SALVAGING: because all good junk deserves a second date!

In 2021, Suzanne, a long-time BuildHer, and Halina embarked on an ambitious journey by launching Her Creation Squad, an initiative aimed at empowering everyday women to take on DIY building projects themselves. Their motto, “if someone else can do it, so can you,” reflects their commitment to encouraging women to break barriers and confidently tackle construction tasks.

Over the next few years, Suzanne and Halina dedicated themselves to growing this community, hosting workshops, networking events, and providing mentorship programs. Their efforts helped bridge the gender gap and highlighted the importance of sustainability and resourcefulness within the industry. This focus on sustainability led them to identify a significant issue: the vast amount of building waste ending up in landfill.

In response to this problem, they conceptualised and developed a revolutionary solution. This month, Suzanne and Halina have successfully launched a circular economy building waste app, featuring a delivery service named SALVAGING. This innovative platform facilitates seamless connections between sellers and buyers of surplus building materials. With SALVAGING, sellers can effortlessly clear out their garages, renovation sites, or ute trays, converting unused materials into cash. Simultaneously, buyers gain access to quality construction, DIY, and renovation materials at bargain prices, with the flexibility of opting for delivery or self-pick-up.

The app’s functionality ensures swift pick-up and delivery of materials, coupled with secure payment systems, making transactions safe and efficient. By providing this service, Suzanne and Halina have not only created a convenient marketplace but have also contributed significantly to reducing construction waste. Their mantra, “all good junk deserves a second date,” encapsulates their mission to give valuable materials a second life, thereby promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Through Her Creation Squad and the SALVAGING app, Suzanne and Halina have demonstrated that with innovation and determination, it is possible to drive positive change in the construction industry, making it more inclusive and eco-friendly. Their journey from empowering women to take on DIY projects to becoming tech innovators stands as a testament to their vision and dedication to a better, more sustainable future.

SALVAGING facilitates connections between sellers and buyers, swiftly picking up and delivering materials while ensuring secure payment.
This means sellers can empty their garages, reno sites or ute trays while replenishing their bank accounts.
Buyers can get a bargain on quality building, DIY and reno materials, with choice of delivery or self-pick up.
Say goodbye to valuable construction and renovation materials headed for landfill, because as we say, all good junk deserves a second date.

Congratulations Suzanne and Halina on your remarkable venture! It’s wonderful to see advances in sustainability, driven by incredible women – cheers to changing the construction industry for the better!


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