Join us and gain the education and support to confidently build, renovate and develop your own way.

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Learn the exact steps to make $500k returns on your build!

Join us and gain the education and support to confidently build, renovate and develop your own way.

What’s included

Ten weeks of in-depth online training and guidance from Rebeka – the brains trust behind BuildHer Collective and two women who know all there is to know about the building, renovating, and developing process.

​​Engaging content that includes everything you need to know for success, like tax and funding strategies, designing and building for maximum profit, how to buy right, and much much more.

​Lifetime Access to 10 weeks of digital modules to refer to anytime you need, with incredible resources that will help you for the rest of your life.

We’ll connect you to where we can our experts and other DevelopHers will share their contacts with you so you can pick up and get started quickly​!

Fortnightly small group strategy sessions with us and our DevelopHers inner circle, to guide the group through a personalised one hour strategy session.

Personal access and onboarding to the BuildHer Collective Community, gaining a new ‘family’ of supportive women who are doing what you do.

The BuildHer Member Starter Kit including our super cool new BuildHer tote bag, some of our favourite SWAG, Workbook, BuildHer Notebook, scale ruler, fence signage and high-vis vest (for when you get building).

Plus your own BuildHer Membership Card, the key to unlocking all of the fabulous “Little Black Book” and discounts that ONLY BuildHer Members have access to.


During our signature 10 week DevelopHer Online Program, we teach you everything you need to know about planning, building, marketing and selling your dream home.

From start to finish, we take you through the processes of building a home the right way, and without the mistakes that will eat into your budget. You’ll learn the secrets of “how to do what we do”, and not only will your knowledge and confidence improve in leaps and bounds, by the end of The BuildHer Fast Track weekend intensive, you’ll be ready to implement what you are learning, crank it up to the NEXT LEVEL, and make your own dream come true.

This program won’t only offer you incredible financial, personal, and professional rewards, It will also create massive value and profound transformation, changing your reality, forever.

So, if you are really serious about this renovation thing, If you are a lady looking to build their portfolio and looking to renovate for profit, this program is for you.

What you will gain

by saying YES to this experience

Learn the processes of building a home the right way, and without the mistakes that will eat into your budget, learning from our collective experience.

Access the know-how to build your own individual plan for who to hire, why each person is the right fit for you and a deeper understanding of the ‘big ticket items’ that so many of us get wrong from the outset.

Discover powerful strategies on the three most important focuses to consider on any build – Time, Budget, Quality and the practical tools to nail each one.

Learn how to understand your BUDGET and what you will get for that so that you can achieve the right look and feel for your unique self.

​Discover how to stand out in a saturated market and generate profits in the order of $500K for each job.

​Ensure that your home is built to the QUALITY and standard that you deserve, while being built and delivered on TIME, and within your BUDGET.

Gain the knowledge of how you can turn this into a full-time business where you no longer need to work for the man.


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to take advantage of your share of the $100,000 available in the New BuildHer Scholarship Fund.

Your next steps

In order to maximise the impact and effectiveness of our DevelopHer program, we limit the number of applications we are able to receive.

​Approval for the program is only possible through this application and an evaluation call during which your suitability will be determined.

​Extended payment plans can be created specifically around your needs. However, we find that people who are a good fit and ready to take action towards renovating or building are easily able to fund the tuition.


Here’s what

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We receive a high number and level of applications so get in quick and submit your application TODAY!