Building With Buildher Podcast with Rebeka Morgan

Welcome to our podcast. We are super excited to talk about all things building because we believe that building is fun. Super fun. Soooo much fun!!!

BuildHer Collective was created to help women with building and renovating. We believe that with the right tools everyone can build. For us, it’s all about encouraging women to TAKE BACK control of the building process and achieve their dreams.

We are women in the building industry and as developers, builders and project managers, it’s our passion to share everything we know with other women doing the same. That’s why we’ve created this podcast for you.

So… if you love all things building, you’re into design, keen on the numbers, about to renovate, thinking and dreaming of what your forever home would look like, OR even developing for profit – then you have found your family! Subscribe to our podcast and follow our journey – we’ll have some fun!


Season 5

Reflections on 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on the significant changes and growth we have experienced. This year has been filled with challenges, opportunities, and valuable lessons. Join me as we take a journey through the highs and lows of 2023 and discuss the impact they have had on the housing market, our lives, and our aspirations.




How much money do I really need to renovate for profit?

The amount of money you need to renovate for a profit depends on a number of things, and in this episode I walk you through four examples of different project scenarios and the financial strategies employed to carry out each one.




Experimentation in Design with Rebecca Gross

The world of architecture and design has seen a notable shift in recent years. The rigid principles of modernism have given way to a new era of experimentation, boldness, and individuality in design. In this podcast episode, we explored this exciting shift with Rebecca Gross, an architectural and design writer and the author of the book “Ornament is Not a Crime.”




The Marathon of Building with Jen Sinclair

In today’s podcast episode, we sit down with the passionate and dedicated developer, Jen Sinclair. Currently immersed in a thrilling build project on the Gold Coast, Jen takes us on a journey through her experiences, trials, and triumphs in the world of duplex development.



Finance and Lending 101 with Entourage Finance

I have the pleasure of welcoming Leah from Entourage Finance today and we’ve teamed up with Entourage to bring you a series on all things borrowing.



Behind the Scenes of a Successful Home Renovation with Barbara Ramsey

Planning a home renovation? It can be a daunting task, but hearing from people who’ve done it before you is a great way to gain the confidence and knowledge you need for success.

This week Barbara Ramsey takes us behind the scenes of her home renovation, to share the lessons she learned on creating a beautiful family home.



Achieving Cohesiveness Inside & Out When Renovating with Kate Lawrence

Renovations can be a bit like juggling art and science. While choosing the aesthetics is the fun part, there are the practical elements to consider as well, like budget and architectural constraints. So how do you know where to start?

Today we’re joined by the talented Kate Lawrence, an interior designer and developer who takes us through creating cohesiveness in a design, where the interiors blend seamlessly with the exteriors of a home.

Diving Deep: Exploring the World of Pool Design

Pools are a huge investment and there are lots of things to consider when deciding to build one. You need to be able to balance your available space, budget, and hearts desire.

We want you to have all the knowledge you need to make the right choice, which is why I’m joined by expert Darin from Mint Design to dive deep into the world of pool design.


The Power of Plants: Elevate Your Home with Garden Design

Your garden makes the first impression for your home, and can significantly impact your property’s value, but all too often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. On this week’s podcast episode, we welcome landscape architect Tylah from The Sunday Garden, to share her expertise in garden design, landscaping, and creating outdoor spaces that enhance the beauty and value of your home.

The philosophy of French interior design and how to apply it to your home with Lauren Li

It’s tempting to make design choices that give your home the look and feel of something out of a magazine. However, your home is a haven and should reflect you, your values and the way you live your everyday life. Today we’re joined by Lauren Li to talk about the philosophy of French interior design and how you can implement some of its principles in your own home.

Investing In Our Future with Owen Raszkiewicz

Investing can be an incredibly powerful weapon, but only if you know how to wield it.On today’s podcast episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Owen Raszkiewicz, the Founder of Rask Finance, a prominent financial education platform in Australia.

The State of the Market with Amy Lunardi

In this episode, we sat down with expert property advocate Amy Lunardi to gain valuable insights into the ever-changing state of the real estate market.

Mastering Your Home Build: Top tips on decision-making, knowing your strategy and planning ahead

Home build projects require having a strategy based on how you work best, giving you the greatest chance of success. Documenting the entire process as much as possible is vital for anyone looking for a smoother and more enjoyable process.

The Power of Joint Venture Projects and How to Choose the Right Architect

Joint venture projects are a powerful way to bring together individuals with different skills, resources, and expertise to deliver a successful outcome that would not be possible individually.

Photography & Interior Styling: The art of capturing the design story behind a space with Kryssia Agius

Today I’m joined by Kryssia Agius, the creative mind behind Hunting Utopia. We dive into the process of changing careers, the significance of design storytelling and the art of capturing spaces through photography and styling.

Interior Design for the Hospitality Industry: Combining art and functionality to create beautiful spaces with Samantha Eades

Today we learn all about combining art and functionality to create beautiful spaces, and how design can be utilised to craft immersive experiences.

The Evolution of Joinery: Choosing the right materials for your renovation with Gemma Gillett

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with design enthusiast and interior designer, Gemma Gillett, to explore the evolution and creative world of joinery.

Raised with a Passion for Property with Rebecca Papas

Rebecca shares her experiences growing up around building and housing, and how this has shaped her passion for property as an adult

Building a Healthier Home: How to Create a Safe Living Environment

On average, we expose ourselves to 20 different products just getting ready for the day. Unless you’ve mindfully chosen these products, they likely have a slew of toxins that will build up in your body.

Creating Emotional Connections through Property Styling with Sara Chamberlain

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Sara Chamberlain from TRES, also known as The Real Estate Stylist. Sara and her team are experts in property styling, helping homeowners prepare their houses for the market.

Bridging the gap between design briefs and budgets with Louise Love

With uncertainties around construction costs and current market conditions, the design brief doesn’t always match the budget. Louise Love joins us today show us how to bridge the gap!

The importance of understanding the business side of construction with Cian Brennan

As the real estate market continues to evolve, homeowners are looking for new ways to add value to their properties. One emerging trend is pre-sale renovations, where homeowners invest in renovations just before putting their homes on the market.

Uplifting your property value with pre-sale renovations | Kristen Jackson from Wealth House

As the real estate market continues to evolve, homeowners are looking for new ways to add value to their properties. One emerging trend is pre-sale renovations, where homeowners invest in renovations just before putting their homes on the market.

Discovering design inspiration at the Salone Del Mobile Fair in Milan with Andrew Mitchell

Today, I am thrilled to have Andrew Mitchell, from The Design Coach, here with me to convey the remarkable adventures and creative motivation he gained from his recent journey to Milan. Andrew and his group embarked on an unforgettable trip to attend the prestigious Salone Del Mobile Fair.

Reimagining space and unleashing your creativity in interior design with Rebecca Papas

Today I am joined by one of our very talented team members, Rebecca Papas from the BuildHer Collective. Rebecca heads up our interior design department and I’m so excited to have her on to talk about how we can maximise interior design in our developments – even in the projects that don’t have a huge budget. 

From Blueprint to Reality: The Journey of Building a House

Building a house is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, effective communication, and collaboration with many professionals. If you start your journey with an understanding of the step-by-step process and gaining insight from industry experts, you can ensure a successful and rewarding home-building experience.

The future of property: Key takeaways from Jellis Craig’s inaugural property event

Though the housing market has begun to stabilise after the craziness of the Covid period, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around where things are headed.

Tying in with the Old and New with Caitlin Byrnes

My sister, Caitlin Byrnes, recently embarked on a renovation journey using a blended building model and we can’t wait to hear her experience!

Renovations: The importance of backing your decisions confidently with Petra Hammond

Knowing what it takes to make the leap, Petra Hammond joins us to talk about the importance of backing yourself with confidence when it comes to your renovation decision-making.

What I love (and will miss) about James Street

The time has come for me to pack up my beloved office and say my final goodbyes to James Street. It’s a brand new season for us as a family and to celebrate moving on from James Street, I’m sharing today what I love most about this beautiful home.

Cosmetic Renos vs Structural Builds with Matt Menichelli from Elevate Building Group

Matt Menichelli from Elevate Building Group joins us to talk about the difference between cosmetic and structural renovations and what each of these might require from a builder’s perspective.

