Episode 07

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what's the vision for you home?

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We often find that when people decide to renovate or build, they jump into it headfirst. They go straight to hiring an architect or hiring a draftsperson or speaking to a builder about how much it's going to cost. But, they've actually missed a few really fundamental steps before any of those things should happen and we're going to break these down for you on the podcast today.

Taking the time to really explore your vision for how you want to feel in your home is paramount to ending up with a space that you love. We have a three-step process, which will help you get started on your renovation or building journey, and save you quite a lot of heartache down the line.


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  • Don't rely on the Pintest boards for your design inspiration. Think about your unique needs for your home.

  • Tapping into your own creativity to discover what might work for your project.

  • Thinking about the type of energy you want to create in your home, and where energy flows.

  • Talking to your partner about their desires for the home, and seeing where you align, and how you can create a space that is suitable for both of you.

  • If you have a family, how does your family use the home - do you need lots of private spaces, or are you more open plan?

  • Taking the time to think about these visions, and how they need to be integrated.


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