Friends of BHC… Plyroom

Their ethos is simplicity, their furniture is beautiful.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Plyroom showroom and sat down for a chat with the lovely Elise, Founder of Plyroom.

Elise’s heritage is Italian. Her Mum was born there and migrated to Australia when she was 10. In 2012, Elise and her husband decided to move their family to Italy. Hoping to introduce their then 4 and 5 year old children to the Italian way of life, ingrain them in a different culture and long term, inspire them to love travelling the globe.

When living in their small apartment, Elise realised how little you really need to live. Living minimally was actually quite easy. It was here, in a small town nestled between Turin and Milan that the concept of Plyroom was born. She admitted that the idea was never the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, but rose more from practicality and seeing a need for beautiful, simple and functional furniture. Elise and her family lived in Italy for a year, during which time she sourced and employed her two Italian furniture designers who she worked closely alongside to design and build the first two pieces, the bunk bed and cot.

After moving home, Plyroom has come in leaps and bounds in the short 6 years since their conception. Their range has grown considerably and includes items from beds, to wall storage, bookshelves and even planters. All made from Birch timber, a sustainable timber with a light footprint.

Plyroom Flor Planter at The Alpha House
Plyroom Hang on Piccolo at The Alpha House

Plyroom has recently released a fantastic new product, Cabine.

“Cabine is designed for those seeking a beautiful bespoke cabinetry look combined with flexibility. Inspired by principals of Japanese ryokan architecture and Scandinavian pragmatism, Cabine’s simple Japandiaesthetic means it can seamlessly adapt to any room of the house. It is as appropriate in the kitchen or living room as it used in a modern bedroom.”

“We seek to reflect the spirit of simplicity, offering a collection that is carefully considered and creating pared-back staples and timeless pieces that foster a simpler way of life.”

We at BuildHer love what Plyroom are doing and can’t wait to work with them more in the future. Visit the Plyroom website for more information – Plyroom Website

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