Who here has been to the MONA in Tasmania? All those ridiculous, amazing pieces of art assaulting the senses and inspiring conversation at every turn. Now replace most of those art pieces with outrageously colourful homewares and you’ve got Jumbled Online – a carefully-curated collection of curious creations for your home brought to you by our guest Pip Brett.

From humble beginnings as a tiny store in Orange NSW, Pip grew Jumbled with one rule and one rule only: to only stock things that made her heart sing!  This worked amazingly well for her and much to our enjoyment, she has now shifted her heart-singing strategy to building her house with husband Nick (and sharing the whole thing on social media).

Today we get the pleasure of chatting with Pip about her building process from working out what you actually want, finding the right designer and seeing the process through to the end.  Pip shares some great insights into how she is approaching the build, making sure that her home is really well thought through to reflect the things she loves, her family’s needs and be something that they will enjoy long term.

Being a lover of colour and design, the aesthetic is hugely important to Pip and let’s face it, it’s important to most of us, right?  Even if you’re not naturally gifted to style a room yourself, most of us desire a space that flows well, is clean and makes you feel at home.  This can create some tension with a builder focussed on practicality and who might not always see the importance of hiding the “ugly stuff”.

Building a home is such a personal thing.  So why not really go out there and let your build reflect who you are?  Not just choosing from the 3 colour swatches shoved under your nose, or picking your least-hated design from a catalogue, but jumbling up the norm, going big and saying, “who cares” when met with resistance.  This is how we create moments in our home rather than spaces in a house.

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  • [2:50] – Where Jumbled began
  • [4:40] – How social media has exponentially helped the growth of Jumbled
  • [5:50] – Selling authentically the items that you whole-heartedly love and feel good about selling
  • [8:10] – The most recent journey for Pip – starting the process of building their own home
  • [9:40] – How different it is starting from scratch and building your home versus renovating
  • [11:20] – The art of good design and finding the designer that works for your vision
  • [12:22] – The difference in Pip’s design choices for her shop and her home
  • [13:42] – Why you don’t necessarily need a big home – it’s more about the function
  • [15:36] – Designing your home with longevity in mind rather than thinking only of the now
  • [17:00] – Why Pip and her husband have decided to document the building process and share it on their social media platforms
  • [18:00] – The challenging parts of the build so far
  • [20:00] – A space doesn’t have to be large but it does have to have the right proportions
  • [22:38] – Avoid buying things just to fill spaces – being more purposeful with your purchases when deciding on furniture for your home
  • [25:06] – If styling isn’t your strong point, reach out to stores/designers that you love and ask for their help, or if funds allow – ask them to put together a package for you


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