We're glad you found us!

We are BuildHer Collective. We are here to empower women to take control.
To build the life of their dreams.

We understand you may have experience, you may have renovated and successfully made profit. But unless you put together the strategy and the plan and you have a framework for this, you may never take that next step.

What if you'd had that plan and started 5 years ago?


Are you serious about this renovation thing? We want to help the people that are SERIOUS about getting ahead in the property game. The "action takers", the "ladies who are looking to build their portfolio and looking to renovate for profit".

So, we got to thinking about how best to service you... and voila:

The BuildHer Masterclass.

This will be the next step for you - and all of our courses to date have sold out! We want to help you implement what you are learning, crank it up to the NEXT LEVEL, and we will teach you the secrets of "how to do what we do".

So, here's what we will include for you...

10 weeks of online learnings, delivering engaging pieces of content covering the likes of:

  • Tax and funding strategies
  • How to buy right
  • Designing and building for maximum profit
  • Marketing and selling for best results
  • And so much more.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you will have:

  • An actionable Development Plan.
  • Lifetime access to 10 weeks of digital modules to refer to anytime you need
  • A new 'family' of supportive women who are doing what you do.

Fortnightly Small Group Strategy Ssessions With Us in our Develophers inner circle

Every fortnight of the 10 weeks we will guide the group through a personalised one hour strategy session with us:

  • Site evaluations & feasibilities
  • Work through issues with your builder or trades
  • Marketing advice
  • Whatever else you need

This time in invaluable - it's like gold! It's our mission to help you overcome and sort out any and every obstacle you come across, and these are the perfect sessions to do that.

You will have access to the wealth of knowledge in Rebeka and Kribashini's heads - a resource like no other.

Have a chat with us -


This program is by selection only and there is an application process.

We have a very small number of places that we can and will facilitate and obviously, we want to have fun and learn with similar minded people who are going to make it happen!

Just one little tip here CAN and potentially WILL save or make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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NOT KIDDING - we will teach you...

  • How to generate profits in the order of $500K for each job!
  • How we stand out in a saturated market!
  • How we look at properties and evaluate their worth! And finally...
  • How we turn this into a full-time business where we no longer need to work for the man!!!

If you are interested, click on the button below to book in for a consult call - we'll set up a time to chat further.


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Meet Yolanda (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

I've learned so much from the Master BuildHer experience and I love it so much I don't want it to end... I'm super excited to be a part of the "Working Days" this year.  The support I get from not only BuildHer Collective but my other fellow Master BuildHers is truly amazing!

Meet Alison (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

When I learnt what Buildher Collective was all about and that what Rebeka & Kribashini do is "help women build", I knew straight away that I needed to be a part of it in some way.  It ticked all of the boxes - my love for renovating, my love for learning, my love for interiors and my love for helping others, so I was pretty much hooked.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.55.20 pm

Meet Anita (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

I bought my lastest renovation project during one of our Masterclass days via my husband doing the bidding and myself and the ladies watching...  It was super exciting - there was stress, yelling, tears and lots of hugs when I found out we got it!  Rebeka & Kribashini have been so supportive, super helpful and are always happy to make time to provide guidance and support and I'm super excited to continue to work with them.

Meet linda (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

At the beginning of last year I never would have thought that the last Masterclass session of 2018 would be held at my newly finished home - a home that my family and I absolutely LOVE!  What a journey it has been for me and the support of BuildHer Collective - well that's just gold!  With an attitude of "let's find a solution", no problem is too big or too small and they've been there all the way with the right advice.

buildher creatuve masterclass96
Join the 2020 Masterclass and take the first step to growing your personal or family wealth

Chris from Williamstown with her husband is in the process of selling their empty nest. Struggling to find anything interesting and beautiful in the market of the appropriate scale, Chris is looking to create something single storey and lovely that is appropriate for downsizers. Ideally looking to build their retirement home, they plan to complete a couple of developments along the way - for practice or profit? We know Chris can achieve both!

Anna from Kew runs a building company with her husband. On the side, they manage their own projects, most recently a Californian bungalow in Kew. Anna is in this course to try and find the way forward into building for her and her husband, who would love to focus more on their own developments, but do require the cash flow from their day job - something a lot of us are familiar with. We welcome Anna and are looking forward to helping the couple find their path to development freedom!

Dev has recently completed a renovation with her husband in Yarraville. Working part-time in pharmaceuticals, she has recently joined the BuildHer team! Dev is here to learn as much as she can, both through the Master class. We welcome Dev to the team with open arms and are ready to prepare her for an exciting career change.

Alix from Canberra is currently on maternity leave, and is collecting information before planning a project with her husband, a site manager (carpentry background) for a large building firm in Canberra. Working long hours that take him away from the family, their goal is to eventually free him from the constraints of that large business, and create a flexible lifestyle where they are able to control and enjoy their work life balance. We're excited to show Alex the light!

