Renovation Marathon – Does This Sound Like You Too?

Have you heard already, I am on a renovation marathon – are you?


If you are like me, you are renovating in stages and doing it as you can fund it. It is fun to have a project to focus every year to two but sometimes its exhausting!

We are 5 years in and I am ready to give it a FINAL finish!

I am even a bit scared to be saying that… I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% satisfied. Let’s face it, there are so many pretty things and new design ideas that pop up that tempt me.

On a recent Instagram post we asked people how long they have lived in a renovation marathon – the longest was nine (9) years!

I have spent most of my time managing projects or helping others with their renovation, that sometimes I feel like there is never enough time to finish my own. But, this is something we really need to do – for my own and my husband’s sanity.

Our timeline so far

Here is a little timeline on our renovation marathon:

  • We bought our first home in 2015;
  • The majority of works including re-stumped, refurbished the kitchen, swapped two rooms, carpeted happened in 2016;
  • Fenced the property and did the landscaping in the front garden in 2018; and
  • Refurbished the family bathroom, painted internally plus got lush new curtains in 2019.

what’s left to do in the renovation marathon?

Well this is the very exciting part, we are about to nail down the external colour palette, this has been the thing that has been in the back of my mind all these years, and honestly has changed so many times, from light to dark to greys to blues!

It has been really hard to nail the colour I love. My criteria is a bit odd; I want it to be classic, uniquely me and a little unexpected. Enter in Haymes Paint and actually making a booking for a colour consult!

The thing is, picking colours and reviewing finishes boards for someone else is easy – but when it comes to living with my own decision – I’m calling in the experts!

I am sure you can relate!  Soon we are going to be painting the house externally and finishing a couple rooms inside.

And having moved in with all our old furniture from our rental before we bought, I am so excited to furnish and get our storage situation under control. Whoop Whoop!

Curtains from DIY Blinds | Dining Chairs from Barnaby Lane | Sofa and Pink Chair from Globe West | Artwork from Forman Art & Framing

our top tips for undertaking a staged project

So, if you are thinking about undertaking a staged project (or as we like to call it, the renovation marathon) here are some tips from Buildher Collective!

  • Create a Masterplan for your home so that you have a guiding star;
  • Make sure you know if you need to extend or not upfront;
  • Pick fixtures and fittings that will complement each other long term;
  • Work your way through the projects logically so you do not need to do re-work;
  • Get the major works (if you can) done first like relocating rooms or re-stumping or your heating and cooling solution;
  • Stage it so it’s liveable and doesn’t feel like a building site over years;
  • Keep some budget aside for refurnishing on completion and buying artwork; and
  • Include new light fittings to transform your space.

So maybe after reading this, you’re in the same situation and maybe we can help you a little more? Our Build Like a BuildHer online course will show you how to manage your project, whether staged over a long time or finished in one hit. 

Find out a little more about it HERE, and if you would like to speak to someone about your project, then book yourself in for a free 20 minute consult with Rachel – she loves to chat with everyone about their projects!



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