Episode 09

i call bullshit!!!

rebeka & kribashini tune into their bullshit-detector

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Who here trusts their bullshit-detector? Their in-built radar that picks up lies, false-promises, exaggerations, inflated sales-speak, and the untrustworthy. We have all got one and this particular piece of kit is one you need by your side on every job site.

When presented with a problem, it is not uncommon for trades to play the blame-game. "My plastering isn't perfect because the carpenter didn't square the walls", "I wouldn't have chosen that grout", "Your building surveyor should have picked that up before I started", "Your draftsperson didn't specify that in the drawings." And it goes on. On-site, you need to know who to trust and calling "Bullshit" on blame and problem-focused discussions is a big part of that.

Join Rebeka and Kribashini as they shoot for the Guinness world record for saying "Bullshit" the most in a single podcast episode. Learn how to detect and call-out unproductive behaviour on your build site to create a solution-oriented culture that fosters successful projects.

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  • There are many ways to complete a task. Watch for tradies that belittle the previous tradesperson's job to gain your trust

  • Following on from this, detecting blame-centred discussions and putting a stop to them

  • "I could've done that cheaper" is not helpful to hear - call bullshit!

  • Focusing on the task at hand, not what someone else has done in the past

  • The age-old battle between carpenters and plasterers

  • Most things aren't that big of a deal and can be fixed. Don't subscribe to the drama - become solution-orientated

  • Things always go wrong on a build and you need to be okay with that and account for it

  • Inviting unqualified opinions can be very harmful to how you feel about the build

  • Check your emotional baggage at the door, and approach any finished build being constructive and positive


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