Understanding how to Cost a Reno

Understanding how to Cost a Reno is so important as money dictates everything you’re able to accomplish on a build, so let’s dive in and discuss how to understand your numbers on a build.

Case Study - Building a home with cost increases AND sticking to budget

Elise Weavers takes us through the journey of her build from beginning to end, from financing, sourcing quotes, pricing materials and the balancing act of managing the budget during uncertain times in the industry.

How to succeed at seller JVs with Rachel Bickerton

Looking for a creative way to renovate for profit without making the investment of property? Rachel Bickerton is here to help with seller JVs.

Using the Wheel Of Life to plan your year with Alex Andrews

If you’re juggling a career, family, kids, the usual busyness of life AND you’ve got a building or renovation project on the go, there’s no substitute for being organised. My coach, Alex Andrews, shares her hot tips today!

How to have a stand-out holiday property with heart with Jen Clark

Today we’re joined by Jen Clark, founder of Hosting with Heart to discuss how taking a holistic approach to hosting and holiday properties helps to leverage your property in a crowded market.

Building in 2023 and Beyond

There’s been a lot of change in the market in recent years so today I’m talking about what we’re seeing in the building industry for 2023 and beyond.

Finding your interior style with So Sally Says

Today on the podcast we are joined by Sally Faughey, who has transitioned her career from a TV producer to interior styling and renovations.

Living the developing for profit dream - Transforming 70’s drab into light filled luxury

I’m talking today to Taeler Jordan, one of our amazing DevelopHers whose journey has been an inspiration to many women in the BuildHer community.

Season 4

2023 design trends and the building industry moving forward

There’s a lot of trepidation at the moment around interest rates, building prices and everything that’s happening out there but I, for one, am feeling very excited about what’s coming up for 2023!

Selling James Street - Saying goodbye to our forever home

After travelling for a number of months, we quickly realised that home is where you are. It’s more about designing the life that we want – and sometimes, plans change.

The pathway to electrifying our homes with Alison Scotland

Today we speak to Alison Scotland, Executive Director of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) about why electrification is so important and the pathway to achieving a fully electric home.

Building the extraordinarily energy efficient and affordable Iris House with Sophia Macrae

Sophia Macrae shares about her really interesting journey, from constructing her sustainable Iris House to her current job working on government policy to improve energy efficiency outcomes

Creating a home that can expand and contract to your needs with Tamsin O’Neill | Green Magazine

Tamsin O’Neill from Green Magazine joins me today to talk about creating a sustainable home that contracts and expands to your needs – one that is less about quantity and more about quality.

Designing high-value, small footprint sustainable homes with Architect Jessica Murray

Today we have the lovely Jessica Murray, Director of Cooper and Blake Architecture. Jessica specialises in designing high-value small footprint sustainable homes.

The difference between a typical build and passive house certification with Hamish White from Sanctum Homes

I’m speaking today to Hamish White who is the Director of Sanctum Homes. Hamish is a passive house certification builder delivering energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes utilising the principles of passive design.

Sustainable renovating: Owner Builder Suzanne McConchie’s approach

Sometimes it can feel like there are only two options around sustainability – you either do the green life perfectly or you choose to ignore it altogether. Suzanne McConchie shares her journey with us today.

Passive House Principals: Combining sustainability and livability with Luke Middleton

Luke Middleton is the Director of Design by EME and is passionate about sustainability, taking a holistic approach to his designs by combining passive house principles without compromising beautiful aesthetics.

Green Building Benefits: How thoughtful landscaping affects our daily living

Whether it be a green facade, a green roof or a thoughtfully designed landscape, there are so many benefits to putting more effort into your garden.

Energy Ratings (what to consider and the new 7 star rules)

My first guest for the sustainability series is Alec Woolley from Napoleon Energy and he joins me to talk all things energy ratings and what the new rules mean for the building industry.

Welcome to the sustainability series!

We are at the beginning of our 10 part sustainable mini course (hooray!) so for the month of November we’ll be honing in on the important topic of sustainability.

Delve Into Design with Alison Lewis - Architect vs Interior Design

Different projects are more suited to different types of designers. Alison Lewis joins us today to talk about the pros and cons of the architect vs interior design scenario.

Breaking the stigma of the volume builder with Melanie Wessner

If you’ve written off the idea of ever engaging a volume builder because of the stigma or the cookie cutter approach, it might be worth revisiting. The systems and processes for volume builders have become a lot more sophisticated in recent years and while they might not be for everyone, they certainly are a fantastic option for some.

A DevelopHer Tale with Claire Kelly from Little Fish Property Developments

We sat down with Claire Kelly from Little Fish to get an insight into what it’s like running a townhouse development project. Little Fish is a Melbourne-based full-service residential property development company, specialising in client-side project management. Claire works as a project manager for Little Fish Property Developments, taking the projects from the planning stage through to the end delivery and handing the project over for sale.

Finance and finding the lender that’s right for you with broker John Hymet

Today I’m joined by broker John Hymet from Logical Choice Finance. We’re chatting to John today because finance has to be one of (if not the most!) important pieces of the development puzzle. John helped us understand our position, the benefits of using other lenders and how to structure ourselves so that we looked better to banks.

High end property development backed up by the numbers with Martello Property

If you’ve got a development or renovation project in mind but are finding it challenging to know where to start, I’m talking to Candice from Martello Property to glean some insightful development advice.

Delve Into Design with Alison Lewis - Paring back materials

One mistake a lot of people make is trying to incorporate too many elements into their design but the trick is to pair the materials back and keep it simple. Less is always more.

Painless working relationships with tradies with Kate Muldoon from Ladies with Tradies

Today I’m chatting with Kate Muldoon from Ladies with Tradies – a coaching business that helps tradie couples with the tools to stop shit hitting the fan and achieve all their goals in love, life and business.

Making your home built for health with Building Biologist, Megan Zigomanis

A building biologist is someone who assesses the level of toxins that exist in and around the home and how to reduce the risks, a topic that has been coming up more often in recent years.

The why and how of joint ventures

Entering into a joint venture is exciting but can be stressful. In this episode we’re sharing 8 points to consider before signing on the dotted line. We hope this helps if you’re thinking of jumping into one.

The importance of colour and furniture selection with Interior Stylist, Lauren Egan

A colour and furniture selection specialist, Lauren Egan shares how to make bold colour decisions that really work to transform your home. Sometimes all it takes is a little more thoughtfulness and play with different textures to really make a room feel alive.

Kirsty Ristevski's epic transformation of a commercial space into her family home

Kirsty’s most recent project is one of those unique, interesting homes that you don’t come across all time. We explore how she turned a commercial property into a fun family home.

Building independent wealth with Renae from Money Mode

Renae from Money Mode joins me today to talk about a different type of building than usual. We’re discussing the fundamentals of money and how to build independent wealth so you can live life on your terms.

Slow living - how intentional design can transform your home and life with Natalie Walton

Natalie Walton explains what makes a slow home, unpacking the guiding principles that she developed in alignment with the slow food movement – sustainable, local, organic and whole.

Reframing Your Thoughts - Flipping The Stories We Tell Ourselves

There is a lot of movement and change in the building industry, which requires a high level of problem solving and flexibility. You have to think quick, take action, and respond to multiple things at once.

Building a great relationship with your builder - youll catch more flies with honey

One of our amazing students, Amanda Siva, shares her positive experience undertaking renovations on an investment property and her own home. We talk about how building a great relationship with her builder helped to make both projects run like clockwork.

A DevelopHer Tale with Claire Larritt-Evans

Claire Larritt-Evans – Developher with BuildHer Collective takes us through her journey on the Building with BuildHer podcast

Stop Dreaming and Start Renovating for Profit

In this episode, I talk about embracing the journey of renovating for profit, and the amazing opportunities it can bring and sharing some of the amazing transformations our BuildHers and DevelopHers have completed and how they are creating the lifestyles they’ve always dreamed of.

Kerrie-Ann Jones The Stylist takes on her own home renovation

Kerrie-Ann Jones is one of Australia’s most coveted interior stylists. As the former editor of Real Living Magazine, her impeccable style and eye for trends have influenced and inspired how Australians decorate their homes.

Finding Time to Plan for Success with Rachel Collard

Our days can become jam-packed with neverending to-do lists and it feels like we never have time to sit still for 2 seconds, let alone 2 hours. We’re so focused on every action that needs to be taken that we’re not making it a priority and giving ourselves time and space to plan and think.

