In an exciting leap, BuildHer Collective’s next development is a completely unique model, a Community Collaboration Project with the BuildHer8.

Born from a desire to help women build, we’re using our next project to demonstrate a new market model for funding property developments and growing wealth, together. Property development doesn’t have to mean moving back in with the folks or switching out smashed avo for vegemite on toast just to get your foot in the door.

Many of you have told us that you’re wanting to develop for profit but are restricted by funds or lack the know-how or confidence. We believe that collectively we can grow, build and learn, and create an amazing product for the market.

This inspiring new venture is an opportunity for communal involvement, from planning and funding to design and construction. The project is co-owned, co-funded and co-delivered from conception to completion by eight highly motivated, intelligent and hard-working women with a passion for building and developing property.

So without further ado, I give you the BuildHer8!


What if we could create a team and fill the various positions with women whose skills naturally align with what they want to do?

By working alongside Rebeka and Kribashini, the BuildHer8 consists of six DevelopHers in the Masterclass. They are joining forces to push the traditional boundaries associated with property development in Melbourne’s leafy northern suburb of Fairfield.

What they each bring personally to the table is just as valuable as the funding. It allows us to share the load, think outside the box, work collaboratively and it creates an amazing energy, which will be felt in the build and the end product. And what a great way to put theory to practice!


As a Registered Builder and successful residential developer, Rebeka’s recent projects have broken sales records in Northcote. Her last six projects have all featured on the cover of Domain Magazine.


Kribashini is highly passionate about the built environment. She wants to share her insights and experience hiring and managing designers, specialists and contractors with other like-minded women and help them feel confident about building.


Rachel is a Style Guru at BuildHer Collective. A qualified interior designer with an award-winning career in kitchen design, Rachel also had a stint on ‘The Block’. She is also a mother of three and a formally trained psychologist.


After a successful career in finance, Alison launched into Interior Design winning several awards along the way. Fresh out of her position as General Manager of a boutique homewares brand, she’s now excited to focus on designing and renovating properties for profit.


Always smiling and optimistic, Priscilla has a legal and tech background and is internationally experienced with running large complex projects. With a home ceramics studio side hustle, she is exploring innovative ways of developing beautiful homes.


Ohnmar is a corporate professional experienced in team management and resource coordination. Recently completing her Cert IV in Building & Construction she is confident & driven to pursue her passion for designing & building beautiful homes while supporting sustainable building practices.


On the back of an outstanding and diverse business consulting career in strategic change, innovation and program management, Louise is excited to make the move from property investment. Her goal is to developing stylish, functional homes that people love to live in.


A vivaciously fun all-rounder with a background in finance and civil engineering, and international experience as a project manager. Ivy has successfully embarked on a new journey to follow her passion for renovating and developing beautiful period homes.

It’s a sustainable community collab

Each house has a 7-star energy rating with sustainable features and building methods throughout. To make this possible, the BuildHer8 engaged a local team of consultants to support the project. Because we know that the success of any project is only determined by the team you surround yourself with, and hey, with eight decision makers, already, why not throw in a few extras to keep things interesting!

Ben Callery Architects

It was important to engage an architect in the concept stage to really think about how the houses function and flow while achieving a 7-star rating.

Ben and his team are hot on sustainability, air flow, function and making the houses feel as good as they can feel by using sustainable principles.

Each house compliments and speaks to each other in a way where they both get the best of what they need. From land orientation, access to natural light and how this gets brought into the house, to considering the view lines of each room and adding a touch of drama and individualistic flair.

Find out more about Ben and the team at

Peachy Green Garden Architects

Engaging a landscape designer to design each of the gardens uniquely as separate homes further speaks to the thoughtfulness of the design and the desire to connect with the community and people who want to live in this area. 

Fran and her team are at the forefront of creating lush handcrafted gardens and choose to use responsibly sourced materials and low impact construction methods. This ensures we continue to meet our sustainable design benchmarks while also creating two homes that have a stronger connection to the outdoors.

And the community vibe doesn’t stop there! We’re already on the hunt for local suppliers, partners and tradies to make this dream a reality. Now’s the time to nominate your fave local suppliers and tradies. We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line at

Find out more about Fran and the team at

The Inside Scoop

Every reno has its challenges, the good, the bad and the much-anticipated transformation from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. Not ones to shy away from keeping it real, we’ll be sharing the highs and lows, while using our unique collaborative building process to really get into the details of our design thinking and the realities of pulling together a project like this.

Our aim is pretty simple; empower anyone interested in renovating and building with the right tools, know-how and a few hot tips and trade recommendations along the way.

We’re excited to be documenting our journey by releasing an 8-part renovation series that will share with you not only the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing but the inside scoop of how we get things done.

We absolutely love the process and the sharing of knowledge that supports our community of like-minded women looking to renovate their own homes or develop for profit.

Stay tuned for more progress updates from the BuildHer8!


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