It’s easy to design whatever you want – so long as you’ve got no budget!


While some homeowners have the luxury of seeing every detail of their vision come to life, most of us will need to make compromises to align with our financial parameters.

Today, I’m joined by Shah de Saxe, an incredible interior designer who has extensive experience in residential design. She’s currently halfway through her own renovation project in Peregian Beach in Queensland, and we’re lucky to have her join us to share her insights on designing a beautiful home on a budget.

Balancing Quality and Cost

Designing to a client’s budget is always a challenge, but you’re never as intensely aware of the constraints as when you’re designing your own project. Shah shares her own process for managing the budgeting side of things while not compromising on quality. Confident in her ability to design in a way that connects with people, she also keeps the bottom line of the sales price front of mind, knowing she’ll eventually get the price she’s looking for. This helps her to make decisions that keep costs in mind, while still prioritising the look and feel of her designs.

The Value of a Good Layout

Designers often face the challenge of working with existing floor plans and finding ways to optimise the use of space. Shah is an expert in reworking floor plans to maximise the value of a home, and she shares an example of how a poorly designed layout can affect a sale if it doesn’t meet the needs of potential buyers. So, it might be time to ditch the idea of a double shower or oversized ensuite and opt for something with a little more livability!

Combining Beauty and Functionality

Making a couple of significant moves and investing in them can be the difference between a house that looks pretty, but really doesn’t function well, and one that functions amazingly and has that feeling of a beautiful home. Shah talks about creating a flow throughout a home with both beauty and functionality, and shares her background that inspired her design style.

This conversation with Shah is a helpful guide for anyone looking to design a beautiful – and cost effective – home renovation. So, tune in and enjoy!


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