We Bought a Winery

Ivy and I have bought a winery with our amazing partners! The property also includes a vineyard and we will be having wine made and sold on-site – it’s so exciting and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Modern facades and cohesive design with Joe Snell & Christian Hansen

We often talk about how a home should be a reflection of who you are. From modern facades to kitchen cabinetry detail, there is so much information out there to help Australians build truly amazing and purpose built homes. It’s all about cohesive design!

Designing Your Lifestyle

In the DevelopHer’s weekend intensive, we covered an incredibly important aspect of building that is often not spoken about – the lifestyle you actually want to create and design.

Delve into Design with Alison Lewis – Talking Materials

Alison Lewis is back on the show today to talk about materials. Every room in the house is a composition of different materials and it’s your skill in putting them together that either makes it work and look amazing or not.

How to develop from a distance with Tamara Wynne

I’m chatting with Tamara who is the General Manager of BuildHer, a DevelopHer and is on the home stretch of building two amazing houses in Beechworth, Victoria that are set up for family accommodation – John and Jane’s Beechworth.

Renovating your holiday property with Simone Matthews from Soul Home

This week I’m chatting with the remarkable Simone Matthews from Soul Home. Simone is doing some very exciting projects renovating to rent, renovating to sell and renovations on a budget.

Goodbye Rach

We have some sad but exciting news. Rachel Collard has officially left BuildHer! She is branching out on her own and she has such a wonderful community of supporters cheering her on. In this episode, we say goodbye to Rach and talk about her journey to making this BIG decision.

A DevelopHer journey with Jacqui Midgley

My guest today is DevelopHer student Jacqui Midgley. Jacqui has courageously embarked on her own development after working in the large scale developing industry for many years.

Running a successful interior design business with Andrew Mitchell

My guest today is Andrew Mitchell, an interior designer AND a coach for interior designers. Andrew helps interior designers understand how they should be charging, client work, important systems and processes, and how to navigate a tricky industry.

How to choose the right engineered timber boards with Danielle from Woodcut

Danielle from Woodcut is here to talk to us all about engineered timber boards. Woodcut is not just another timber flooring company, they combine quality and function to create premium engineered timber flooring that seamlessly integrates into any space.

Join us in the new Design like a DesignHer course!

I’m so excited to be chatting all about the new Design like a DesignHer course. It’s your all-inclusive guide to designing your next project instead of hiring an interior designer.

Delve into Design with Alison Lewis – Selecting Stone

My guest today is Alison Lewis and we’re talking about everything to think about when selecting stone. Alison is an interior designer, embarking on her own projects and also consults for others in her business, Alison Lewis Interiors. I’m so grateful to have her on the show today to delve into design!

A Developing Success Tale in Less than 12 Months with DevelopHer Taeler Jordan

My guest today is the inspirational Taeler Jordan. Taeler is an architect, one of our DevelopHer’s and is remarkable for her dedication to development. Taeler went through a massive transition in less than 12 months and is here to share with you her incredible developing success tale and how much you can achieve in a short period of time with the right mindset.

Lighting your build to tell a story with Danielle from Lights Lights Lights

My guest today is the remarkable Danielle, one of the directors and owners from Lights Lights Lights. We absolutely love her at BuildHer and she works on all our houses by incorporating her incredible designs into every build. We’re talking about talking about everything to consider when planning, choosing and installing lights for both a new build or when renovating your home.

Making the leap from construction to developing with Bec Wells

We’re talking to Bec today as a woman in construction working on commercial projects who then decided to become a development manager. I know you’ll find so much motivation and inspiration in her experience that you can use when you’re trying to decide on your next move.

Pushing the needle forward with constant action

In this mindset episode, I’m exploring how small weekly constant action towards your most important project/s adds up to achieving your biggest goals sooner. If you’ve ever felt that you never have enough time and you’re forever running around trying to get everything done but not getting anywhere – this episode is for you.

Finding the perfect tapware for your build with Luli from ABI Interiors

In this episode, we’re discussing all of the things to look out for when you’re buying tapware. There are many different decisions to make before ordering your final choice but don’t worry, Luli from ABI Interiors is here to help!

Building your wealth through strategic property investment with Chris Bates from Wealthful

In this episode, we talk about why it’s so important to have a specific strategy for your unique life situation. Chris shares how Wealthful helps their clients understand the right move for them and make it happen from a financial perspective with local buyers agents.

How to choose the timber flooring for your home with Alison Lewis Interiors

In this episode, we’re exploring how to choose timber flooring for your home.

We’ll cover choosing the veneer, hardness/softness, knots, floating boards, insulation, direct stick, board size and so much more.

Why you should stop dreaming and start renovating for profit now

In this episode, I’m discussing what we covered in the workshop series, any fears you may have around renovating, uncertainties in the current housing market and creating a lifestyle that works for you.

Future proofing our homes for sustainability with Andy McCarthy from RACV Solar and Ivy

In today’s episode, we’re discussing the need for and benefits of installing solar systems in our homes. Ivy and Andy discuss the push to move away from fossil fuels like gas towards renewable energy.

Overcoming fear as a BuildHer

In this episode, Rachel has returned to talk about the fear we experience developing, building and in every facet of our lives. Overcoming fear and those niggling doubts is all part of the game and sometimes you just need to take the leap!

Redesign your life – Moving interstate and buying a renovator during covid

One of our BuildHers, Joni Burns, shares her journey selling a beautiful family home in Melbourne and buying a renovator in Brisbane via Facetime during the hard Melbourne lockdowns.

Curating Interior Inspiration For Every Style and Budget

I’m chatting with Eliza O’Hare, the editor from Inside Out Magazine. Eliza has nearly 30 years of experience in the media and publishing industry and is sharing her wealth of knowledge on the interior and magazine world.

Cultivating Strong Relationships

It’s important to discuss the relationships that you need to build and cultivate during a build. Whether it’s with your broker, real estate agent, builder, accountant, or architect, there are several different relationships that you will need to nurture during your building journey.

Creating Signature Interiors

I’m chatting with one of Australia’s leading stylists, Simone Haag.

Simone works with her clients to create a space in alignment with their personal narrative that incorporates both contemporary design and vintage pieces.

New Beginnings for BuildHer Collective

Welcome back in 2022!

I’m thrilled to be back and sharing what we have on the cards this year.

Season 3

Now Just HOW Would it Feel to Have a New Kitchen for Christmas?

We did something wild this year – we gave away a BRAND NEW KITCHEN!

Finishing of the year with a bang is an understatement, so let’s recap our Kitchen Giveaway with our partners Haven Kitchens and Co.Kitchens. Hooray Horray to our lucky winners!

Let’s Love our Garage Doors – Again!

The BuildHer8 team have been working closely with 4Ddoors to choose the most stylish, practical and individually finished to suit the facade of the home garage doors for our Rathmines Project.

So we thought we would delve into the garage door world and find out more about just how much they have changed in recent years and how there are now so many fabulous options to choose from!

How Much are You Loving Your Laundry???

It’s the place where most of don’t like to spend time but piles of dirty laundry seem to be a fact of life these days.

But there’s good news – you CAN make the whole experience and the space as enjoyable as you possibly can by implementing great design in the space and using new technology appliances. Let’s talk laundries!!!

Working with a Personal Coach to keep you on Track!

When life is busy with career, family and projects, then working with a personal coach to help find a balance to your life can perhaps help.

Join Rebeka as she chats with her personal coach Alexandra Andrews about what a coach does and how they can help to manage the juggle of our increasingly busy present day lives.

The Rathmines Project – Just How Did We Do It?

With the Rathmines project practically complete – it’s now time to sit back and look at, and admire just exactly what an amazing thing we have achieved.

We have come through challenge after challenge – Covid lockdown after Covid lockdown… BUT WE DID IT! Join us as we chat about the project, and shout-out some of the amazing people involved.

The Top Takeaways from the BuildHer8 Team!

Kribashini chats to all 6 BuildHer8 ladies (herself and Rebeka making up the 8) about their experience on the Rathmines project!

Did they love it – did they learn anything – would they do it again? Listen as each of the ladies share not only their biggest challenges, but also their favourite parts of the build and the final product. It’s a super fun – have a listen.

Your Summer List of Maintenance Awesomeness!

Keeping your home in ship shape is a constant, but it can also be more fun than a simple “To Do” list!

