes bust?

kirstin's story in a nutshell

You know when you hear those stories about a builder that has gone bankrupt part way through a build, and you wonder how on earth you would deal with that? Well today on the podcast you are going to hear from someone who had to navigate that exact situation.

In THIS EPISODE of the buildher podcast WITH kirstin krauskopf

Kirstin Krauskopf, or as she is affectionately known in this episode, "Captain Prepared-o" had a project that started off extremely well. She was super prepared, had all her documentation in order, hired a fantastic builder with a great reputation and everything was going well.

Kirstin built up a great relationship with the site manager, the tradespeople and had negotiated the ability to come onto site once a week. She was across her numbers, knew the spec and felt equipped to handle the build appropriately. Kirstin had also hired an independent building inspector to ensure the build went smoothly.

Over time the number of trades on site started to dwindle and Kirstin became curious as to what was going on. She was asking a lot of questions, and not receiving a lot of answers. It became apparent that things may not be going as well as she had expected.

Tune in today to get the lowdown on how Kirstin handled what turned into a very difficult situation. Now we wholeheartedly know that no builder ever starts out thinking that this is going to happen to them, but unfortunately sometimes it does. Despite Kirstin's experience however, she is delighted to have came out on the other side with a house and a build that she is extremely proud of.


This BuildHer podcast with Kirstin Krauskopf is one that we all need to hear! These are the stories that we share so that others can learn and also by talking about it, perhaps also helping to move on from the experience. We want to thank Kirstin for talking us through her experience (because we know if was a difficult one) and being open to share.

Let us know what you think about this one, won't you? If you'd like to leave us a little review, that would really help us out too... it's so easy to do in the App where you get your podcasts. Thanks in advance! xx

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  • [1:40]:  How Kirstin's super prepared nature helped her through the process.

  • [2:40]: When going through the process of the new build, Kirstin ticked all the boxes in following the format to prepare herself properly.

  • [4:00]: The builder they chose had a well-respected name in the industry and Kirstin felt that she had done everything properly to head into this build smoothly.

  • [5:30]: The situation that caused the builder to be unable to continue trading.

  • [6:25]: How Kirstin was able to finish the project on Builders Insurance.

  • [7:05]: The way that Kirstin operated the build as more of a commercial project.

  • [7:30]: When Kirstin first started to notice that there might be an issue.

  • [8:00]: The benefit of having a good relationship with the site manager and Kirstin's ability to come on-site more frequently.

  • [9:45]: Understanding the type of personality you are on-site, and whether you will come with positivity or negativity when you are on site.

  • [10:30]: Why Kirstin decided to hire a private building inspector.

  • [10:45]: The difference between a private building inspector and a building surveyor.

  • [13:30]: When Kirstin started to notice fewer trades on site and the tough conversations she had to have to get answers.

  • [15:35]: Because Kirstin was on-site so frequently, this also enabled her to know what was actually on-site and to mark up anything that shouldn't have been on the monthly invoices.

  • [17:00]: From the invoices, Kirstin could start to see that the builder was trying to increase the cash amount for some aspects that weren't complete or as complete as stated.

  • [18:25]: How the situation turned to Kirstin working directly with the trades.

  • [20:40]: The moment where Kirstin had to have the toughest conversation with the building company.

  • [22:20]: How Kirstin forced occupancy of the house when things went belly-up.

  • [24:30]: The three things that Kirstin feels helped get this project over the line despite the circumstances.

  • [27:40]: Staying strong through difficult conversations and circumstances, and what Kirstin has learned through this.



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