Episode 15


An owner builder journey

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Thought you knew what 'busy' was? Try being an owner-builder in the process of moving in, project manager to an investment property project, and owner of a gorgeous little squishy newborn baby (in fact, her second). Our guest today, Angela "Ange" Tsoumanis, didn't intend for all these bucket-list-worthy milestones to line up however end-2019 building delays made it inevitable, so she soldiered on with the help of BuildHer Collective and created something magical for her family.

A BuildHer herself, Ange walks us through her overfull plate and how she not only managed it but achieved a final product where she wouldn't change a thing - even if she had more time to devote to the project. She also very kindly speaks of the invaluable support she received from BuildHer Collective throughout her projects.

The owner-builder journey is daunting for anyone and one that is fraught with challenges and learning opportunities. Ange discusses what she has learned from the process, both inside and outside the building world, and reassures listeners that the satisfaction of the completed project is well worth the work.

Whether you are toying with the idea of being an owner-builder, about to press play on your project, part-way through, or sipping victory champagne on your new owner-built deck, this episode has something for you. Join the BuildHers as they discuss owner-building and its challenges and pay-offs, the BuildHer Collective support network, and never forgetting that your build is about creating moments in your home that will last a lifetime.

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  • [3:30] - Why Angela joined BuildHer Collective

  • [4:15] - The emotional difference between an investment build and owner-builder build

  • [7:00] - How the BuildHer Collective community gave Angela the confidence make changes to her build to achieve a better result

  • [10:30] - Juggling building at the same time as having a new baby

  • [12:00] - Establishing the aspects of the build that were really important to Angela's personality and how she could see herself and her family using the spaces

  • [13:09] - Taking the time to think about what your values are for your family

  • [14:40] - How Angela's mindset shifted from doing a small renovation that would suffice for 5 years, to renovating to the best of their ability for right now

  • [16:15] - The difference between being your own builder, and hiring a builder

  • [16:53] - Building can feel quite lonely, but with the BuildHer community behind her, Angela felt much better about the building process

  • [18:30] - Not being set in your ways with how you want things to work out. It's an organic process and flow as to how the build develops and what the end product looks like

  • [19:35] - Creating a space and feeling in your home that makes you feel at ease and relaxed


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