In this episode Kribashini & Rebeka talk about creating “Your Summer List of Maintenance Awsesomeness” and share with your the top 10 things you should think about doing every year to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Koray Kolege from Rubiks Cubed Talks Relationships!

Relationships between clients and builders are so important because engaging a builder is a long term proposition – you’ll want to, no need to, get on well and have great communication between you.

Rebeka talks to Kory in this podcast chat about these relationships from a builder’s perspective.

Styling Your House for Sale!

It can really make all the difference on auction day. Making your house look the best it can possibly be, and therefore selling the dream lifestyle to your potential buyer is the name of the game.

In this podcast episode Kribashini interviews Rebeka (what a twist right?) about getting a house ready for sale and the progress of our Rathmines project by the BuildHer8 – it’s almost done everyone!!!

Who Can You Trust in the Property Game with Veronica Morgan!

When you’re looking to buy a property, it’s incredibly difficult to know who you can trust and which advice to follow. Going it alone is difficult, so it really takes the right team to support you from the beginning.

Kribashini chats to Veronica Morgan, who is an expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the proeprty game about the topic of buying a home and finding people you trust to help you.

It Really is OK to Ask for a Little Bit of Help!

There are loads of challenges when it comes to building and developing and sometimes you just gotta ask for a little bit of help – and that’s ok. Whether it’s from the massive collective knowledge of the BuildHer community or directly from other consultants, designers, suppliers or trades, go for it!

Kribashini bite-size episode episode will get you thinking about just how ok it really is.

The Home BuildHer Jan Built in Canberra!

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a “Building with BuildHer” podcast, but we’ve rectified that situation with a fantastic one from BuildHer Jan Jamonts talking about the family she built in Canberra.

Talking with Kribashini, Jan will share her experiences, challenges, wins and top tips for building your next home!

Clap Your Hands for Cladding!

Who knows what cladding is and when and where you should use it? Who knew there were so many types of cladding? We did!

Join Rebeka for this informative chat on cladding and exactly what the feck it is. The different materials, styles and textures, even the weights of it, will most definitely  have a lasting impact on your build.

Put Your Hands Up if You LOVE Stone Too!!!

Today we are super excited to talk to a stone specialist – Louie from Signorino! Having been in the industry for 30+ years, he knows what he’s talking about.

There is such a variety of stones out there, it’s important to understand what you want it for and oh, what you can afford – this might be one to save up for – but if you ask us, it’s totally worth it! It’s stone all the way for us!!!

Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold – Let’s Talk Thermal Comfort!

Let’s talk heating and cooling, and while we’re at it, the heating and cooling we are using from Samsung Australia in the two homes we are building at our Rathmines Project by the BuildHer8.

We think that heating and cooling is another one of those items that you need to think about at the start of a build, so Rebeka and Kribashini talk about that and give you their 4 top tips to consider!

Let’s Talk Carbon Neutral Projects with Katya Crema from Hip V. Hype!

Brought to you by one of our members who wanted to know more about Hip V. Hype, today we chat to Katya about sustainability and developing carbon neutral projects, like their current flagship project Ferrars & York.

Rebeka and Kribashini are passionate about this topic and it seems so are our members, who just want to find out more! So join us as we explore more about Katya and Hip V. Hype.

See the Dream in the Dreamcatcher Tool!

Understanding what your dream home might look like can be overwhelming, but today we can help you by using a great new tool from Stockland – the Dreamcatcher Tool!

From real life projects, you can select images you love for every room of the house and create your very own style board! Join Kribashini and Sophie from Stockland for this chat.

Crafting Beautiful Spaces with Georgia Ezra!

We are so excited to welcome Georgia Ezra onto the podcast today. The founder of Studio Ezra and Tiles of Ezra – you may have heard about this Interior Architects before!

Guiding her clients through the whole process, Georgia talks to Rebeka about not following the trends, understanding what sparks joy in your life and what makes you feed really excited.

The Finishing Stages of a Build & the Covid Effect!

How you deal with unexpected problems during a build is something you because quite adept at when building. However, when a 2 week construction lockdown is sprung on you out of the blue, how do you see the silver lining???

Join Rebeka as she chats about the Rathmines project and how the construction shutdown has impacted the finishing stages of the build.

Welcome Nicole Rosenberg – Creator of Amazing Ideas & Spaces!

We’re excited to welcome Nicole Rosenberg to the podcast today to talk about her amazing spaces and understand where she comes up with all of her creative ideas!

Turns out moodboarding is a big part of the process and also looking for what’s NOT on Pinterest!!!

Why Aren’t the Tradies Calling me Back???

The backbone of every new build or renovation is the Tradie, but sometimes you’re trying to make contact but they’re not calling you back. But why?

Well in this podcast episode Kribashini explores the many reasons why that may be happening and shares some super easy and quick strategies to use when communicating with your Tradie to grab a quote.

There Are So Many Design Roles – Do You Know What They All Do?

As someone who has been in the design space for over 20 years, we’re pretty confidence that Lauren Li from Sisalla is 100% qualified to explain all of the different types of design roles for us.

In a super fun podcast chat in the Melbourne Central popup podcast booth earlier this year, Lauren and Kribashini have a great time talking it all through.

To Pool or NOT to Pool?

For so many people it’s the dream, but for others, not so much – and there are so many factors to consider when contemplating the building of a pool.

When you’re building for profit, something else you need to understand is what the market wants in your area and will it add value to your development or not? Rebeka talks in this episode about all of the pool factors and shares her top tips of things to consider.

De-mystifying Passive Homes with Simone

Passive house or sustainable housing is on the up and up in Australia. With a growing interest we want to know more about and it, so why not talk to an expert?

In this podcast episode Rebeka talks with Simone Schenkel from Grun Eco Design, who is incredibly passionable about the environment and sustainability. Let’s dig into this fascinating topic!

The Awakening is Here… Hello New Haymes Paint Colour Library

Rebeka is so excited to be chatting with Wendy Rennie from Haymes Paint about the release of their new colour range “Awakening”.

In this range Wendy takes us through the 3 colour stories and her 3 do’s and don’ts when it comes to painting. Rebeka even shares a few of her own tips as well and her go to sneaky painting hack!

Developing with Laura Percey from Kingbella Group

When Laura decided she wanted to develop property and build the lifestyle she wanted for her and her family, having no money and no experience was no problem!

Through hard work and a tremendous amount of effort (cue 1,000’s of phone calls and asking 1,000’s of questions) Laura skilled herself up and did the research to understand what she need to know. Not easy with a young family either. Listen in and get inspired!

Of Course You Want to Make a Profit from Your Reno!!!

Developing for profit sounds like a dream, but the reality is that we all want to make a profit at the end of it right?

In this episode Kribashini spills the beans and her killer list of 10 top tips for making a profit. Using tools such as our super trusty feasibility template and practicing the fine art of planning AND using the right team are great steps to get you on the profit pathway!

Hello Scott from The Renovator Store

Today we talk to Scott Pendlebury about the online experience that is The Renovator Store – the place to get quality fixtures and fittings for you home when you are building and renovating.

Shop online instead of running around from store to store to save not only time, but money as well. With a wide range of products available they’re keen provide a great product at a great price and exceptional customer service. Check out this chat with Rebeka & Scott.

How Does an Architect Charge?

When you’re looking to engage an Architect, you’ll need to obtain a “Fee Proposal” and quotes may end up providing very different costings.

So how do you compare and how will you work it all out? Join Kribashini this week as she talks you through the process of engaging an Architect to create something unique just for you!

Have You Met our DevelopHer Ivy Huang from “Homes by Ivy” Yet?

Now you may be thinking that you’ve heard Ivy on our podcast before – and you’d be right!

This time however, Ivy talks to us about joining BuildHer and her experience with us, her last project and how much she learned from it (which is highlighted in our BuildHer book by the way) and how that has shaped her current build.

How DO you Find the Perfect Architect?

You want an architect BUT you just have no darn clue where or how to start the hunt. Does this sound like you?

Finding an architect you love and who loves you can take a bit of time, but today we’ve got some top tips to help you hone in on what it is you’re looking for. Hopefully these will help you find the architect who understands you, your vision and deliver the on the brief, because when you get it right – oh wow!

Samantha Wills – A Passionate & Creative Entrepreneur

There are so many things to chat to Samantha about in this podcast. Her overnight success as a jewelry designer (that’s 15 years in real time), losing her creative path and closing the business which then lead to writing a best selling book and starting another creative adventure – this time helping other creative entrepreneurs and starting a foundation which gives a voice to the realities of business.

