A big HELLO from the BuildHer8!

BuildHer8 conducted their last fortnightly B8-Summit on site. Fierce.

It’s 2021. We’ve just cruised through lockdown-3.0 and the Rathmines project by the BuildHer8 has well and truly kicked off with a bang!

It’s all happening. So exciting! Especially because we have a promo code to share! Read on to find out. 

Anyway, I got to thinking… you may or may not know just who the BuildHer8 are. We’re all very different women, brought together by our love of property development.

So this month I (Ivy) got my investigative hat on 🕵🏻‍♀️. I grabbed my pen and a mic 🎤 so you can get to know us a bit better. Ok… it’s just my hairbrush, but you get the idea!! 

Treat this as a little get-to-know-you; a little… no… BIG HELLO!

My fellow BuildHer8 buddies are sharing with you some personal details, including what they can’t live without, current obsessions, their favourite architectural styles and their top building tips – there’s some gold here in these words, I tell you!

By the way, these are PERFECT icebreakers if you meet them in person at our upcoming International Women’s Day Lunch on Thursday 4th March(If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, do it NOW – we are literally about to sell out!)


xx Ivy (@Homes_by_Ivy)

P.S. – Can we please take a moment to appreciate how good we look in our KingGee Workwear?! Trust me when I say, and I say with plenty of experience – not all women’s workwear fit this well and comfortably!! If you are after some excellent workwear yourself or for your other half – BE SURE TO READ TO THE END.

P.P.S. This will be the one and only time you see them so clean, I swear!

Can you guess whose joke we were laughing at? Read on, and it might be obvious! DM us your answer via Insta.

Kribashini (a.k.a. Kribs or K)

Role in BuildHer8: All things something!

I’m best recognised by: My loudness.

My favourite architectural style is: I don’t have one really, but I do have a soft spot for modern. I believe the style of a building should complement the surrounds and urban context.

I can’t live without: My morning coffee and my humongous scarves. 

Currently obsessed with: Furniture! I am finally allowing myself to splurge a little.

Top tip for site: I am always back and forth between office and site, so I keep a box in the boot of my car. It contains my KingGee site boots, hard hat and hi-vis vest. It makes for an easy transition between office and site!

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Rebeka (a.k.a Bek or R)

Role in BuildHer8: Builder & PM

I’m best recognised by: My gumption.

My favourite architectural style is: It’s really hard to choose, but I like to really embrace a style for one build and then move on. The latest is a modern build with Mid-Century vibes.

I can’t live without: Sad to say, my phone and computer… I apparently have a problem switching off!

Currently obsessed with: Infrared saunas and early morning walks.

Top tip for site: Work closely with your trades and the site foreman, in this case my husband John, and learn from all the many years they have spent practicing their craft.

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Louise (a.k.a. Lou)

Role in BuildHer8: All Things Numbers

I’m best recognised by: My love of bright colours.

My favourite architectural style is: Anything with strong indoor/outdoor connections. Also obsessed with lines, so drawn to modern interpretations of Prairie/Lloyd Wright, Art Deco, Moderne, etc.

I can’t live without: A challenge.

Currently obsessed with: Online Scrabble (after suffering humiliating losses with the real thing).

Top tip for site: Watch, listen, and ask lots of questions.  

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Ohnmar (a.k.a. O or Mrs O)

Role in BuildHer8: All Things Building & Construction

I’m best recognised by: Bright blue KingGee work boots

My favourite architectural style is: Based on the project. My current development has a contemporary industrial vibe, next I’d love to work on a coastal style. 

I can’t live without: Lip-gloss.

Currently obsessed with: Woodworking and learning how to use power tools.

Top tip for site: Educate yourself on the building process, get involved and learn from your builder and tradies. Most of all believe in your vision.  

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Rachel (a.k.a. Rach)

Role in BuildHer8: All things Interiors (South House) & Partnerships

I’m best recognised by: My amazing dance moves.

My favourite architectural style is: Palm springs/modern, but it is ever-changing.

I can’t live without: Coffee.

Currently obsessed with: Terracotta tiles.

Top tip for site: Don’t sit your arse on broken glass.

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Alison (a.k.a. Al)

Role in BuildHer8: All Things Interiors (North House) & Partnerships

I’m best recognised by: My tan and obnoxious laugh.

My favourite architectural style is: If I had to pick my top 2 they would be 1) period style that needs a modern update, and 2) country coastal chic (think expansive windows, suspended fireplace, VJ boards – bonus points if it comes with a sea or rolling hills view – or both!!)

I can’t live without: Greenery. I must have it in every room of the house. Now that I know how to keep plants alive, the more the merrier!

Currently obsessed with: Keeping my house clean in preparation for our real estate sales campaign. Is it Feb 27th yet?!

Top tip for site: Always show up with a smile, big hello and your work boots! It sets the tone and can go a long way to defuse any negative energy if there are issues. Then you can be a hard-arse if you need to!

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Priscilla (a.k.a. Pris)

Role in BuildHer8: All Things Buying & Sourcing

I’m best recognised by: My black cardigan or KingGee x BuildHer8 jacket coz I’m always wearing one or the other! 

My favourite architectural style is: Biophilic design – the perfect blend of modern design and nature! Anything that brings the outdoors in… think indoor garden oasis, rammed earth feature walls, raw edged wooden beams or furniture, LOTS of natural light…!

I can’t live without: Making ceramics, thinking about it or designing my next piece!!

Currently obsessed with: My AirPods. It’s a must for WFH and now I really see why all the rage!

Top tip for site: Always get 3 quotes, and always be kind and rock a smile. 🙂

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Ivy (a.k.a The PR Queen)

Role in BuildHer8: All Things PR & Marketing

I’m best recognised by: My inappropriate innuendos.

My favourite architectural style: So many, but currently dreaming about Art Deco, and A-Frames in the wilderness! 

I can’t live without: My rose gold triangular scaled ruler gifted by BuildHer. It even matches my engagement ring! 

Currently obsessed with: My BuildHer8 x KingGee hoodie (below), it’s so warm and comfortable. I wear it everywhere – on site, at home and on adventures!

Top tip for site: I prep a list of questions ahead of arriving to site. Otherwise, I find that I get easily distracted by all the new and shiny happenings!  Once I get home, I re-confirm those points by email.

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The BuildHer8

The BuildHer8 is a group of women in the DevelopHer’s Inner Circle who are joining forces to co-fund, co-design and co-build two architecturally different, yet complementary and sustainable homes. We are pushing the traditional boundaries associated with property development in Melbourne’s leafy northern suburb of Fairfield to deliver the Rathmines Project. 

Read more about our Rathmines Project and the BuildHer8 here.

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