There is NOTHING we love more than paint because it's something we all have the capacity to change and update. Our friends at Haymes Paint have just released the Colour Library Vol. 15, Awakening, and we are beyond excited to talk about it with Wendy Rennie, the Colour & Concept Manager at Haymes.


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Introducing Colour Library Vol. 15 "awakening"

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We love to have a little fun with colour. It's amazing how a simple coat of paint completely changes a space and brings it to life. Unless of course, you choose the wrong colour! That's why we love our trusty friends at Haymes Paint. Their in-depth knowledge of colour and years of experience have guided our colour choices many times and they're never failed.

in this podcast we are talking about HAYMES PAINT NEW COLOUR LIBRARY

In this episode, Rebeka chats with Wendy Rennie from Haymes Paint about the do's and don't when it comes to painting. Wendy is our go-to for all things paint and colour and she talks about Haymes' new colour library: Awakening. Wendy describes the 3 colour stories in the range and how they were inspired by recent world events and the different ways we are adjusting to the change.

If you're thinking of changing things up, Wendy shares 3 do's and don'ts when it comes to painting. We talk about the importance of painting samples and doing a thorough check of the colour in different lighting and times of the day. Rebeka shares her sneaky trick of painting directly onto the wall behind a picture hanging to really see how the colour will look.

The most important thing is to have fun. Paint doesn't have to last 10 years and there's no need to default to white just because that's what is always done. Think about what you love and choose colours that bring you joy. If you're still not sure, book in a colour consult with Haymes to help you choose the perfect colours to make your home sing.


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  • [2:15]: Wendy describes the inspiration behind the 3 colour stories in the Awakening range and how they all link to adjusting to the new normal

  • [3:30]: Rebeka has Sand Haze from the In The Moment range and it's so beautiful, especially paired with wood. This range is all neutral and about being grateful for what we have.

  • [5:00]: Clear View is closest to Wendy's heart filled with blues and greens and all about drawing from the sea change and tree change ideal. Many people have relocated but those who can't can bring those colours into their homes.

  • [6:45]: Game Changer is full of bright, joyful colours and ones that aren't usually placed together. It's a new way of looking at colour and about doing things differently.

  • [7:55]: We often want colour that will last decades but you should just choose something you love and not be too serious. You can change a space without pulling down walls or doing anything drastic.

  • [9:00]: Painting is easy and instantly gives the room a lift and refresh.

  • [9:45]: True grey is on its way out and we are trending more toward latte/bone which has a more relaxed feel to it.

  • [10:45]: Haymes offers an online colour consult which gives a fresh perspective. They understand the complexities of each colour and how it will work in with the other materials.

  • [11:55]: #1 Don't: Picking colour from a really small chip. Haymes recommends painting the colour on a piece of card or plaster and move it around the home to see how it works. Rebeka paints behind where a picture is hanging.

  • [13:15]: #2 Don't: Follow trends instead of choosing what you love. A colour consult helps to get a sense of what you like and put it together.

  • [14:45]: #3 Don't: Default to white. Find colours that are softer and that you can live easier with. It's nice to move through the house to discover new colours but having them all cohesive.

  • [16:10]: #1 Do: Think about what colours resonate with you. We all have a colour preference based on association

  • [16:50]: #2 Do: Have fun!

  • [17:20]: #3 Do: Test the paint in different areas and lighting. Undertones can come out strong in the afternoon.

  • [18:30]: Colours bounce off each other. Samples and testing are so important because different light will completely change how a colour looks.

  • [20:20]: If you're struggling with colour or unsure of what direction you want to go in, get some sample pots and book in a colour consult.


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