Yep We’re Asking… How Will You Fund that Reno?

With so many options available to you and everyone’s individual circumstances most likely being different, Rebeka is asking this very important question in this podcast episode!

Funding your build or reno can be complicated and a little daunting, but no matter what your situation there’s always an option and her best advice – have a good relationship with your Broker and Accountant!

Running a Business Whilst Developing for Profit!

The two things are actually so complementary for a number of reasons, cash flow being a big one of them, and unless you’re a big time developer, then most likely you’ll need addition income to pay the household bills along the way.

We chat about all of the complementary skills that could translate into a business in this episode of Building with BuildHer.

Just How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

Depending on the home, the size and location – the range is vast BUT, there are guidelines and timeframes for all of the different stages to building a home to help you plan it out.

Listen to this episode to find out our biggest tip to help you plan it all out as we go through the stages of building a home and how long you can expect it to take!

Let’s Dive into Some Landscape Chat with Darin!

With Darin Bradbury from Mint Pool and Landscape Design that is. Put Rebeka and Darin in a room together and they could chat all day about their love of Landscape Design.

In this episode we discuss some key things about landscaping – like getting one in early as there just might be some costs savings for your early planning.

Why Why Why is Cabinetry so Expensive?

Custom cabinetry can be super expensive and in this quick episode with Kribashini, she talks about why and her recent experience of designing and ordering cabinetry for her own marathon renovation at home.

We unpack lots of thoughts in just a short time. Join Kribashini for this chat won’t you?

DevelopHer Justine’s Passion Led to an Exciting New Business!

Building a new business is never easy, but when it’s born from a true passion – an idea that you just can’t seem to let go of – then it’s fair to say you’re invested, and Justine’s love of building has ignited something that is truy exciting in the building industry.

We think you’ll love this chat with another one of our amazing and inspiring DevelopHers – Justine Gaitz.

What does a Happy Healthy Home Actually Mean? Let’s Explore!

There’s a lot to unpack in this one, but Rebeka and Kribashini will zip through some of the things to consider in what a happy healthy home may look like for you.

Let’s think about energy efficiency, water efficiency, the 3 R’s and toxins – a few key conditions you’ll want to know about!

Not a Renovator? Well that’s OK!

As much as we LOVE building and renovating, it turns out that it’s just not for everyone and our guest today, Paula Beavis, soon discovered this was true for her too.

Living in a home she thought she was going to renovate, she made the call after installing the split system. This podcast explores the many different paths to living in your dream home. Join us for a fun chat.

What to do When the Trades Let You Down!

It’s short, it’s sharp and its Rebeka sharing her experience about when the trades have let her down.

More importantly, it’s about how you handle it and how to fix or manage it so that your build can move on with as little disruption as possible!

Property Development & No Money Down Deals with Rob Flux!

Does the idea of getting into property development feel too far out of reach? Well if you’re thinking yes, you’re not alone. Here to talk more on the topic and perhaps get you thinking outside the box is property developer Rob Flux.

He’s talking with Kribashini and giving us plenty of gold nuggets when it comes to property development and shares his top tips for peopel getting started.

The Key to Selling Off the Plan – Our 6 Tips!

When it comes to building, you start with a vision, you build something amazing and then you sell it right? Well not always. What if there’s the opportunity to sell it off the plan, before it’s even finished???

When contemplating selling it off the plan, you’ll want to make sure you have some key elements in place. The purchaser will really need to understand that they are buying and how do they do that? Well that’s what we explore in this podcast episode.

Building a Tiny House to Live Debt Free!

This chat all comes down to your values and the way you want to live. After years of struggling to live up to the expectations of everyone around her, Marnie Prowse and her family had a breakthrough and realised that they weren’t living the life they wanted.

Rebeka and Marine from Tiny Haus explore the journey to downsizing. It’s an interesting topic and seems to be gaining momentum!

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Builder!

It can be really daunting and a little overwhelming if you’ve never looked for, talked to or engaged a builder before. So today we’re here to break it all down for you and help you understand a little more about what to look out for.

Builder registration and licensing, understanding quotes and the scale of your project, making sure your expectations are aligned, questions to ask… we talk about it all!

Make money from your house – when you’re not even there!!!

After you’ve finished renovating your beautiful new home, there is the opportunity through companies like Photoloco to rent it out for the day for a photoshoot and make some serious money, or as they like to call it “money for jam”!

Actually the houses they want don’t in fact have to be new builds; they are  looking for a variety of different styles of homes, new or old, even just outdoor spaces. It might just be worth looking into yes?

Get the Insider Secrets to Selling Your House for More with Andy Vance!

Offering a client service that is unique to Jellis Craig’s Inner North group, Andy, as the Head of Marketing and Branding, is working with clients to realise their home’s best potential by helping present it in the best possible light.

Having an understanding of the market demographic and assessing how to make it appeal to them, Andy offers a “fresh set of eyes” for the vendor, in a time that is most often stressful and any help to get your home ready for market is gratefully and thankfully accepted!

Hey Samantha from Michigan USA!

You’ve probably found people on Instagram who are doing something fun and interesting and then started following them right? Us too! We found the account of Samantha & Sean who rescued a soon to be demolished farmhouse and made it their home renovation project.

Great photos, helped by Sam’s professional being a wedding photographer, and fun story telling.

Jen Bishop – She is an Interiors Addict!

So excited to chat with the lovely Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict today about all the things! With a passion for interiors and a way to gather her inspiration in one place, Jen started Interiors Addict and 10 years down the track it’s Australia’s largest interior design, styling and renovatin blog!

Such fun to chat with Jen and find out all of her super sneaky tips for things you can do to change your excisting space without blowing the budge, and so much more!

The FOMO IS REAL and Alison is in our book!

We are continuing on our journey of Alison – the DevelopHer. Finally finishing her stunning Kew home we chat about the tail end of this journey. We love this home so much that it is also one of the 6 that we decided to showcase in our new book BUILDHER!

From finishing the home, to moving to Noosa for a sea change and then realising that no, no sea change for her because the FOMO of the Rathmines Street project with the BuildHer8 is real – we get the Alison update.

Building One Storey VS Two Storey – That’s the Question!

We’re taking a question from the community in this episode and talking about building a one storey home vs a two storey home. What is the cost difference and what are the considerations we need to think about?

All great questions! Let’s find out what “always practical and useful tips” Rebeka and Kribashini have to share with you!

Let’s talk high-end development with Lachie from Angle – exciting!

We’re talking with Lachie Gibson from Angle this week – a dual-trained developer in both property and commerce with a decade of experience in residential property development. Their high-end, suburb-specific, Melbourne based residential developments are something special and you should definitely check out their latest project.

If you’re an emerging developer, or a builder looking to hone their knowledge, then this episode definitely has something for you.

Well hello there Stephanie from Ireland – she’s in our BuildHer book!

If only we could have recorded this one in person and seen Stephanie’s amazing “Coal Lane” project in person! Designed with her Architect partner Graham (on this build and in real life) we’ve been following this project closely and have included it as a case study in our new book BuildHer.

An interior designer, their finished home is beautiful, but didn’t start out how they imagined.

It’s True – Kirstin’s Builder did indeed go Bust!

You know you hear about these stories, and you NEVER think it will happen to you, right? Well in this week’s BuildHer Podcast with Kirstin Krauskopf, we talk through the real life story of building her dream home and what heppended when her builder did go under.

How she found out, how she navigated a tough situation and what was the eventual outcome (spoiler alert – a fantastic home she loves) are all the questions we talk about today.

This BuildHer (hey Maddie) is in our new Book!

In this week’s BuildHer Podcast with Maddie Tippens, we chat with this lovely BuildHer about her most recent renovation. A renovation that we loved so much, we decided to include it as a case study in our new book BuildHer!

Growing up in America, Maddie talks through her first renovation in New York and how shocked she was by the differing styles of American and Australian architecture. Maddie’s renovations are a blend of both and we’re sure you’ll love this chat on the Building with BuildHer podcast.

Sorting out the legals when building goes wrong!

On the BuildHer Podcast with Aaron Kyle from Build Hatch. We’re talking about what can be done legally when the building process goes wrong.

