Episode 12

a CHAT WITH katherine persoglia

the powerhouse behind property before prada

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Property before Prada, houses before handbags, developments before diamonds. These are some of the messages being delivered by our mortgage-broking, numbers-nerd, lending-wizard Katherine Persoglia as she chats to Building with BuildHer's own Kribashini about property finance.

Securing that first home loan is a scary step to take for anyone - even for the ladies on our show - and it is easy to make mistakes (again, even our own Kribashini and our honoured guest Katherine made mistakes on their first loans, tune in at 4:26 to hear it). Complicating this is the jargon that so often accompanies discussions with banks and lenders. This makes for a very stressful and risky time for anyone looking to finance their first property.

Katherine is a 17-year veteran of property finance, a field she came across during her own extensive developing-for-profit career beginning at the age of 19! Her passion for profitability and helping others made her a perfect mortgage broker and paved the way for Property Before Prada, her enterprise of economic efficiency in the field of property finance. Under this umbrella, she also offers easy to follow, jargon-free advice, masterclass night-school programs, and corporate wellness programs.

The girls discuss Katherine's origin story, traps for young players in the home loan and property finance game, managing expectations on the complexity and dynamic nature of property financing, money management in the time of Covid, and how to identify opportunities for those with some funding available now. Don't miss out on your chance to learn mortgage magic from a money mage.

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  • [2:08] - An introduction to Property Before Prada

  • [3:29] - Priorities amongst women (young and old) and where financial planning ranks

  • [4:26] - Katherine's first home loan experience

  • [5:16] - Kribashini's first home loan experience

  • [5:43] - The importance of knowing what you don't know

  • [7:13] - Katherine's origin story

  • [8:16] - A 20% deposit at the age of 19

  • [8:42] - Katherine's first property (purchased for $157k) and her mistakes

  • [10:20] - Being surrounded by business and how it shaped Katherine

  • [10:50] - A successfully flipped 1st property and a 2nd property purchased by age 21

  • [12:08] - Passion is critical!

  • [12:44] - Finding the right finance solution

  • [14:03] - Navigating the diversity of developments when arranging funding

  • [15:07] - Expectations of clients in a complex field

  • [16:15] - Losing that fear of changing finance providers by changing your mindset

  • [17:31] - Teaching someone to fish versus giving someone a fish

  • [18:17] - Property and development financing is not a one-size-fits-all solution

  • [19:00] - Katherine on rebuilding lives through finance

  • [20:33] - Call to action: Put some thought into building wealth now!

  • [21:20] - The banks' reaction to Covid and what our reaction should be

  • [22:00] - Why it's important to be a qualified buyer which means a pre-approval

  • [23:20] - If you have funding, take advantage of tradespeople eager for work

  • [23:50] - Why stopping and waiting is not beneficial

  • [25:15] - Tips to help grow and prepare your renovations and building projects right now

  • [26:50] - Always be planning for what's ahead and set yourself some goals


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