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Experimentation in Design with Rebecca Gross  

Experimentation in Design with Rebecca Gross

The world of architecture and design has seen a notable shift in recent years. The rigid principles of modernism have given way to a new era of experimentation, boldness, and individuality in design. In this podcast episode, we explored this exciting shift with Rebecca Gross, an architectural and design writer and the author of the book “Ornament is Not a Crime.”

Rebecca’s journey into the world of design began with a master’s degree in the history of decorative arts and design. She then started writing for architecture magazines and websites, gaining a deep understanding of architectural trends. Over the years, she noticed a fascinating trend in the world of architecture and interiors – a resurgence of expressive design.

Rebecca points out that modernism’s strict design rules, have given way to a new design philosophy. Postmodernism challenges these rules and encourages designers to experiment, embrace color, diverse shapes, and, most importantly, tell their clients’ stories through design. It’s a departure from the idea of broad appeal; instead, it’s about creating niche and expressive spaces.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the idea of playfulness in design. In postmodernism, designers have the freedom to experiment with unconventional color combinations, draw inspiration from personal memories and nostalgia, and challenge conventions. For example, Rebecca highlights a kitchen design inspired by a client’s childhood memories of paddle pops, resulting in vibrant yellow benchtops and confectionery-themed materials.

Commercial architecture often leads the way when it comes to playful and experimental design. Designers in this space can play with color, pattern, and the juxtaposition of old and new elements. These commercial projects serve as a wellspring of inspiration that can be adapted to residential design. The goal is to draw inspiration from elements like color, texture, and heritage while pushing boundaries.

Rebecca shares her wealth of knowledge as we explore postmodernism in this episode. Her passion inspires us to be bold, trust our design choices, and infuse personal meaning into our spaces.


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Rebecca’s Website: www.rebeccalgross.com

Rebecca’s Book: linktr.ee/rebeccalgross


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