We chat about the avenues you can take to troubleshoot and mitigate disputes in the construction industry. Aaron has a background in the construction and mining industry.

We cover off so much in this episode, your just going to have to listen to find it all out.

Supply Issues & Challenges Almost Post Pandemic!

It’s fair to say that the building industry, like many others, has certainly been rocked by the pandemic situation. Lockdowns, reduced on-site numbers, supply issues and delays left right and centre!

Rebeka and Kribashini talk about it all in this BuildHer podcast episode. They’ll also give you some practical tips on how to get the ball rollings again in a post- pandemic world.

Freeze Frame the Perfect Shot with Dylan!

He’s a Melbourne based interior, architectural and lifestyle photographer, and if you’ve been following along on any of our projects, you’ve most likely seen Dylan’s lovely work.

We’ve claimed him as our own and wrangled him in to chat about his style, the changing style of real estate photography and exciting things coming up in his future.

Getting Stuck Right Into It with BuildHer Candice!

First build and Candice was right on it. Lucky enough to be able to take 6 months off work to really immerse herself in the project and have time to research, find quotes and select materials – so much fun!!!

Candice chats with Kribashini about her inspiring approach to her very first project and the pathways she explored to get to where she is now. You’ll enjoy listening to this BuildHer story.

Negotiation Power – Hear You Roar!

If you’ve ever designed, built or developed property, you know there’s a whole lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and it’s not just about building the house – you’ve got to source suppliers and trades and have a great community around you.

But how do you negotiation and leverage your negotiation power to get the best possible outcome for your projects? Well let’s talk about it in this week’s podcast episode with Rebeka & Kribashini!

Knowing Your Local Market with Developer Nat Ajro!

You learn so much by talking to your colleagues in your industry and this week, we are excited to chat to Nat Ajro, who’s family business have been building and developing in our backyard (the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne) for over 20 years now.

Knowing your local market and engaging local trades helps to build a deeper trust and understanding in that market and we’re excited to find out more of Nat’s insights in this week’s episode.

Meet the Dot and the Pop – Eve Gunson!

Having the vision and determination at the ripe old age of 21 to start your renovating journey is not something we see too often, but this was indeed the age when Eve found her passion, and it’s certainly worked out well for her and her partner Matt, a registered builder, because they haven’t stopped since.

Dot + Pop is such a beautiful online space where you can learn and be inspired, and we loved talking to Eve in this episode about all things building and interiors.

Who’s an Impostor now? Not me – no!

Impostor syndrome, impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or impostor experience. Call it whatever you want but at BuildHer, we’re not comfortable with women feeling uncomfortable about being in the building industry.

There are many stereotypes and mentalities that drive women to think they can’t do it themselves and the misconceptions surrounding what it takes to build, renovate or develop for profit. In this episode we unpack the why a little more.

Our Chat with Peter from Little Fish!

To say that we LOVE talking to other developers and seeing what they’re doing and how they’re doing it (no seriously – tell us ALL of your secrets) is an understatement! This week we talk to Peter from Little Fish Property Developments about their business.

How they develop, how they manage their projects and their clients, how to ensure that a development is successful and the 4 stages that you need to get right to make it so. This is a good building chat, so tune in, won’t you?

Joost’s Zero-Waste Philosophy

We have so much to unpack in this exciting episode with Joost Bakker. To say Kribashini was excited by this chat is an understatement and her enthusiasm for this topic is indeed contagious!

Covered off in this chat.. Joost’s knowledge on sustainable living and how he lives by a zero-waste philosophy in his own home, the Future Food System project in Melbourne, his passion for wildlife and designing with a purpose in mind, the devastating loss of biodiversity and the problems with the current food system… phew! Enjoy.

You Look Great in that new Site Gear!

We kick off Season 3 on the Building with BuildHer podcast talking about something that we’re loving more and more – great workwear. Thanks King Gee. Even better than that – great workwear for women!!!

A world where we can look great, feel great and comply with all of the PPE things – sounds great to us. Oh, and if anyone is going to invent steel capped high heels, it might just be Rebeka!

DevelopHer Alix’s Busy 12 Months – It’s So On!

We love all of our DevelopHers and this week we’re loving on Alix Blakeley, who’s had a busy 12 months and was given a kick start into her development journey by a flooded house!

She talks with Kribashini about finally recognising that they were ready to take the next step into doing the renovation they’d dreamed about, how the BuildHer Community is the bees knees and if you can feel her excitement about it all, well then you wouldn’t be the only one!

Season 2


2020, what a nutcracker this year was! We feel like we need to debrief and pat ourselves on the back for the ridiculous things we’ve done this year. So, we’ve got a bit of a special episode lined up where we publicly congratulate ourselves on all our hard work. We’ve earned it!⁣⁣
Listen in as we remember all of the things that happened in 2020 (OMG – we wrote a book), and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast half as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you… 49 episodes in 2020… now that’s crazy!⁣⁣

Lovin' the Landscape with Mon Palmer!

What better way to spend lockdown than to build a beautifully landscaped garden? That’s what Rebeka has been up to (because as if she isn’t busy enough already!!!) and she’s gotten slightly garden-obsessed all because of Mon, our last fabulous special guest of 2020 on our Building with Buildher podcast.
Mon is an expert landscape designer whose beautiful aesthetic seeps into everything she touches, especially gardens, and she joins us today to share why she’s so obsessed with outdoor spaces.⁣⁣ You’re going to love this episode and we’re pretty sure you’ll be slightly garden obsessed by the end of it. We can’t wait for you to listen!⁣⁣

Building Top Tips from Liz, Sencon Homes

A registered female builder with 4 kids – sounds like someone we know!!! This week we are super excited to chat to Elizabeth (Liz) from Sencon Homes about building from a builder’s perspective and insight.

With experience (over 15 years in the building industry) the ability to communication clearly and effectively to understand your client’s needs and quote correctly is a game changer, for you and the client. Rebeka and Liz are so on the same wave length about building in this chat, so have a listen – it’s super fun!

Haven Interiors - It's Possitively Heaven!

It’s unrealistic for most of us to think about being on holidays every single day, BUT how about creating a home that has a warm, breezy and coastal holiday feel about it all the time instead!

This week on the podcast Rebeka chats to Katrina Lumsden from Haven Interiors who helps clients create thier own slice of heaven right in their home. She also shares her 5 step formula to help clients identify their own style, create a clear picture of what they want and stick to the budget that they’ve set for themselves!

Evan talks window furnishings & industry disruption with Rebeka!

On the podcast today is Evan from DIY Blinds, a supplier we love and have been using now for years! Evan talks about how DIY Blinds has blown up and how they’ve disrupted the industry by taking a traditional bricks and mortar shopping experience online!

Throw in pros and cons of thinking about your window furnishings early on, think customising anything you want, and how home automation has also found its way into the industry and you’ve got yourself a winning window chat!

Out of the Woods and into the Clear with Anita!

How to you find a way to build during a year where there’s a global pandemic, your city is in lockdown (twice!) for months at a time and there are roadblocks popping up left, right and centre? When your a DevelopHer you’ll find a way. Just like Anita did!!!

In 2018 there were a few of us from BuildHer team and the Masterclass participants who were lucky enough to see the moment Anita was the successful purchaser of this now finished property. It was pretty darn excited, but not as exciting as it is now, 2 years later, to see the finished product and celebrate her achievement and we’re excited to talk to Anita about it.

Drafty Dreams with Natasha Levan!

When you’re first embarking on your renovation journey, it can be tricky to decide whether you need (or can afford) an architect to bring your reno to life, or whether a draftsperson will do the job.  Our guest today, Natasha Levan from Levan Design has managed to bring these two roles together to create a design firm that suits a wide range of clients.

Natasha has a real passion for art and architecture and has achieved some truly incredible results for her clients. Go and check out her website for a look at the stunning projects she has helped bring to life.

Everyone needs a Sonia!

There’s nothing we LOVE more than chatting to our DevelopHers about their journeys and asking them to share their stories on our podcast. We get to share with your amazing stories and there’s a whole lot of “we’re so proud of these ladies and what they’re doing” thrown in there as well!

In this episode we Kribashini chat’s to Sonia De Gregorio from Gama Homes who ditched the corporate finance job in favour of working alongside her husband Ricardo in their building business. Bringing her unique skills with her the business is nothing but better for it!

Hello Dream Crushers!

