Episode 23

a buildher building tale with tamara wynne

a developher and our social unicorn!

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The unfortunate incident of a house burning down isn't usually the type of event we celebrate, but for our guest today, it worked out quite well.  It can be surprising where good opportunities come from and buying a block from friends with tenants who burnt their house down is what started an exciting new venture for our special guest today.

In this episode, we speak with BuildHer's very own Social Media and Marketing Unicorn, Tamara Wynne about the luxury Beechworth Airbnb project her and her husband are undertaking.  They are building two houses perfect for couples, groups and families and, knowing Tamara, the end result is going to be gorgeous.

Having grown up with parents who bought, renovated and sold numerous properties, Tamara fell in love with real estate and the process of renovation at a young age.  Working in the real estate industry, she bought and renovated her first house at the age of 21 and she's been going strong ever since.

Building from scratch is no small feat and we talk with Tamara about what she has learned throughout the design process and planning stages. Even though she'd love to design and manage the build herself, she thought realistically about what's required (she lives nearly 3 hours away and has 4 kids. Hmmm.) and decided to enlist the help of an architect and project manager.  We think she's done a really amazing job in managing everything involved and has avoided a lot of stress and setbacks by recognising how much time it takes to run a build.

In just 1 year, Tamara and her husband have brought this build all the way through to the final council stages.  They've even picked out all the furniture and finishes and now it's a matter of patience while they wait on council objections - patience being the operative word.  We're really interested to hear how the rest of the building process goes and look forward to seeing Tamara's Airbnb business take off.

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  • [2:00] - How Tamara was first introduced to property and renovating

  • [4:30] - Where Tamara gets her creative ideas

  • [5:30] - Why Tamara and her husband decided to undertake a project specifically for Airbnb rentals

  • [8:00] - The lack of due diligence that Tamara undertook to purchase her Beechworth block

  • [9:53] - Cheap land and minimal risk meant that they didn't feel compelled to run the numbers before purchasing

  • [10:30] - The optimistic and somewhat unrealistic timeline that it would take to establish the plans for development

  • [12:20] - Coming from a place of kindness often returns back to you

  • [14:30] - The differences between working with an architect and a draftsperson

  • [15:00] - The slower pace of approvals when you're working in rural areas

  • [18:00] - Recognising when to outsource and the benefits of a project manager

  • [20:45] - Designing the property to be flexible to cater for different types of holiday goers

  • [21:20] - Starting the marketing when it might feel premature and how that helps to grow the following before the property is ready to be rented


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