Up Close and Personal with Globewest

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to get invited to and attend the GlobeWest Collections 2020 release. And oh was it fabulous! 

Believing in choice and a diverse range of products to fit within every home’s unique blueprint, it is clear that our trusted supplier and friends at GlobeWest have paid careful attention to embrace the Australian lifestyle and provide a plethora of furniture and homewares which celebrate a wide range of styles.

Rebeka and Justine selected a few stunning pieces to include at Bayview House so make sure to cast your eye over the ‘Get the Look’ section to see how we integrated them into the home.

There are six new design directions for 2020 and it was a pleasure to be walked through each one by the team so I thought I would do the same for you!

Click through this LINK to check out the rest of the collection. Enjoy!


Words by Melissa Bailey | STYLE GURU | BuildHer Collective



New Country “Evoque the serenity and warmth of country life immersed in natural beauty” – GlobeWest Think the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian style in a country setting. Featuring natural wood grains, rattan, leather, linen, greys and blackened finishes.


Modern Mediterranean “For a Mediterranean twist, pair sculptural forms, playful pattern and vibrant colour”  – GlobeWest Think all the curves and beautiful stone finishes that take the mind to the Mediterranean. Featuring travertine, terrazzo, twisted cord and rattan, velvets, hints of blues, soft yellows and terracotta.


Fluid Minimalism “Find tranquility and wonder juxtaposing fluid curves and monolithic forms” – GlobeWest Think curves, a restraint colour palette and pared back spaces. Featuring textured weaves, distinctive coloured marble, curves, warm neutrals, matte black, maroon and did I mention curves!


Decadent Sanctuary “Indulge in the embrace of decadent glamour.” – GlobeWest Think restrained glamour using angled block marble and matte velvets to create a sense of classic luxury. Featuring mirrored glass, darker timber, brass tipped legs, velvet and jacquard fabrics and a palette of creams, olives, toffee to add warmth and sophistication.


Earthy Eclectic “Explore an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones.” -GlobeWest Think desert shades, geometric forms and warm and sensuous tones will all work together to create a tribal and bohemian feel. Featuring warm layered colours, natural rattan, rich velvets and hand beaten metals.


Island Getaway “To ignite a sense of wellbeing and rejuvenate the soul, bring an island connection home.”  – GlobeWest Think bold profiles to ground spaces, layering and natural textures which evoke a true holiday spirit creating a relaxed and calm living space. Featuring raw surfaces, imperfect wood grains and colours of ecru, sand and natural oak.


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