Kribashini and Rebeka crush some dreams this week – well it was really Rebeka – but sometimes, to keep you on track and on budget with your build or renovation, there are dreams to be crushed. We all know dreams are free, but more often than not, reality does bite!

In this episode we chat about the realities of building for profit and being able to balance the values, design intent and livability to work within the parameters of your budget without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the project. Sounds like fun right? Join us for an interesting chat.

Meet Suzanne - Another Passive House Convert!

Our guest today discovered her passion for sustainability during the process of designing and building her passive house in Melbourne. Not only is Suzanne one of our talented and industrious BuildHers, she is also the Engineering Strategy Manager at Ford Motor Company, wife and mother of two young boys. To say she is amazing is an understatement!

Once investigations started into a passive home design, Suzanne and her husband were hooked and undertook the construction of a thoughtfully designed passive house with sustainability at the heart of everything. Not only that, this house was literally up in only 4 days – amazing!

Talking Building with Rob from Graya!

So many great things to talk about in this podcast episode with Rebeka and Rob Gray, half of Brisbane-based building and development company Graya, who’s point of difference is that not only will they generate plans based on customer briefs and manage a build, but they can assist in the entire development process from selection and acquisition of the the site to choosing the structure, assembling the dream team and building your vision.

Throw in a little discussion around the importance of prioritising branding and marketing, ensuring your precious budget is being utilised in the most efficient manner and that customer satisfaction is their top priority… well then you’ve got a great chat.

Living in a Renovation!

Is this you and just exactly how long has this situation been going on??? In this week’s podcast Rebeka & Kribashini talk about living in a renovation. The practicalities involved and the lessons they’ve learned through their numerous personal renovation experiences.

Things that will get you through include a sense of humour, coming to grips with the fact that there will be dust everywhere and noisy tradies constantly coming  in and out. In this episode we talk about how to get through it, why it’s important to reach out to friends and family and the fact that it’s ok to sneak away for a cheeky weekend or two if you can manage it!

Plant Musings with Jacqui & Alana from Ivy Muse

Let’s talk plants! Now more than ever, with so many of us spending more time in our homes during 2020, people are craving the outdoors, and thus bringing the outdoors inside in the way of indoor plants.

Two ladies who know a lot about indoor plants are Jacqui & Alana from Ivy Muse, a plant emporium here in Melbourne. These two besties not only offer plants for purchase but a vast array of plant knowledge, e-plant styling sessions and a range of products from their own twice yearly released collections.

Passive Solar Passion!

This week Rebeka talks to our oh so stylish and thoughtful BuildHer, Rachel Harris about the recent renovation of her family home – a California Bungalow in Preston, Melbourne. Before she started renovating, Rachel was able to take her time throughout the design phase to carefully research what she and her family really wanted and needed.

The outcome of her research has led to an amazing extension where passive solar principles were incorporated. These include elements like cross-ventilation, heat pumps, a solar chimney (to name a few), which result in a home that is comfortable all year round!

DevelopHering for Your Lifestyle!

A topic that comes up a lot for us is the building lifestyle… “How do I transition out of my day job and start supplementing my income with building and renovating for profit?”

Rebeka and Kribashini not only talk about their love of building and the lifestyle it affords them, they also talk about the DevelopHer’s group that they create which is just for women developing for profit, sharing their journey and learning as much from each other and the group as they can to avoid common pitfalls. To say we are passionate about this group and the people in it is the understatement of the century!

Mark Greenberg from Lambert Capital

There are so many roadblocks along the building and development journey and finance is one of the first things that can bring a project to a grinding halt. So what do you do when the bank has said no but you’re not ready to give up on your project?

In this week’s episode Kribashini talks to Mark Greenberg, a Director of Lambert Capital about private funding and non-traditional lending – how it works and how it differs from big bank lending.

Melissa Lunardon - Interior Designer AND mentor!

So much to talk about in this week’s Building with BuildHer podcast episode with the talented Melissa. Hers is one of the longer resumes and one better experienced by exploring the trail of purposefully and creatively styled homes left in the wake of hurricane Melissa.

Kribashini and Melissa talk about her beginnings as a designer, her entrepreneurial transition, and how she became a mentor in the field. They then move into the design space touching on capturing personality in design, and tactics to approach a job, before finishing up with Melissa’s mentoring program and the perks of business ownership.

Option Anxiety - It's a real thing!

Anyone who has undertaken a building, renovation or styling project will understand the dilemma you can experience when you just don’t know what to do anymore. Option anxiety is a real thing and sometimes it can be so difficult, and often stressful, to make decisions that will impact the space you’ll be living in for years to come.

In this week’s episode, you’ll hear Alison’s approach to forming her mood boards and how they’re a helpful resource to refer back to when things start to go haywire! Listen to her hot tips and discover how she adopted the slogan “a little bit posh and a little bit pov”!

Referrals & Recommendations - Why we LOVE it!

One of the most common questions we get asked is “can I get a referral or a recommendation?” and in all honesty, it give us a nervous tick! They’re a large part of the building industry, but it’s not always as simple as passing on a phone number – no.

There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about referring someone and in this episode, we’re going to share some key things to think about before handing over the digits!

Sarah & Richard from Bryant Alsop!

In this episode, Kribashini chats with Sarah and Richard Bryant from Bryant Alsop, a Melbourne based architecture firm who take a highly personalised approach to delivering carefully considered designs to their clients. They share about their approach to the design process and how placing the client’s needs at the core of every project is absolutely vital.

One of our very own BuildHer’s, Susie, was fortunate to have Bryant Alsop design her forever home. When we popped in to see the site, we were blown away by the level of detailing and the amazing spaces they’ve created.

Variations - Dirty Word?

Nothing is more certain than uncertainty. When building or renovating, never have those words been more true and unfortunately there is no crystal ball that will illuminate those unforeseen mishaps that can happen along the way!

So variations ARE something we need to think about and talk about. In this week’s episode Rebeka and Kribashini talk about variations – how to think about them and how to handle them. This is a great building chat – jump on board and have a listen to understand what it’s all about.

Mood Board Magic!

Anyone old enough to remember (no not us – we’ve just heard about it – LOL) would remember the days when creating a mood board meant getting out the magazines and cutting and pasting like you were still in kindergarten, right?

Well those days are long gone and this week we talk to Lisa Cousens who made the whole process and experience oh so simple with her website “Style Sourcebook”. If you haven’t tried it, you might just want to after listening to this episode.

Conman Capers with Ivy!

In this episode we talk to the sizzling Ivy, a BuildHer masterclass member. Her recent Armadale renovation of a beautiful Edwardian had some amazing press exposure and a winning result was well deserved.

As well as talking about her renovation, how it all came about and the process she undertook (and what she’d do differently the next time around – let’a all say plan, plan, plan), we also have a chat about her run-in with a con artist – one well known to Police and having been featured on A Current Affair. Want to find out more???

Things CAN and WILL go wrong when building!

Ok – put you’re hand up if you’ve ever had a delay, human or weather related, whilst building – I’ll bet that’s every one of you right?

In this podcast episode we talk about building delays, why they happen and the approach we need to take in dealing with issues on site. Kribashini even talks us through her decision matrix and how it helps her in the problem-solving process! Find out all about Rebeka’s steel window woes in this episode of Building with BuildHer.

Cheryl Leong - Co Creating Lives and Communities!

We’re excited to bring you our chat with Cheryl today, the “Chief Impact Officer” at Big Impact Group. With community considerations at the forefront, we talk about the co-living spaces being built in Sydney and we dive deep into the details of how it all works on a community level and from a financial perspective.

In addition, these co-living spaces also offer an opportunity for individuals to invest a smaller sum of money into a high cash investment. Awesome right!

Ali Waight Shares 5 Simple Things you can do to Give your Home a Refresh!

When thinking about styling a property we know it’s just not as simple as adding throws and cushions, flowers and perhaps some new curtains – even though we’ve all seen the shows that make it look all so easy!!! This is the episode you want to listen to if you want to know Ali’s 5 simple tips to give your home a little refresh – for well under a million bucks!

Our Very Own Social Unicorn's Building Tale!

Have you met Tamara yet? She’s BuildHer’s Social Media and Marketing Unicorn! As well as working with us part time, she also has 4 young children AND (along with her husband Ben) is in the process of building two luxury houses intended for Airbnb holiday rentals in the beautiful and historic Victorian town of Beechworth.