Sandra from Burleigh comes from a marketing and banking background, and needs a change! Always keeping a keen eye on real estate while raising her two kids, Sandra has had two projects on the brain for as long as she can remember, and is on a career break, assessing her options - and hoping not to return! Sandra is ready to get the ball rolling in property development, and we're excited to build her confidence and watch her kick goals on this new path.

Rachel is currently living in her new renovation, and despite a tough process with her builder and architect, has officially caught the development bug! With children growing up and moving away, Rachel has time to re-focus on what she wants to do with her time. Here seeking the courage to take the next step, we're here to offer all the support she needs to develop her vision and do it all again.

Jade is currently selling her Armadale home with her chippie husband Paul, and after 20 years in the work force, is ready to build equity for herself, rather than her employer. Overflowing with ideas, loving time on site, and with strong and varied design, project management and financial planning experience, Jade is here to free herself from the corporate structure, and dictate her own annual leave! We are well and truly here for it, and ready to cheer Jade along!

Ivy just finished and SOLD her Armadale renovation - she's tired of sharing a fence with pressure-washing Jade! In love with what she's managed to create, and excited for the entrepreneurial freedom development can offer, she's left her career to pursue residential development full-time. Here to learn more about every stage of the process to build her confidence in managing her own projects, we're excited to witness what Ivy does next!

Ohnmar lives in Coburg with her family and has a five-year plan to exit her salary role and enter the development sphere. Recently completing her Cert IV in Building & Construction, she feels better having gained knowledge to help her speak to trades. Last year buying a second property in Coburg with her husband, and recently getting back her first concept designs, she's working on this project on the side while working full-time - for now. Omar is here to plan her transition into development, and we're ready to support her.

Mareitta is a mother of two from Jan Jac. With a background in HR, yet the handy one in her relationship, with her youngest heading into school this year, Marita has time to get her hands dirty. Marita and her partner own a Ballarat Airbnb that could pose as their first project, or it could be their Jan Jac property - or a new project? She's here to find the answer, and we're ready to point her in the right direction.

Nikki from Sydney has just resigned from her job as an engineer and is ready to begin a new chapter! Just completing her second home project, Sophie has been looking for that one thing for her to fall in love with - and this is it! Sophie is keen to learn more and build a career out of development, and we're here to guide her.

Rachel works with us at BuildHer as a style guru. Tired of running around like a headless chook (her words not ours!) with a million ideas, Rachel is keen to get the ball rolling, and collect some know-how to provide her with some direction. Yep, she's ready to work for herself, and be free from our evil clutches! We're pumped to prepare her for what's to come, working for herself.

Adriana from Brisbane is an architect so of course she wants to design houses. Ready to begin her project, all that's left is to find some direction, and convince her partner it's a good idea… We're excited to arm you with the tools for success Adriana!

Ros is from Ocean Grove and lives with her three busy girls. Six months into her building design course, she's super passionate about design, but doesn't want to get stuck behind a computer working for someone else again. Excited about forging her own path and designing something for herself, Roz is here to learn how to manage the financial side of the build to get this show on the road! Let's do it Ros.

Kirsty from Albert Park has completed three renovations to sell with her husband. Living in their hybrid converted commercial space/Airbnb, Kirsty is tired of moving around her family and wants to secure them a home, while being financially strong enough to continue flipping houses. Now a part of the BuildHer Marketing team, we're so grateful to have you on board Kirsty!

Ann from Oakley has worked across marketing and restaurants and is now a fashion stylist - but with time to spare. Eyeballing development from the sidelines for a while, Ann is confident in her styling skills, and here primarily to learn about the building side of development so that she can begin to create her own magic. Go Ann!

Mel from Sydney owns property styling business. Also, the handy one in her relationship, Mel started her own business for financial independence, and has been keen to dive into the other side of the property market for as long as she can remember. Contrary to what some people have tried to tell her, Mel believes there is a way to make money out of developing residential property in Australia. Mel is here to figure it all out. We've got your back Mel!

Leanne is a family woman through and through. Finally at a point where she can make her life what she wants it to be, Leanne learnt a lot working through her first development, despite the builder going broke half-way through! Working previously as a town planner and previously as a subdivision coordinator, and now part-time writing and negotiating plans for large developers, Leanne knows more about subdivision than building, and is ready to level out her knowledge.

Her goal: To secure two holiday houses that she is able to Airbnb, and to get her retirement plans on track. We're excited to guide you Leanne!

Sarah has a design background and is married to a project manager. Having designed and developed four houses, with one ready to sell down the road, Sarah loves the entire process - literally all of it! Sarah would like to take it to the next level and develop a house a year and is here to expand her skill set to match her very busy hubby. Sarah also would like to make some worthwhile connections with some like-minded women. You're in the right place at BuildHer!