So close to finishing the build now, it's time for the BuildHer8 ladies to wrap up the whole experience. What a team Alison, Ivy, Louise, Ohnmar, Priscilla and Rachel make up - along with Rebeka and Kribashini of course. Each of the lovely ladies talk about their experience on the project and what they've learned. One thing we know for sure, apart from gaining experience on a real live project - they've all become life long friends!



top takeaways from the BuildHer8

what did they learn from this whole experience?

what did we learn?

We have something exciting for you in this episode. Kribashini is talking with six members of the BuildHer8 team about their top takeaways from the Rathmines Project. This discussion is an opportunity for everyone to hear about the challenges and wins along the way and what each member has gained from this experience.

in this podcast we are talking about the rathmines project

Kribashini begins by discussing the big learning moments that each member of the team encountered in this journey. Ivy, Alison, Omar, Priscilla, Louise, and Rachel discuss the knowledge, the unique community, and the camaraderie they have found in the BuildHer8 team.

We talk about the confidence they have gained to question the tradies and build a thorough understanding of the entire building process, from conception to completion.

We finish off with everyone sharing their favourite parts of the build and the final product. You will love hearing their recounts of adored aspects, including the solar panels on the roof, the pool in the backyard, the unique living spaces, and the amazing kitchen!



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  • [1:39]: Ivy shares how her previous project was an owner-build and she felt quite lonely. This BuildHer8 experience was the complete opposite. She was able to connect with everyone frequently, each person had complementary skills, there's more talent, and there's much more fun.

  • [3:45]: Alison discusses how she was coming from a smaller owner-build project. For Alison, the BuildHer8 experience was an accelerator going from being an owner builder to being onsite and working with all different types of people. She now feels 100x more confident. The camaraderie from the project has been a game-changer.

  • [5:32]: Omar was also working on a personal project of a knockdown rebuild of two townhouses. She learned through the tendering and quoting process to understand the cost of building in today's market. She gained confidence in her numbers. She had to pivot her townhouse project to building her own home because it was no longer feasible.

  • [7:49]: Priscilla talks about how the BuildHer8 experience was her first development that she played an active role in from concept to completion. She learned so much from the process and the details within the trades including the tasks that overlap.

  • [10:04]: Louise discusses how the BuildHer8 project was a bigger project and had more access on site. She now understands the technical challenges from building and how they translate to cost.

  • [10:46]: Louise talks about the difference between development funding and going to a bank and getting a construction loan.

  • [11:38]: Rachel has loved talking with everyone and being a part of the team that she can rely on to get through challenges. Rachel has built confidence for her own personal projects.

  • [14:20]: Louise talks about working with CJ's and how important it is to work with suppliers who are open to your ideas and budgetary constraints.

  • [15:09]: Rachel discusses how workshopping with CJ's and working with people who are just as passionate about the work.

  • [16:14]: Having a relationship with your trades and your builder is so important because it means they are willing to go on a joint journey with you.

  • [17:26]: Ivy shares how Rebeka's desire to build a 7-star energy-rated home. They made the decision to go completely electric. They then needed solar power, a Tesla battery, EV chargers, and a heat pump water heater.

  • [20:00]: Priscilla talks about pulling together the details for the particular trade to get the requested quote. Understanding whether the trade does that work, or whether the build team has specified if it needs to be done in a particular way. Having the confidence to ask questions and build a rapport with tradies was a very important learning experience.

  • [21:49]: From the accounting perspective, when things start happening, everything needs to be broken down into many subparts to ensure you stay on budget. There's a lot of work tracking and checking every invoice against each account.

  • [23:30]: The BuildHer collective had an amazing filing system in the dropbox. Being organised in this way has been so helpful. Understanding where every document needs to be has been crucial. Priscilla's master tender document where all of the information was entered was very useful.

  • [25:16]: Allison loved the north house. It has been her baby for the past couple of years. Her favourite part is the kitchen.

  • [25:48]: Ivy loved the 10kw of solar panels for each room. There are the same number of panels and they look amazing.

  • [26:14]: The open living spaces in the backyards are unique and have amazing light communal spaces.

  • [26:54]: The north house has the arch in the kitchen and it sticks in your mind. In the south house, going up the stairs and coming to the curved wall that opens up into light is a favourite.

  • [27:38]: Every space of the south house had its moments. Rachel's design kept the space cohesive and ensured every room had a beautiful feeling to it.

  • [28:04]: The facade of both houses are beautiful and have a striking street presence.

  • [28:36]: Louise loves the curves on the south house and the painted bricks. The north house has a pool and a gate to the rear. She can't pick!

  • [28:56]: Very well-placed windows with views of the greenery in the park. Shout out to Ben Callery architect and Rebeka who worked on the design. The windows tell a story and connect the inside to the outside.

  • [30:01]: Shout out to Rebeka and John partners in the JV and partners in the BuildHer8. Thank you John for always accomodating us!


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