Embrace the Journey: A Transformative Renovation Story

We are thrilled to share an inspiring renovation journey led by Georgina, one of our passionate and practical BuildHer members. With a background in finance and marketing, Georgina, along with her husband, has embraced the world of property development and design. Let’s take a glimpse into the extraordinary transformation brought to life through her vision and hard work.

A Home Crafted with Passion

With extensive experience in the property industry, Georgina and her husband have always been drawn to renovating and revamping spaces.

“It is so rewarding to help bring an old home back to life. So often though the cream brick homes are seen as the poor cousins of the Californian bungalows, Edwardians and Victorians, whereas in actual fact from a design and structural perspective they are much better houses. It really upsets me when people take the ‘easy’ route and knock down houses like these, because they are fantastic. Not only are they really well built, but they have fantastically proportioned spaces, still feature beautiful details like decorative cornices, brickwork etc. So, to be able to bring this one back and restore it with sympathy and respect is a really rewarding outcome.” 

From the very beginning, she embraced the journey of creating a space that exudes warmth, style, and practicality. Her childhood was filled with “playing house” projects, instilling a love for creativity and hands-on work. This passion for design and practicality laid the foundation for their remarkable renovation journey.

The Journey

For Georgina, every phase of the renovation process has been exceptionally rewarding. From the initial concept and meticulous planning to the exhilarating construction phase and successful sales campaigns, she has cherished every step. Collaboration with a dedicated team of professionals, including architects and builders, has been a source of joy and pride, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Throughout their renovation journey, Georgina and her husband embraced feasibility studies, equipping them with invaluable knowledge for making informed decisions. Understanding the construction process has been key in efficiently working with builders and navigating any challenges that arose. They discovered the untapped potential in overlooked properties and the importance of facing challenges head-on.

Georgina stresses the significance of acquiring renovation knowledge to confidently undertake projects. She advocates for planning and procuring materials in advance to avoid delays and maintain seamless construction progress. Organisation and informed decision-making have played a crucial role in their successful endeavours.

Empowering Your Journey

Being a part of BuildHer Collective has been a game-changer for Georgina. The supportive community of fellow BuildHers has provided constant inspiration, encouragement, and invaluable advice during her renovation journey.

“BuildHer Collective is a priceless resource. The contacts and community are amazing. Having someone to turn to for advice or share exciting news has been incredibly helpful”

Georgina’s renovation story exemplifies the power of renovating for profit. Whether you’re an experienced renovator or just starting out, BuildHer Collective is your partner in empowering and supporting you at every step.

We invite you to explore Georgina’s stunning renovated home, now officially on the market. A testament to the power of renovating with passion and purpose.

For more details and to experience the magic of Georgina’s masterpiece, visit the listing HERE.

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