One Mani House – Using Space Smartly and Making People Smile

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak into ONE MANI HOUSE Fitzroy North, as a special BuildHer Members Only event and boy was it divine!

Mani Architecture are behind this four bedroom home featuring a plunge pool and a plethora of space saving solutions which took 12 months to design and 14 months to build.

It was a truly wonderful experience to hear from Sara, one of the architects behind One Mani House who said that the aim of this project is to show people that architecture should be accessible to all, that architecture should be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. One Mani House allows people to see the impact that good and smart design can have through each considered and well thought out design choice. It showcases a lifestyle that can actually be achieved by everyone.

A few design features that have really stood out to us are:

  • The use of shingles giving a lovely texture to the form. These will grey and weather beautifully over time
  • In built furniture throughout, really showing how versatile the space can be
  • Flexibility of the floorplan, catering for the lifecycle of different family scenarios

We loved Sara’s incredible concept creating an amazing space whist still being a development. At BuildHer we believe that with a great value proposition development does not need to be a dirty word! And Sara has shown us a great case study.

One Mani is open at the moment and you can check out the open times here:

Living room

Words by Melissa Bailey, BuildHer Collective Style Guru
Images by Anthony Richardson

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