Online shopping is on the rise, especially if you are in Melbourne. Sadly for the retail sector, amongst others, we are in a Stage 4 lockdown. Whilst I shop local for gifts and small things, when it comes to building products and renovations I really appreciate being able to source online and get samples.

ABI Interiors was becoming quite the talking point in BuildHer’s Members Only Facebook group0, so I decided to try them out on our James St project.  ABI is a progressive QLD based supplier of bathroom products, actually, they are Australia’s leading online bathroom supplier!  Whilst I can’t try every product or supplier, there is a lot to be said for being able to touch, feel and try out some products. And I have not been disappointed!

Partnering with ABI on our James Street project, I selected brushed nickel finishes. On this project I felt that consistency was key, to use the one finish throughout. I absolutely love the brushed nickel finishes but truthfully, I also loved the service that they provided! Quality tapware that looks and feels good and sent the day after ordering them – amazing!

Tapware and quality fixtures are an important part of the job, it can be costly and difficult to rectify them if there are any issues after the job is finished, which is why it’s important to make sure that you are getting a quality product from the get-go.

I have been overall really impressed with the tapware received throughout James Street and cannot wait to share some images with you. Below are some iPhone snapshots, because unfortunately the professional photos will need to wait a little longer as sadly the images have been cancelled by our mate Rona.

And for those of you who are BuildHers, check out the Little Black Book for how you can order with your BuildHer Trade discount! 😉 #BHCLBBWins

Check out their range of products on their WEBSITE – we think you’ll love them too!



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