Inside an architect’s beautifully renovated 1960’s Robin Boyd Home

The designer and owner of this renovation bought the original 1960’s Fler home in 2021 as a family home for their young, growing family. Their plans for the renovation changed throughout the time they lived in the home. As they fell more and more in love with the home their decision for a larger renovation didn’t feel fitting.

It was love at first sight for Taeler and Luke when viewing the home for the first time.  Taeler had a feeling that it was of some architectural significance. After doing some of her own research it was confirmed towards the end of the campaign that it was part of the Robin Boyd project home series. Designed by Robin Boyd for Fler Company c1956

Robin Boyd is arguably the most influential modernist architects in Australia. Boyd’s passion for studying the nucleus family and the way of life and living environments was translated into his residential work. His passion for affordable architecture grew when taking on the RVIA small homes service in the 1950’s. Run by The Age the Small Home project was a service to resolve “better with less” concept. Boyd sought to popularize the modern home and make is available to the broader public. Catering to the suburbs post war boom, a time when building materials was scarce and the size of a home was prescribed. Boyd showed people how good design could creatively overcome these constraints. Each week they would produce a design for a modern home, which would be published in the Age alongside a column by Boyd advocating for modern design and a new way of living. The scheme sold 5,000 homes built directly from the plans estimating 15 percent of home in Victoria at the time.

Boyd decided to collaborate with a very popular furniture designer at the time the Fler company. The Fler Company where very revolutionary furniture designers in the 1950’s. Their furniture was beautifully hand crafted, light, simplistic modern designs. Still to this day their pieces are very well sought after.

Photo by Dylan James

The design is a simple gabled roof in a connected rectangular plan arranges around a living area with central free-standing fireplace. This basic design provides 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathroom and opening kitchen living and dining spaces. A stunning wall of windows was designed to create a strong relationship to the covered outdoor space beyond. This was intended to be a multipurpose space suitable for outdoor dining, a children’s play space overlooked by the kitchen.

When Taeler and Luke took on this project, they knew it would be a labour of love. With just completing their first development Morell House they were egger to move in. Located in Warrandyte on the Yarra River the house sits harmoniously sit in the landscape. Nestled into the treed landscape the house enraptures views of the River, surrounding national park and stunning gardens.

Plans changed for Taeler and Luke as they decided to design a smaller renovation and restore the beautiful original Fler House backs to its original state. With the feeling of passion and love they worked tirelessly to reveal the architectural master piece it once was.

Photo by Dylan James
Photo by Dylan James

The work involved in bringing a house of this kind back to its former glory is not small feat. Replacing the asbestosis Roof, replacing, repairing and rebuilding subfloors, floorboards, laundry and bathroom to name a few. Throughout the restoration works some spaces where not salvageable. So Taeler designed a very sympathetic nod to the 60’s and 50’s architecture to design the bathroom and laundry. With green mosaic tiles and a soft palette, the house is subtle in nature.

With a modernised material palette Taeler’s intention was to highlight the existing architecture, fireplaces, and stunning windows. With an almost black window frame they work harmonically with the beautiful architectural geometry originally intended. While framing the external landscape like a series of paintings.

A truly special house in an even more special part of the world the property is complete.

The property has hit the market, and offers up an amazing opportunity to view this mid – century home by one of Australia’s most influential architects.

Please join us for an exclusive event on the 30th of April where you can view the property and hear from Taeler about the significance of the home.

Photo by Dylan James

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