When a collective of passionate and hardworking people come together with a common goal, it’s almost limitless what they can achieve. When building or renovating on your own, you can be limited by finances and resources but when you start looking outside the box to collaborate with others, the dream for a profitable architectural build can become a reality.  And it can be really fun too!

We are super excited about our new development project in Rathmines with the newly formed, BuildHer8. The project will be a beautiful collaborative project including six BuildHers who have all bought in to renovate and develop this project together.  With so many different skillsets on board, we’re eager to see how this project takes shape, and it gives Rebeka a chance to actually delegate some of the roles she normally takes on herself!

With sustainability, function and natural light in mind, we enlisted the help of prestigious Ben Callery Architects to design two distinct houses, each with their own unique landscape design. In addition to all the fun and community spirit, one of the great benefits to a collaboration project is the ability to create a high-end architectural build in an affordable way.

Not everyone wants to be a builder on site. Some people are more drawn to project management or interior design, which is why having a group of people building together can really make sense.  In this episode, you’ll find out more about our exciting venture and hopefully it will inspire you to start thinking about yours.

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  • [1:57] – How the BuildHer8 came about and what it is
  • [3:33] – Through this collaborative build, they are looking to prove the value in building outside of the “normal” townhouse development, but instead building two standalone properties
  • [5:26] – The unique aspects of each house and the elements that will bring it all together
  • [6:54] – The importance of sustainability in the design of these builds
  • [7:16] – How the use of windows, pitching the roof in points, and incorporating louvres, allows for positive airflow
  • [8:17] – Setting up specific roles for the members of the BuildHer8 Team to play to their strengths and what they’re interested in learning more about
  • [11:30] – How doing a project in this way allows for members to come in for a lower cost per person, and still be able to learn, to develop and collaborate in a really fun and new way
  • [12:37] – The energy of an exciting build will be felt in the end product and more money can be made when you do it properly
  • [13:30] – How you can think about property in a more lateral way to start a collaborative project


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