How does whe manage it all? Have a listen to find out!

It's Time to Get Organised with Erin!

Do you need a coach for the clutter, a judge for the junk, a hero for the heap, a sherpa for the s##t… okay, I think you get it! This week Rebeka chats with Erin Boyce, owner and operator of Your Organised Life – a company centred around home/office/garage decluttering and organisation.

Want to get the cruicial tips and tricks needed to get started on this journey, then have a listen.

The BuildHer8!

When a collective of passionate and hardworking people come together with a common goal, it’s almost limitless what they can achieve. When building or renovating on your own, you can be limited by finances and resources but when you start looking outside the box to collaborate with others, the dream for a profitable architectural build can become a reality – and it can be really fun too!

How does a group of 8 women come together to build two high end homes? Listen to find out more.

New Directions for Alisa & Lysandra

Starting out as Police Officers in South Australia and then moving into the world of building and interior design, you might recognise this week’s podcast guests from their appearances on the TV show ‘The Block’. They have however transitioned once again into a whole new venture – their own product line of body products

How did they manage to launch their brand and a successful product in an already saturated market, well you’ll just have to listen to find out!

Pip Brett - How to NOT Build a Humdrum Home!

From humble beginnings as a tiny store in Orange NSW, Pip Brett grew Jumbled with one rule and one rule only: to only stock things that made her heart sing!  She has now shifted this strategy to building her house with husband Nick and today we chat with Pip about her building process. From working out what you actually want, finding the right designer and seeing the process through to the end, Pip shares some great insights into how she is approaching the build, making sure that her home is really well thought through to reflect the things she loves, her family’s needs and be something that they will enjoy long term.

7 Things to Do in ISO to progress Your Reno or Build

Does isolation mean stagnation? Absolutely not! Isolation means spending more time with yourself. It means more time for a bit of life administration, getting your house in order, and sorting out your finances, so you can emerge from isolation like a recently serviced car ready to hit the road.⁣

Kribashini and post-partum Rebeka lay it all out for you in this episode to set you off on your 7-step journey to isolation renovation domination! ⁣

So turn off Netflix, put down that 3rd or 6th glass of wine, wash your hands, and tune in to listen to the quarantine queens deliver their strategic address on avoiding isolation devastation.⁣

Jodie J Hill - sheSELLS and sheLORDS!

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Whether it is at an underwhelming sale price at auction, at a problematic build where it’s always everybody else’s fault according to the contractors, at the unexpected crippling of the economy, or even at your real estate agent. In the latter, this is rarely a good scenario – “it went for how much under market???” – unless of course, your fabulous real estate agent is our guest today, ex-comic Jodie J Hill.

An Owner-BuildHer Tale with Angela!

Thought you knew what ‘busy’ was? Try being an owner-builder in the process of moving in, project manager to an investment property project, and owner of a gorgeous little squishy newborn baby (in fact, her second). Our guest today, Angela “Ange” Tsoumanis, didn’t intend for all these bucket-list-worthy milestones to line up however end-2019 building delays made it inevitable, so she soldiered on with the help of BuildHer Collective and created something magical for her family.

What's the Secret Formula???

What do Coke, McDonalds, KFC, Dr Pepper (and many others) all have in common? Besides calories, they all have a secret, well-protected formula behind their biggest selling items. A closely-guarded recipe to success. Well on today’s episode, Kentucky Fried Kribashini and Dr Rebeka open their vault and reveal their 11 secret herbs and spices on designing, renovating and building for profit.

Property in the Time of COVID-19

No one can predict the future. No one can process the complexities of the synchronous dual pandemics of COVID-19 and fear. No one can foretell the impact they will have on the economy, let alone the specific effect they will have on the housing market.

Predictions are best avoided and in their place, preparation and innovation must be adopted. Our guest today is Amy Lunardi – licensed real estate agent and buyer’s advocate. Join Amy and Rebeka as they don their masks, brandish their soap, and get the #stayathome picket sign out to fend off misinformation and ignorance, and keep you breathing the fresh air of property investing confidence.⁣

Property Before Prada!

Property before Prada, houses before handbags, developments before diamonds. These are some of the messages being delivered by our mortgage-broking, numbers-nerd, lending-wizard Katherine Persoglia (the powerhouse behind Property Before Prada) as she chats to Building with BuildHer’s own Kribashini about property finance.

Interiors with Style!

How do you make a house into a home? What is that indescribable feeling you get from a beautifully, purposefully styled space and how can you create it in your projects? How many questions can I throw at you before you get sick of this teaser? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of Building with BuildHer featuring Tara Wokulski – an accomplished interior stylist and founder of Melbourne-based interior styling studio, Coco Camellia.

The Kitchen Queen!

Our guest today is Rachel Collard (get ready for the accolades) – a BuildHer Collective member, a qualified interior stylist, with an award-winning career in kitchen design, a stint on The Block, mother of three, and formally trained psychologist (phew!). This woman knows how to understand clients’ needs in the kitchen and how to put that into practice. More importantly, she knows well the functionality that is so dearly needed in a great kitchen. Now supplying ALL of her kitchen tips to our members, Our Style Guru delve deep into all things kitchens.


Who here trusts their bullshit-detector? Their in-built radar that picks up lies, false-promises, exaggerations, inflated sales-speak, and the untrustworthy. We have all got one and this particular piece of kit is one you need by your side on every job site. Join Rebeka and Kribashini as they shoot for the Guinness world record for saying “Bullshit” the most in a single podcast episode.

It's NEVER too Late to Learn!

Today’s guest is a BuildHer all rounder: developing for profit, managing interiors, styling and of course the building – Anna Crawford does it all. She is a BuildHer, DevelopHer and a loved member of Rebeka and Kribashini’s Inner Circle. ⁣
So come on over…. it’s well worth a listen.

A BuildHer Building Tale with Yolanda Aarons

Episode 6 sees Rebeka and Kribashini talking with protégé and Master BuildHer Yolanda Aarons. By day, she demolishes cancer as a radiation therapist, and by night (you guessed it) she demo’s houses. Her latest project at 123 Clarke St, Northcote is proving to be a challenging, yet satisfying and emotional job that Yolanda confesses she will find it difficult to move on from. Join us as we discuss 123 Clarke St and being a female builder (and BuildHer) in general.

Light Me Up!

Our artist this week is Danielle Mastro, the lighting maestro from Lights Lights Lights with 13 years of industry experience. This bulb whisperer is physically unable to darken anyone’s doorway (unless of course, it needed it). She joins BuildHer’s Rebeka to talk about the importance of lighting and when devote time to it in your build.

The Woo Woo Factor!

Have you walked into a house and noticed a welcoming, warm feel? Or a cold, clinical feel? It might feel a bit “woo woo”, but today on the podcast we are talking about how to get the right energy and feeling throughout your home. Join us in exploring the “woo woo” side of building and learn how to create intimate moments by designing energy into your project.

Designing, Renovating Air BnB's using Recycled Materials... Annie Brereton

Annie and her husband Shane quit their jobs in search of adventure. What they found was a passion for renovating using recycled materials and from there, this dynamic duo create unique, authentic living spaces using salvaged materials for their very happy clients.

Designing Homes for the People that Live in Them...

In this episode we get to know architect Lisa Breeze. Bringing a personal touch to architecture, Lisa not only designs homes for and with the people who live in them but she also shares her passion for craft and detail and thrives on the creative process, working in a partnership with her clients to bring their homes to life. Sounds amazing right?

121 People...

How many people does it actually take to build a house? We’ve crunched the numbers and we’ve worked it out – 121. That’s a lot of people, right? In this episode, we’re giving you some insight into who those people are, what they do on-site and what their lives might look like… and Rebeka and Kribashini goe toe to toe to see who can name the most trades – fun!

A BuildHer Building Tale with Karen Roebuck

Karen Roebuck (from Kadabra Group – a Victorian-based building company) didn’t start out as a builder. In episode 12 of Building with BuildHer, Karen talks of her entry into the building world from an unlikely origin in accounting and marketing; her career-change prompted by the joy and satisfaction she drew from project managing her own family home.

Season 1

Buying Right!

When it comes time to sell your property, how do you find an agent that is going to work to achieve the best outcome? It is a tricky and emotional time, and not every agent is created equal. Today we’re bringing Sam Rigopoulos onto the show to shine a light on this issue and provide valuable tips on how to narrow down the field.