Money for Jam

Make money off your house!

Did you know that you can make money off your home, pre or post build, without having to lift a finger? When we talked to Jo & Bella from Photoloco, they described to us the process of renting your house out for photoshoots as “money for jam”.

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Photoloco is a boutique location management company founded in 2008. The business relies largely on people opening up their homes and commercial spaces for photographic stills and tv commercials – for a fee of course!  

After holding the market for 11 years in Victoria, the team saw an opportunity to expand and have since begun offering their services in NSW and QLD. With almost 2000 locations on the database and a growing demand for new spaces, Photoloco are constantly looking for new homes to add to their portfolio. 

You might be surprised about the types of homes they are looking for too! It’s not just the new and beautiful homes, it’s also older style, traditional, brick, weatherboard, cottage, heritage – you name it, they might just have a client wanting it. Sometimes it’s even just a backyard for a lawn mower shoot!

So when we asked some questions about how it all works, here’s what they had to say.

what fees can I expect? (Let’s get right to it!!!)

An 8 hour day of stills can attract anywhere from $1500. TV commercials attract upwards of $2k.

In saying this, we always try and help out small business’ where we can, so we will bring every budget to you and from there, you can decide whether or not you would like to take on the shoot. This is a very easy way to make money off your house!  

what can i expect from hiring my house out for shoots?

If a client is interested in your home, they will generally want to come out for a quick 15 minute walkthrough. If the house suits, they will then run all details by you – shoot date, number of crew, areas they’ll be shooting in and of course your fee. 

Clients are asked to take images of all the rooms they access before moving a thing so that everything is returned back to its rightful spot. All clients must present a copy of their insurance which covers them in the unlikely event of any accidental damages, before they step foot onto your property. Dropsheets are used to cover any delicate surfaces. 

You should return home from the day without knowing anyone was even there. It really is money for jam. 

how often will my house be used?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions. The number of times your home is used really depends on what’s happening in the minds of the creatives at the time. Each brief is unique and we can never predict a trend. 

We have homes that go through periods of being used weekly for 6 months and then not again for a year. In saying that, the number of shoots you take on is completely up to you – you’re never locked in until you say so. 

What type of brands can i expect to use my home?

As our database of locations expands, so too does our clientele. We work with anyone from cars to consumables, furniture companies to fashion.

Some notable campaigns we have supplied locations for recently are LEXUS, Coco Republic, Country road and Tone’s and I’s – ‘Can’t be happy all the time’ music video. 

how can i list?

Get in touch with the team via the contact details and they’ll help you through the process. There are no fees to list, all that’s needed are some great images of your home and time for a quick walkthrough.

If you’ve never had your house professionally shot, that’s okay too, just send through some iPhone images to get the process started. So, if you would like to make money for jam, get in touch with Photoloco today.

Some of our BuildHer Collective members are hiring out their homes through Photoloco, check out their Instagram Page and Website for more details.

Rebeka, as a seasoned user of Photoloco can testify to what a great process it is. They’ll make it as easy as possible for you and you’ll come back home to your house as it was and with cash in your pocket! 

Don’t forget, they’re looking for all types of homes to shoot a variety of brands and products, so maybe yours just might be right for them too. 

Jo and Bella from Photoloco are our guests on the podcast this week. You can also find out a little more about how it all started, what they do and stories about some of the interesting clients they have and what exactly they are looking for. Have a listen HERE to our podcast for more about making money from your house!!!


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