Colour me Happy with Haymes Paint

Do you need a bit more colour in your life?

With much of us back in lockdown, the lovely Australian paint company Haymes Paint, that we love and use for all our projects have just released a new colour library!

“When we spoke to Wendy she said Fuzzy is the best colour ever and there is a big shift away from stark white to softer, warmer tones”

We had the absolute privilege to have a sneak peek into the different tones and colours. You can see both Kribashini and Rebeka’s homes painted and photographed in their brochure below:

‘Awakening’ is Haymes’ 15th colour library and it is all about three unique colour palettes:

  • Game Changer (right, we all need that!)
  • In the Moment (amen!), and
  • Clearview

These colours and tones are all about breaking free of the status quo, while remaining calm and keeping centred!  We have loved having the tones in our spaces, a particular favourite is the ‘Game Changer’ where you see the Pink Sunset and Blue featuring in Rebeka’s office!

All photographs credit of Martina Gemmola

An absolute game-changer at this time. Rebeka loves having an office which is fun, inspiring and playful with a calming mix of blue, green and pink – such a lovely change from white on white on white!

Kribashini was so drawn to the Arboretum and the Clearview range and we can see how it has added depth to her space! So lovely and we can not wait to show you the reveal of her home once we are allowed photographers again!

Paying Homage to Australia

In the moment had gorgeous earthy tones, inspiring us back to nature and Wendy Rennie from Haymes paint has said:  

“Our new colour library  is influenced by Australia’s slow rekindling  after what has been an unimaginable time.  We wanted to use colours to inspire our customers to create a space that is uniquely theirs and embrace the new way we live and grow in our homes.”

We love the new colour range and have a few different projects planned for them over the coming months. Paint is one of the easiest things to change in your home and yet it makes such a big difference.

Sometimes a change is what we need an being playful with paint, and moving away from the same, same, can be just what we need to invigorate our space.

These are the three different colour ways and samples:

In the Moment                                            Game Changer                                         Clear View

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