Site jargons… and how a site walkthrough can help you learn the lingo!

Ever heard of a Rebate, Conduit, Noggin, Stud, Racking forces or Bracing?

Ever felt like the construction industry has their own language? 

You are not alone!

It can feel hugely overwhelming when building or renovating simply because of the terminology or jargon used through the build process when communicating with designers, builders, and trades. 

Conversations move so fast on site and when you don’t know what’s being spoken about you might inadvertently agree to something without quite understanding the impact to your home or design.

This is a rebate, where internal corners from a step down require extra reinforcement because these areas can easily crack due to pressure. By the way aren’t my KingGee boots just the best colour?!

One of the best ways I’ve found to learn the lingo is to get immersed in it, the Buildher8’s Rathmines Project is at framing stage (woohoo!) and the BH8 team now meet regularly on site for walkthroughs.

This is an example of wall bracing. These permanent metal structural braces support the frames to keep them square and rigid. Bracing enables the wall systems to resist horizonal forces such as racking forces (wind). Hmmm…. basically jargon for bracing makes the wall wind resistant!

In this photo you can also see the noggins, which are horizontal timber members which are in between the studs and used to straighten the centre of the wall and provide lateral support to the studs.

So, what happens on a site walkthrough?

We discuss what has happened in the last fortnight and what will happen in the coming weeks (and ask heaps of questions!) – Now, this is one sure-fire way of becoming familiar with the lingo!

Ohnmar looking at the working drawings and seeing them come to life.

The great thing about site meetings is that the BuildHer8 team have an opportunity to make those important design decisions together with the builder (Rebeka) and site foreman (John), so everyone is on the same page. Also seeing the different stages of the build process and comparing the built structure to the working drawings is a huge bonus. 

Kribashni, Rachel and Ivy deep in design discussions with our site foreman John. A site walkthrough allows decisions to be made on the spot to avoid delays.
Rebeka taking the BH8 team on the site walk through providing updates and information about the build so far.

Through these site meetings, together with Rebeka and Kribashini, co-founders of BuildHer Collective, the BuildHer8 team often deep dive on value engineering. This is one of many skills we are all honing to leverage in our individual developments, current and future.

As a DevelopHer Masterclass graduate, this knowledge is absolutely priceless.

Personally, the highlight of our site meetings is seeing the learnings from the Build Like A Buildher course literally come to life through this project, not to mention having heaps of fun whilst learning! 

Ohnmar and Ivy using a conduit to communicate! A conduit is a pipe which water or electric wires can pass.

About the author

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Written by Ohnmar Ruault, another one of our Developher Masterclass Graduates and Head of All things Building and Construction in the Buildher8.  Ohnmar landed this role because she has a passion to learn more about the technical side of the building process. Since completing her Cert IV in Building and Construction and the DevelopHer Masterclass she wanted hands on experience working closely with the builder and trades on site.

Ohnmar is a wife and mother of two young boys and when she is not working her part-time government day job and running a household, she is following her passion to enhance the urban streetscape by developing properties in Inner Melbourne suburbs with the #RathminesProject and her own development the #RoseSt project.

Follow Ohnmar’s insta to see her projects and inspirations.

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