Successful musicians and actors don’t negotiate their own deals, do they? They employ an agent. They do this to make sure they have the right person representing them in the highly-competitive search for new contracts. This is a time-consuming process and one that the talent does not have time for. This analogy could not be more applicable to a buyer’s advocate. This tenacious bunch of people, as a whole, get to know home-buyers and what they want and they search far and wide for the right property for them. They are often privy to first-looks before the general public and interrogate the asking price for you to ensure you aren’t over-paying. Taking it a step further, they can then access their crystal ball to look at the future value of the property with respect to location, value-adding, and risk minimisation. Finally, to finish it off, the all-important price negotiation.

All of these crucial steps are wrapped up in a neat package called a buyer’s advocate which will save you thousands as well as secure you the house you want in an increasingly buyer-populated market. Nicole Jacobs, buyer’s advocate and property developer, belongs to this critical bunch of people and she joins us on the show to tell you, first and foremost, why you should employ a buyer’s advocate for your next property purchase.

Building on this, there are huge emotional elements to buying a property as well as outside influences from friends and family. These can easily sway your decision as a home-buyer especially as you are likely in a time of flux yourself (read as stressed out!) if you are moving house. An impartial advocate for your best interests is your best friend during this tumultuous time.

So ask yourself, are you at your wit’s end looking for properties? Are you about to say, “ahh whatever, just buy it”? Have you looked at 1 or 2 houses for less than 15 minutes each and consider that a ‘good look’? Maybe it is time to get off realestate.com and look up a buyer’s advocate like Nicole to find and negotiate your next home.

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  • [2:30] – How Nicole started out in the property industry
  • [3:18] – What is a buyer’s advocate
  • [7:30] – The importance of using brokers to assist you in organising your finance and lending availability
  • [7:50] – The role of buyer’s advocates in bringing together a team of professionals that will support you in your buying process
  • [8:30] – The working relationship between the real estate agent and the buyer’s advocate
  • [10:15] – Taking the opinions of others in your buying journey with a grain of salt
  • [12:05] – Understanding your “Why” – Why are you moving?
  • [13:18] – How much does it cost to engage with a buyer’s advocate
  • [15:30] – Taking the emotion out of buying your property and allowing a buyer’s advocate to purely focus on whether this is the right property for you
  • [16:46] – The buyer’s advocate will do the legwork for you
  • [18:06] – Remembering that real estate agents are trying to get the best price for the vendor. They do not work for you as a buyer
  • [19:52] – What it’s like being a buyer’s advocate on The Block with the resulting exposure
  • [23:20] – Being authentic and really working in the buyer’s best interest, regardless of whether they’re on a television show or not.
  • [24:45] – If you don’t know what to look for, you won’t know when something is wrong
  • [26:11] – An outline of what is covered in Nicole’s book “SOLD!”


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