Free Project Feasibility Template

Our project feasibility template will get you sorted so you know you will be making a profit
before you begin!

Let’s Work Out The Numbers!

Excel spreadsheet feasibility template so you can calculate the profit of your build or renovation


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Are you looking to build or renovate for profit and need to understand the numbers up front?

Our Excel Spreadsheet Feasibility Template will help you “break it down” – THIS IS THE KEY TO PROFIT!

Why should I buy the feasibility template?

It Will Help You…

Check Profitability

Before you get too wrapped up and emotionally invested in a potential property and the renovation you might do, the first thing to do is make sure you run the numbers accurately. You can not afford to overpay!

Get The Process

You’ll understand the process of running a feasibility so that you’ll feel clear and confident when asking questions and making key decisions. No more feeling overwhelmed or conflicted.

Get The Right Knowledge

Knowledge is power – the more you know before you jump in, the better off you’ll be. Planning is key!

Understand Your Budget

Finish without an ounce of regret! By understanding the key areas and making the appropriate allocations, you budget will become a breeze.

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We are giving you access to our “Feasibility Mini Course” which will guide you through the 3 key areas you need to master in order to take control of your project.

Why should I buy the feasibility template?

It Will Help You…

Detailed Feasibility

This is where you start putting your budgets together, because unfortunately YES – most of us need a budget to work to when building or renovating. On this tab we will give you a checklist to ensure that you have thought about each and every item that you are likely to encounter.

Trade Breakdown

Need to create a more detailed construction budget? Well, here we delve into more detail and get right into the nitty gritty. This worksheet is used for mapping out your trade packages and fleshing out the works further.

Comparable Case Studies

How well do you know the neighbourhood? By having an understanding of your neighbourhood property market, you will gain insight about what your property is worth and how much to spend on it. Use this worksheet to help you map out your expected return on your property.

And just who are we you ask?

At BuildHer we help women build

As a Registered Victorian Builder (that’s me, Rebeka Morgan) and successful residential developer, my recent projects have broken sales records in Northcote. My last four projects have all been featured on the cover of Domain Magazine – and that is just amazing!

We love and are passionate about the building game and help hundreds of women embrace their dream of renovating for profit too!

Over the last 5 years BuildHer Collective has grown to be an amazing community where women help each other and can thrvie in a typically male world!

The market is changing, our clients and end purchasers are savvy and they want real value – so the challenge with all home renovations and builds – for profit and not is to effectively add value and grow your wealth!

This can be so much fun and WE LOVE IT!

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+BONUS – Access to our “Feasibility Mini Course”